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Truth about being a true christian

Many of us today identify ourselves as Christians because we go to church or our parents are Chrisians or you just believe that Jesus Christ existed and the bible is true. These things however, does not make a true Christian. Being a true Christian is hard. It means dedicating your life to God after accepting Jesus Christ into your life. It is very easy to be good when you first meet the Lord and dedicate your life. After you get down from the high of becoming a Christian, you will face many difficulties in life. God has many rules and god expects you to change your life for him. After all, God gave you life and is our almighty redeemer. Therefore, when you become a Christian you canít be the same old you. We may live for an average of 80-90 years and throughout all that time we need to be close to God. There will be times in your life where everything seems to be going wrong and nothing in life makes sense. Being a true Christian means that you have to decide to be godís child through all the tough times, get through all the temptations and trust God is doing everything for the best. After all, being a true Christian is dedication of your life to Jesus Christ.

So if it is so hard, what makes becoming a Christian worth it?

Firstly, God is the purpose for our existence on earth. Many people go on life long journeyís to find the purpose of their life when itís right under their nose. God made humans so that we can worship and glorify him. God wants us to show others that Jesus Christ exists and that he loves us all. Your purpose may also be to be a comfort to others. Jesus has a specific purpose for all of us and we just need to pray to find out our purpose.

Secondly, God gives us a goal in life. Many successful actors, actresses, businessmen, businesswomen etc have committed suicide because they have achieved all their goals and they donít seem to have anything else to live for. You can enjoy everything in your life but everything leaves you empty inside at the end of the day. God gives us a goal. Our goal is to finish our days on this earth by being close to God as much as we can. He makes life worth living.

Thirdly, God takes away all of your worries. Problems arise when we hold on to our worries and donít let God take them. God will take care of our needs. He is the almighty powerful creator and nothing is impossible for him. It may be physical, mental or emotional problems but God can solve everything for you. Only you have to ask God for help and obey him even if nothing makes sense. Therefore, you donít have to worry about your past, present or future. God is alpha and omega.

Fourthly, God becomes your best friend, your father, your savior, and everything that you need. At the end of the day, when you are all alone in your room, you know God is there with you. You can talk to him about anything. You can tell him all the secrets that you never shared with another soul. And no matter what you do or tell him, God will always love you.

Fifthly, your soul finds it way to heaven at the end of your life. There is only one way to heaven. It is through Jesus Christ. If you just know him only by name, you wonít be let in. But if you know him by your heart, God has prepared heavenly mansions for your soul. The price of being a non-Christian is eternal damnation for your soul.

Therefore, itís your decision whether you want to be a true Christian. God always gives you a choice. There are many disadvantages and advantages to being a Christian. If you just believe in God and never become a true Christian by obeying God, God still counts you among the unbelievers. Because there is only two paths. One leads to God and the other leads to the world. There is nothing in between. You are not a true Christian by doing good deeds. You can only be a true Christian by obeying every rule that God has.

So whatís your choice today?

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