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"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious." -Albert Einstein
We are a small group of people that began to wonder if all the reported haunted legends were true. There was only one way to find out, to visit them and see for ourselves. Although most prove to be false, we have on occasion experienced something unexplained. Our group consists of close friends and family, some of us believe in ghosts, others do not. We feel like this gives us a good balance when investigating locations.

This group was formed by two best friends. On an outing to take some fall photos, we visited a cemetery that sits on top of a hill overlooking the Ohio River. Immediately upon arriving to the location the brand new batteries we had just bought went dead. Having read that this sometimes occurs in haunted locations we then spent the rest of the night visiting local cemeteries. We even got a few great photos that first night!

Our religious beliefs vary greatly and we do not attempt to place a religious belief into our investigations. We always look for an explanation of any unexplained photos, recordings, video etc. that we may get. Most of all we simply report exactly what we see, hear, experience and feel. We post all our investigations regardless of the outcome of it.

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