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Batson Cemetery

Special thanks to Chris for sending in this investigation. If you want to contact Chris then just contact us and we will forward your comments on to him!

Front Gates

Location:38 East to New Castle- continue on 38 all the way thru new castle. about one mile out side of town turn right on 250 E. Follow until you reach Dublin Pike, Turn left After about 1/2 Mile you will reach a small hill with a Y intersection at the top, follow the road left 200 S. follow 200 S. about 1 1/2 miles to 4 way intersection, turn left onto 500 E. Follow 500 E. about 1/2 Mile. Batson Cemetery is the Second drive way on the right. (look for the gate)(see top pic)

Legend/Reported Haunting:Began as family burial grounds for the Batson Family in the 1830s. Rumor has it that Samuel Batson who died in 1833 and is buried in Batson Cemetery started the cholera epidemic of 1833 in Henry County and was the first person in Indiana to die from the diesese. As of June of 2005 there were 1187 total burials recorded but when you go there you will see that its pretty much impossible unless there are unmarked graves or people buried on top of each other.

Stories- A strange woman has been seen in the south east corner of the cemetery. If you walk towards her she walks into the trees and disappears. Cold spots also associated with the south east courner along with the feeling of being watched. Large crow perched on tree tombstone (see picture) seems to watch you. Strange Flashes of light at night. History of satanic worship (Fact-Arrest have been made) WARNING- Henry County Sheriff's patrol the area all night and there is usually one trooper in the cemetery for most of the night due to the satanic cult activities, and vandalism of the church and tombstones. If you get caught out there after sunset you WILL be arrested.

Investigation: I went out to Batson on a Sunday morning. Bright sunny skies and the temperature was in the low 70's. I took with me the proper ghost hunting equipment. (1 Mitsubishi Eclipse, 1 Olympus D-395 digital camera, 1 44oz Mountain Dew, 1 bag of Dolly Madison Donut Gems, 1/2 pack of Marlboro Lights w/lighter, and a mixed CD of AFI and The Alkaline Trio for the ride out there. I stopped at the church first. The doors are unlocked and its in decent shape for its age. Snapped a few pictures of the inside then headed back to where the woman was supposed to be. The mysterious lady didnt show her self this time (thought i saw her once a few years ago) but the area was cooler than it should have been for such a nice morning. Stopped and look at some of the older tombstones and took some more pictures. One pic did turn out a little blurry for no reason. I then made my way to the Tree Tombstone, but alas no crow was there.

The essentionals, got to have the right equipment!

Inside of the Church.

South East corner of cemetery where the lady has been reported.

In the very back South East corner.

The only blurry photo from the day.

Tree headstone where the crow is supposed to appear.

Conclusion- The place is worth checking out if you live in the area or happen to be in the area. I can't explain the cold spot in the southeast corner (it feels that way every time I go there, or the blurry picture. I will be going again in a week or two at dusk to try and get some orb pictures. Too bad it's patrolled and you cant go in after dark.. but I know most of the cops in the area and they will not hesitate to arrest you.

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