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"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious." -Albert Einstein
Welcome to Southern Indiana Ghosts, a division of The Force. We are a small group of ghost enthusisits that explore reported haunted locations. Our goal is to not etheir prove or disprove any reported haunting. We simply visit the location and report our results here. Our results come in the form of photos, witness statements, and exactly what occured at the location. We do believe in ghosts, however we enter each location with an open mind and we never expect to find anything unusual. Skeptics can always "easily explain" others experiences, but anything can be explained away. Keep an open mind, you never know what you may find, see, experience or feel!

Do you know of a place we should check out? Let us know and we will add it to our list of places to check out in the future! We welcome any of your true ghost stories, experiences, investigations and photos. We will be more then happy to post it all here for you to share with others. If you would like to trade ghostly links with us just let us know.

If you have emailed us recently, we are not being rude we just have not had access to the internet to respond. I am now sifting through over 200 emails and responding as time allows.

October 21, 2006-New investigation-The Scott County Heritage Museum.
October 20, 2007-New Investigation-Brick Ranch Road Cemetery. We are planning several more trips in the next few weeks.
October 13, 2006-New investigation! A haunted slave house!
October 13, 2006-Rumored Haunting at Clifty Falls State Park Investigated.

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