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Born 2 pds 13 oz at 27 weeks
Back 5 decades ago
they didn't have the technology
like they have today
I believe was a miracle


I have some of the belongs from many years ago
I 'll cherish them dearly and will never let them go
Looking back in the days
though the books and things
the world now just isn't the same
I can't imagine what you thought
of the price of the dress that you bought
with the economy back then that you fought
The magazines you looked thought
some company's still are here
the diapers and bottles have changed
they have upgraded in there name
Back in your day it isn't quite the same
as it is now decades has changed
One thing that I can say that hasn't 
and will never change
is miracles and the love of  JESUS
that is in our hearts will always remain

Poem by: CarolAnn

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