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Joseph I. Irwin Mansion Columbus Indiana Davids Tour Of Columbus Indiana

The Miller Mansion
(And other homes of interest)

This is my second most favorite home in Columbus.  Originally built in 1864, remodeled in 1880, and again in 1912, the Irwin mansion is truly a beautiful achievement of a man some called "Mr. Columbus." At one time, rental houses sat where the Irwin gardens are today.  The mansion sits next to the Cleo Rogers Library on 5th Street, and offers guided tours throughout the year. Please contact the Columbus Visitor's Center for tour dates and times.

There are many beautiful old homes in Columbus. If you would like to conduct your own "home tour," cruise Washington Street north from 16th to National Road ( otherwise known as US 31; there's a Village Pantry on the corner of Washington and National Road), turn around, go back south on Washington until you reach 25th Street, turn left, go two blocks, and turn right on Lafayette. Cruise Lafayette from 25th to 7th Street. Turn right on 7th, go one block, and turn right on Franklin. Cruise Franklin back up to 25th Street. At some point along your way, check out the homes on 11th Street (right off Washington if going north; left if travelling south), as well as some of the older homes on Sycamore and Pearl between 7th and 11th Streets. If I have done nothing more than confuse you here, go back to my map page so you can visualize the streets.
I have posted a few pictures of other homes below the pictures of the Miller Mansion on this page, and provided a brief description under each pic.

I am not certain of this as of this time, but I believe this was the Marlborough Apartments in the 1950's. The house was built sometime around 1890. Dr. Banker, who ran a "hospital" from his office on Washington Street at the time, opened this building as the "new" hospital in Columbus. The building has undergone renovation since the 1950's. Located on Franklin Street between 9th and 10th Streets.

This home is on the corner of 7th and Lafayette Streets. Sorry, but I do not have any information regarding this home at this time.

This home is across the street from the Miller Mansion.

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I delivered the Courier Journal on many an early morning in the mid 1960's, and this was one of the houses on my route. At one time, this home had a huge goldfish pond in the back.