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The Storm

In the distance I hear a rumbling
like the time that month I heard, my life was crumbling,
lighting flashes before my face,
and then sometimes it can leave without any trace.
The wind at times, sometimes picks up
and the rain pours and pours filling the cup.
Cancer is hard, very hard for you to adjust,
and to deal with it and to be in reality, you must.
The thunder collides with the emotions,
more it rumbles the louder it gets,
 I still have alot of roads to go down, I just can not quit.
Some people say the rain is Gods tears,
what lies ahead of me I just can't shake this fear.
The lighting is striking, the thunder is roaring,
oh no, the feelings is so over flowing.
Lord hear me, hear my prayer,
 please protect me from this great scare.
I always have faith in you my Lord up above,
there is a saying, " The Calm Before The Storm"
and having the faith that I do,
I will stay like that calm while going though this storm.

Copyright © 1999 -2000 Carol