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Eggleston Elementary-Madison Indiana

Location:East Street Madison Indiana.

Legend/Reported Haunting:Haunted by etheir a little girl who fell from one of the top windows and you can see her looking out the windows upstairs or by a teacher/principal that fell and was killed falling from the stage area upstairs.

Investigation: We arrived at the school about 10 pm and parked in the front of the building. We just watched the upstairs windows for awhile. We did see "something" in the top second window. The light from the main hallway which is also the staircase upstairs was filtering into the top rooms. We plainly watched something or someone in the window. However the form was more of a shadow and could have easily been a flag blowing across the window, a plant sitting in the window that our eyes couldn't make out due to the darkness etc. But it did seem to go away then come back. It could have been a janitor also we think, although it was a Sat. and no other lights were on in the building.

Above is a capture of what we kept seeing. This section of windows are the top story, second set of windows.
I have lightened the photos and no other alterations have been made to the photos (except resizing).

We made a second trip to the school a few days later and whatever we seen in the window was not visible. We were told that this is the fifth grade classroom. The photos were all taken with no flash, but a slower shutter speed (2 seconds) with the use of a tripod. It was almost impossible to take the photos any other way due to the low light conditions.

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