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My Garden Of Friendships

I planted a seed of friendships one day
and placed it deep within the ground,
that special place I planted the seed
I made sure the weeds were pulled from all around.

I didn't neglect what I wanted to grow
my garden of freindships
that someday well start growing in a row.

I watered my garden everday
gave it the nuture it needed
the warmth from the sun,
the caring from my heart,
thats what it needs from the start.

I know there well be days that some seeds won't grow
some haven't the strength to take hold
some will be weak,
others will be strong,
and some of them will take long.

It takes time to grow what you want to accomplish
that garden of seeds within the ground.

So make sure you
put all what you have into it
to make what you have planted
come around and around
into some beautiful,
strong rooted,
and will grow and grow
into what you have planned from the start,
and be proud to show off
that blue ribbon of
what took time and the effort
that came from your heart,

Your Friendship Garden





Copyright © 1999 -2000 Carol.