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Bridgewater Cemetery Scottsburg Indiana
Investigated on 1/16/2005 and 4-25-05


Back in the 1800's there were a lot of civil war soldiers buried there, but no blacks. Some blacks were hung in the cemetery and buried on the outside of the cemetery. People say the cemetery is haunted by something called red eyes that you can see glowing in the back of the cemetery. People have seen hand prints, cars that wouldn't start, and black objects moving around the cars and by an arched shaped thing in the back of the woods, and cold chills. It is always colder in the cemetery than it should be, and some people have said that they got chased out of the cemetery by a white horse.


From Interstate 65 take Henryville exit, and proceed east a few blocks to Highway 31 and turn north (left). Follow to junction Hwy 356 and turn right into Vienna. Follow 356 about eight miles until you come to Slate Ford Road on the right. Follow this road until you come to Bridgewater Road on the Left. Bridgewater Road dead ends into the cemetery.

Date of Investigation:

January, 16 2005 10 pm. The temperature was 28 degrees with wind from the north at 8 mph. The solar weather for this night was Geomagnetic Field Storm and Solar x-rays were x class flare. The moon phase was First Quarter Moon 45.4% of Full. See our second investigation below!


It was about 10 pm when we pulled onto Bridgewater road. The road is paved most of the way and then turns to gravel. The cemetery is on top of a hill and very dark and isolated. But being on top of this ridge like area could easily explain the reason it might be colder in the cemetery as the legend states. However with it already being 28 degrees I doubt we would have noticed a temperture drop. I found my flashlight and we got out. My flashlight was dim, but I didn't check the batteries before arriving at the cemetery. We took this photo of the enterence.

After snapping the photo the camera began to flash that the batteries were dying. I didn't put new batteries into the camera before arriving, but they should have been ok. I hadn't used the camera at all since the last time I had put batteries in it. So we walked back to the car to change the batteries. I always have a package of batteries with me. We snapped a few more pictures, which showed nothing unusual.

After another couple pictures, my camera began flashing again that the batteries were dead. I found this to be a little strange since they were new! My camera automatically takes the lens in and shuts off when the batteries are dying. It did this. I also must note that we then went and investigated the Pigeon Roost Memorial and the batteries were fine after we left this cemetery. Luckily we snapped a photo at the entrance, after walking in to the side at the edge of the cemetery, and another picture almost to the back. At this point not only was my camera going dead, my flashlight was dim and we could hardly see, but the wind picked up and it became even colder with the wind blowing. There are very very small headstones or markers of some sort that you could easily trip over, or my worst fear knocking one down. So we ended the investigation 10 minutes into it. We seen no red glowing eyes, and defiantly no white horse. Maybe due to the fact that with a dim flashlight we could hardly see, but we never seen an "arch type thing" as the legend stated. I didn't bother to check the car for handprints since it was too dark to see any anyway. No one seen any dark shadows etheir. However I think we might check out this cemetery again one day, when we have more batteries and maybe can stay a little longer.

Investigation number #2   4-25-05:

On our way home from dinner, (which I paid for using my debit card, remember this for later) we began to talk about some emails we have received regarding this cemetery. People telling us that the cemetery is haunted, or their experiences there. Taking note of the very full moon we decided we would stop by the cemetery and I am glad we did. We arrived about 10 pm, the temp. was mild (54 I believe) and no wind. We sat in the car for about 15-20 minutes just listening and watching because one email we got stated that this was a way to experience something (shadows and sounds). We seen or heard nothing. We had a working flashlight this time around and walked to the back of the cemetery. Upon reaching the back of the cemetery, 2 out of the 4 of us heard a strange noise from the wooded area. I described it as the sound of an old screen door opening, a screeching sound. Another person described it as a loud squeal that didn't sound like any animal known to us. A third person did not hear this sound but reported hearing another upon entering the cemetery that was similiar. The fourth heard nothing. We started to seperate some at this point. I was standing next to the person taking photos at this time, when we noticed a strange reflection when we were lining up a photo, behind another one of us. We asked that person to stand still as a marker of the area where we had seen the flash, so we could look around for an object causing a reflection and to make sure the moon was not in our shot. Here is the photo we took when we finally took the photo.

We attempted to catch some EVP, but was unsuccessful, but we really made a poor attempt at that. We simply just turned the camera to video and was quiet, some of us asked some questions. It showed nothing but the cameras mike is probably not that sensitive. We experienced nothing else strange, but did take many weird photos. About 1/2 of the photos we took showed something, streaks of light, a snake like object or orbs, the other 1/2 showed nothing. Here are the photos. All photos are as we took them, except where I have blurred out names on headstones for privacy, blurred people for privacy, resized for space (they are at least 3 megs each and 3072x2304), and cropped where needed. The photos have not been manipulated in any other way. We spent about 30 minutes in the cemetery.

An experience two days later was the weirdest! As I said we had been to dinner. I payed with my debit card, and having no pockets handed it to someone else we will call Mark to hold for me he had jean pockets. I forgot about it until the next morning when I was on my way to the zoo. I called Mark and he said he laid it on my tv when we got home he was pretty sure. He told me not to worry about it that he would take care of the zoo, so I didn't. When I got home I tore the house apart looking for it, was too tired to care by that point and went to bed. The next morning I immediatly began my search for it again. With no luck I called Mark to tell him I didn't have it so he had to. After a search of his house turned up nothing, I was becoming pretty upset. I envisioned my entire checking account being wiped out...and everything else bad when you lose your debit/credit card. I called the bank and found out it had not been used. I called the place where we ate dinner and they didn't find it. I checked the car and by this time Mark was here to help me look for it. We checked the driveway. We retraced our steps in the house. Finally we decided the only place we hadn't looked was the cemetery. So we got in the car and headed to the cemetery! We got to the cemetery and by this time it was raining, we began to walk through the cemetery and when we got to the middle there was my card. This in itself was not strange, it is possibly I guess that my card fell out of deep jean pockets. My card was completley bent in half, standing up like a little tent. It was bent so well that it would have taken some sort of effort to bend it. The possibility of it falling out and someone stepping on it is possible. I am not ruling this out. However it was strange. Luckily I bent it back and besides the crease down the middle and the fact that it is very brittle right in the center it seems to be working ok. As I am sure most understand I cannot post a picture of my credit card on the net to show the crease!

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