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"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious." -Albert Einstein
Scott County Heritage Museum-So many ghosts!

Brick Ranch Road Cemetery-Druids? Green glowing stone?

Haunted Slave House-How could we not check out a haunted slave house?

Clifty Falls State Park-Moaning Trees?

Batson Cemetery-Visitor Submitted Investigation by Chris Denny.

Eggleston Elementary-A ghost in the window?

Little Doe Run Road Cemetery-A quiet cemetery?

Danville Indiana Bridge-Did we hear the doomed soul of the worker forever entombed in the bridge? Or the screams of the desperate mother who lost her baby here?

Avon Haunted Railroad Bridge-Maybe the woman lost her child here and still looks for it?

Pigeon Roost Memorial Park-What did we find?

Bridgewater Cemetery-Did we see shadows? Red Eyes? Get chased from the cemetery by the ghost horse?

Springdale Cemetery-Madison Indiana. Legend is a statue cries blood on Easter and same statue will chase you if you kiss her feet. Did she chase us?

Blocher Indiana Railroad Tracks-Updated-Reported you can hear a train and a woman scream at midnight. Did we miss the train or catch a ride?

10 Penny Bridge-Charleston Indiana-Reported haunted by a bum that was killed here. Legend is that if you place 10 pennies across the bridge in a row, turn your car and headlights off, when you try and start your car it acts like it don't want to start and your pennies will be scatterd or missing. Did something take our pennies?

Lanier Mansion-Does a Ghost Boy walk from the riverfront to his home at the Lanier Mansion in Madison Indiana? Did we see him?

A list of Southern Indiana reported hauntings HERE

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