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Sunday Mornings at Red Horse Ranch

Most of you know I spend Sunday's playing with and training a few horses. I thought I would share pictures of some of the horses I work with and my stepdaughters ride. The young lady holding the horses is my oldest stepdaughter she is about 5'5" just to give you an idea of the size of each horse.
This beauty is Miss Hottie she is a 3 year old Paint. I am now starting her rider training. This is Holly (a draft mare)and her baby Red's Little Angel (half draft and half thoroughbred) This big guy is Red he is a 28 year old thoroughbred and the father of the little one in the previous picture. This one is my favorite right now as far as training goes he is a 4 year old paint horse stallion. This is the one I talk so much about he has come a long way from the misbehaving horse he was 3 months ago. He is going through yet another growth spurt and is going to be very tall. He has also already been used for breeding and is the proud father of very healthy twins. Standing at stud Decisive Decision II aka Jake

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