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  • Name: Brandon Banks
  • Age: 18
  • School: Mississinewa High School
  • Grade: Senior
  • Sports: Football and Track
  • Interests: Watching movies, playing sports, hanging out with friends
  • Extra Curricular Activities: Senior Class President, Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Job: Teller at STAR Financial Bank
  • Personal Goals: Go to Indiana University next fall and study banking and finance. Invest in my own banking corporation.

My parents' names are Dennis and Becky Banks. My dad works for STAR Financial Bank at the headquarters in Ft. Wayne. My mom works for Indiana University in Bloomington. I also have three sisters, and their names are Stephanie (23), Stacie (21), and Brooke (16). Stephanie lives in South Carolina. Stacie just graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University, and she will also get married on June 29th. Brooke is a junior at Mississinewa High School.

My best friends are Alec Dailey, Justin Planck, Jason Dickason, Kyle Linn, Eric Davis, Jason Alexander, Josh Cox, and Rick Mesina. My girlfriend's name is Liz Grubb. Alec will graduate with me this year and next fall he will go to school at Ball State University. Justin just completed his freshman year at Indiana Wesleyan University, and he is transferring to Ball State University next fall, and he will be roommates with Alec. Jason Dickason works for Cubberley's in Marion. Kyle is a sophomore at Mississinewa High School. Eric will graduate with me this year and next fall he will be my roommate at Indiana University. Jason Alexander is graduating this year and he is also going to Indiana University. Josh is graduating this year and he's going to Ball State next fall. Rick is finishing up his freshman year at Ball State University. My girlfriend, Liz, is a sophomore at Mississinewa High School. I will miss her a lot when I am at college next year.

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