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Brick Ranch Road Cemetery

Location:Highway 31 to Sellersburg, country road to the right if traveling north, left if traveling south right past the Essroc Cement Plant. Follow the road to Brick Ranch road and make a right. Cemetery will be on your left on the S-curve. (Thanks to the visitor who gave us very good directions, we had no difficulty finding it!)

Legend/Reported Haunting: A cemetery located five miles northeast of the Essroc Cement Company. Cemetery located on the S-curve in the road. A tombstone glows green. A warning follows this haunting to not leave your car to investigate because "they're are druid figures that walk around the church and the road late at night".

Investigation:We arrived to the cemetery about 1am. We sat in the car waiting to see anything. After a few minutes we walked around the cemetery and took some photos. We recorded with our digital recorder and it caught nothing.

Conclusion: We do not think this place is haunted. If your investigation shows a diffrent result let us know!

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