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Thorn & Venom Fang

Here you can see one of my latest drawings. It's "thorn" a mystical and dangerous women that has plant like powers. And besides her under some leaves is "Venom Fang" he is one of Renan's characters, whos a fearles fighting machine, with super natural powers. For mor details about him you can go to renan's web site. This picture was hand drawn, and coloured and detailed it in a computer. Feast your eyes on this green plant beauty, and one of Renan's headrole character's Venom Fang...

Weed & Thorn

Here is a great piece of art, one of my favorates,that a firend of mine,Renan drew. It's a drawing of Thorn and Weed. Weed whose one of his characters, he's the head leader of a mystical ninja clan called "Kwon Lin". And he also has plant like powers, and lethal fighting style, owned only to the members of this ninja clan. Enjoi.

Speed demon

This is a scene of a story told by Renan, about one of his characters, called "Speed demon". He's an alien from outer space that crashed n earth on a deserted island. Here a whole story unfolds, a new life begins. Here you can see him looking at the horizon, on the deserted island,... what fate awaits him....?