The Greatest Secret the Universe Knows



This is a book of the messages that were spoken from consciousness within the universe and universes. They are given in love. The messengers say, “We are not great; we are but messengers of our Father, God. We have come but for one purpose, to prepare a way for the coming of the Messiah.” The readings are their transcribed words. Their presence accompanies their words.

The readings contain dialogs between many people and spirit sent from God. To tell you of all the guidance, healing and miracles would fill books.

These volumes contain 19 years of transcripts in which spirit sent from God spoke to people of many faiths and backgrounds, giving guidance, healing, and seeking to bring each closer to God in his or her own way. Each person who heard their messages, or parables or teachings felt them in his or her own heart and understanding. Others came seeking their needs, and their prayers were answered often in ways even beyond what they knew.

As a gift was given to me in preparation for the coming of the Messiah, so loving gifts and a way to know God more fully were offered to each person whose questions appear in this book, and also to all who read it. Yet as spirit sent from our loving Father would look and sees the needs of each of His children, each is offered gifts that are special and unique, that most lovingly meet the individual’s needs. Each is given a way to know Him more fully in keeping with his or her own faith. I share my own experience, that as you read these words you may know that many others to whom the spiritual messengers of God spoke who experienced this love as I did. In their questions and answers are thousands of stories, like mine.

This is a modern-day story of the Messiah's coming, as seen in the stars, then as announced by spiritual messengers of God in the preparation, so that you may know this joy also.


Judy’s Story

Some day I’ll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me....

Where dreams really do come true.

"Somewhere over the Rainbow"

way up high...

1963, Springfield, Missouri — Thirteen-year-old Judy gingerly places one foot out onto the sloped roof, pulls her body through the window, and draws her other foot through the window. As she breathes her first breath of the night air, she gasps, looking up in awe. Thousands of stars shine above. Each dot is a sun! More suns shine than her eyes can see. Her young mind tries to grasp what is before her. She opens her mind as fully as she can imagine. She looks up, listening. Venus twinkles near the horizon. It is another whole planet. Distant Saturn gleams silently. Twinkling with a red glow thousands of times farther is the star, Antares, the heart of Scorpio. Is it possible to know what is before her? What does this twinkling red star, this beating heart, feel?

Perhaps she can know it within her own heart if she is still enough and reflects what is real. Before her the universe shines -- a million suns, a billion, many trillions of stars – and uncounted suns with planets, some with life like our own. How small is her own mind. She reaches out beyond her five senses to know. What would it be like to look upon and know all there is, and fully understand? Can one know the life that exists in the universe? She could not fathom even what she sees, but perhaps she could know a little more? She wonders, what is life? Age-old questions come to mind: “Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going?” She stills her mind, reflecting upon all that shines before her. It is so very vast. Surely consciousness looks back upon earth and upon her, knowing all there is. Is it looking into her own being and knowing her, right now? She opens her mind even more to become aware of what is right before her, if only she would feel, and see, and hear it.

She looks to the east; the stars of the Milky Way cross the sky, a galaxy on its edge, many millions of stars. All the stars that fill the sky that her eyes see are in our galaxy. Yet, there are so many galaxies, like pebbles on a beach. As she searches the stars, looking farther than her mind has ever conceived, she realizes she is looking into infinity. She sees the light of suns through eons of time, trillions of suns in trillions of galaxies like our galaxy, the Milky Way. In her mind’s eye she becomes one with the universe. She is not sure where her soul ends and the universe begins.

In the quiet of her mind, she asks, “What is the greatest thing the universe knows?” From the infinite she sees a light already entering into time and space, shining from the densest region of the Milky Way, traveling faster than the speed of light toward earth. It will be coming to the earth. What is this light she sees? As she listens to the consciousness in all there is, she hears the greatest truth the universe knows. It is the light of Christ, and he will be coming to earth in her lifetime!

She never told anyone this secret. Who could she tell? Through the years, Judy remained close to the feeling of presence in the stars. She listened for guidance, reflecting as a mirror as she meditated upon Saturn, Scorpio, Venus, and the galaxy, to which she felt affinity, to hear truth within. She felt a kinship, for she had come to know them. She listened to that which is sacred, as her way of knowing the Creator. And then one day, the universe spoke back to her. At age 21, the consciousness she’d felt in the stars and the universe spoke to her directly. It answered through the voice of a man -- speaking in words that she could hear.

With the light of the most spectacular comet of the century that came closest to Earth near Easter 1970, spirit sent from God arrived to speak to mankind from a town appropriately named Globe. “We are not great; we are but messengers of our Father, God. We have come but for one purpose, to prepare a way for the coming of the Messiah.”

This is a true story. It happened to me.

“The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face...”

After graduating from the University of Missouri, events led me to be a reporter for the Yuma (Arizona) Daily Sun. I followed my boyfriend there when he was drafted before leaving for Vietnam. The night sky in the desert was beautiful. It reminded me of earlier times in had sat on the roof in Missouri to meditate upon the stars. Living in Yuma was an opportunity to continue to search for the truth my soul has always known.

Life seemed to be opening up for me on new levels. I went to different churches, read scriptures of different faiths, read metaphysical and mystical writings, and sought to find my spiritual direction. I enjoyed astrology and reading books by the sleeping prophet, Edgar Cayce, such as There is River. I read from the Bible, Torah, Koran, the Upanishads and earliest spiritual writings. I liked to drive to San Diego, California, on weekends, sit on the beach and read. I tried to understand what I read in the way I had listened within my soul to the stars. My life was increasingly filled with amazing coincidences.

First, when I was sunning by the pool at my apartment I met an astrologer from the Cayce Institute in Virginia Beach. How unlikely a coincidence. Another coincidence happened that weekend on the beach near San Diego. I snuggled into a grassy cove to read Cayce’s Story of Jesus. The book fell open to these words,” like attracts like.” As I pondered the words I felt the power of the ocean and sky, and a greater consciousness in all. Was this to be another of those “moments” of consciousness? I wasn’t sure I was ready for it, so I did the only thing I could. I took a nap. When I opened my eyes, a young man was sitting on the bank above my grassy nook. We struck up a conversation. I learned he was born on the same day and year as me. He’s the only one I’ve ever met with my birthday. Like had attracted like. He was an architect and wanted to design churches. Little did I know that my life would have a similar path. One day I would become a minister and seek to build temples within hearts and minds.

It seemed like whatever I read or thought about appeared in my life within a few days. I didn’t understand it. It was a little frightening. I asked a psychiatrist, “Is this normal or am I going crazy?” The doctor listened as I shared my experiences with her. Tears filled the professional’s eyes, then she thanked me. She told me that this was real, that I was not crazy. She encouraged me to continue my search for the truth within my soul. So, I continued searching for what my soul always knows, comforted that I was not wrong to seek.

I searched in the Bible for guidance. I did not understand many of the words I read. I thought that the one who wrote them knew their meaning. I prayed for guidance. As I did, I opened a page to, “Seek and you shall find.” The next day I prayed again. My eyes fell upon these words,” Ask and you shall receive that your joy may be complete.” I did not understand what to ask for. I thought of the love in which the Father sent His beloved Son to give us a gift. I did not know what the gift was. But I knew he knew. I thought of how I’d tried to give love in my own life. No matter how much I had loved, it had not been accepted -- not by family, friends, strangers, worthy causes, nor my boyfriend -- not in all the ways I had tried to reach out in love to this world. So I thought, it is more loving to accept a gift given in love. I was not worthy to receive the gift. I did not even know what the gift was. But I knew the one who came had even died trying to give us a gift in love. So I chose to do the more loving thing. I asked to receive.

A few days passed. One of my friends who owned a bookstore read these words to me. “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” A co-worker at the newspaper invited me to a get-together with his wife and a few people to hear a tape-recording. It was the voice of a man who went into trance and spoke as Edgar Cayce had spoken. He thought I might be interested. I was!

The night of the meeting came. I listened to the tape. The voice seemed to come, not from a man, but from something greater. It seemed to speak from vast consciousness. A question was read from a man who wasn’t present, about his physical health. As though seeing into the man’s body, the voice advised him how to help his health. It seemed to reach back into time to answer questions about past lives, as though he was present in any time or place. And then I heard what had been made known to me from my rooftop in Missouri. “We are here to prepare a way for the coming of the Messiah.”

On the way home, I could not stop thinking about these words and the voice that spoke them.


“Knock and the door shall be opened unto you”

In a few weeks, my co-worker told me that the man through whom the messages were spoken on the recording was coming to Yuma. I could not wait to attend. I was going to hear a man go into trance and speak as Edgar Cayce did, although Cayce died three year before I was born. I’d heard knowledge in the voice that was beyond what any man could know.

January 21, 1972. It was another starry night as I drove across town – and across the years, spanning time from age 13 to age 21 -- to travel to meet an unimaginable destination. As I drew near, I felt a profound peace. All is calm, all is bright, I thought. Heaven seemed to gather in the stars over the house. It felt like the stars to which I’d listened at age 13, only more beautiful.

I knocked and the door opened. The hostess, Jeannie, and the people who’d played the three tapes I’d heard warmly greeted me. It was good to see their familiar faces. They introduced me to a tall, lanky man in his 40s. His name was Ray Elkins. He was plainly dressed and seemed unassuming. He spoke softly with a slur, and he wasn’t educated. I relaxed a little.

Jeannie explained that Ray was going to lean back in the reclining chair and appear to go to sleep. The phone would be taken off the hook to not disturb him. She asked us not to move around the room or make loud noises during the trance reading, which might last about half an hour. When it ended, Ray’s friend, Bob, would slowly bring Ray out of trance. We were asked not to talk or get up until Ray was awake. Ray wouldn’t be able to remember what he’d said. So we should ask Bob or his wife, Charm, our questions afterward.

I took a seat on the sofa. The hostess dimmed the lights, took the phone off the hook, and sat down near me. Bob began with the Lord’s prayer. He invited us to say it silently, to be in accord with God’s will so that messengers He sends could come and speak. I watched as Ray’s breathing slowed. It became very slow. My heart was racing. I felt a consciousness in the stars enter the room, almost like the stars were filling it. At that moment, a voice spoke from Ray. It was not like his own, nor was the speech slurred. He said, “Aka is here.”

Bob, who sat quietly beside him, said, “Good evening, Aka, Where is Ray?”

“Soul Ray stands with God.” The feeling of the stars and heaven were so present, I was speechless. A spiritual presence felt so close to God as it spoke peacefully. I was afraid that my pounding heart would disturb it. How aware it was of us. I tried to melt into the sofa. I was not prepared to come before my Maker. Nor did I think vast angelic presence would look back, into me. As it spoke it was conscious of us all. Spirit sent from God shared directly, in our minds, as it guided us. I experienced it as I heard the words spoken. The consciousness directly knew of whatever it spoke, whether an individual, or God.

We had been invited to write questions beforehand for Bob to read. I’d been praying about my relationship with my boyfriend, Tim, whom I’d met about four months before. He was charming, and a daredevil. We’d had dinner, dated, and I’d fallen in love. I was dreaming of marriage and hoped he was too. But there was this little detail -- well, maybe a few. Tim enjoyed women, all women. He told me I was special to him and that he loved me, but sometimes he didn’t come home. Once we looked into each other’s eyes and felt we’d known each other in another life. Tim’s job sent him for training in Maryland. He’d invited me to fly to meet him, then drive back across Canada, then to Arizona. I wondered if I should go. Should I marry Tim, or leave him?

Bob read the question of the woman who sat beside me. I felt the spirit looking into her to see her needs. It felt like a vast, knowing, guardian angel.

Consciousness close to God looked upon me just before my question was read. It was mine. It had been one thing to read their words. It was quite another to directly experience spirit greater than me looking into me to answer. My mouth fell open. I wanted to hide or cover my face. Someone saw into me more deeply than my own knowledge of myself goes. The loving being was powerful and aware of all there is.

Bob read my question to the angels. “Judy R...of Yuma, Arizona...has asked, ‘I wish to know what direction to take for my life. I must make a decision. Should I join Tim in Maryland and later marry him, or should I end my relationship? What may I give to him, and have I known him in a previous life?’”

That through whom God looks saw into my soul. I felt naked to suddenly to be before our Father and spirit He sends who could see everything about me since before I was born. I hadn’t expected to reveal my life as the angelic presence looked into my personal relationship with a man. The spiritual messengers of God looked into my past, present and future and spoke to me, “For the last shall be first, and the first shall be last. And we should answer in this manner. Thy have known this one in a previous life, and he did take from thee in the same manner that he is doing now. If, in your relationship, thy do not enter in complete truth, in complete honesty with thyself and thy mate -- and he should do so in the same manner. But we do not see this, for this one is using you to satisfy his own selfish needs. But as we have said before, thy have free choice. And may not interfere with this free choice. But we should say to thee also in the manner -- should you choose the path of this, it shall mean death of the body to you.” With these words, the angel sobbed compassionately.

“There is one near thee that thy think thy do not love. This one should make unto thee a good mate, and your spiritual development with each other would grow. But we should say unto thee, sanctify the marriage.”

I was shaken with the message. I felt I had come before God. The spirit continued speaking, answering another woman’s question. Then it spoke of what I’d seen in the stars at age 13, the greatest truth the universe holds.

“We should say unto thee once again that we are not great. We are here as instrument of our Father. We are here but for one purpose, to prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah. And we should say unto thee, this should take many hands, and much love and tenderness, and we offer thee thy wine. If thy should decide to drink of the same and therefore become one of the many that stand before God, then we should speak unto thee at a different time. We may answer all of your questions that we are given permission to do so.”

The spiritual messengers from God completed their messages that evening, “We should say again, our Father has many mansions. There is food for all. Give unto thy Father one-tenth of the love that thy, our Father gives unto thee. Give unto thy brother in the same manner. Denounce no man, no religion, and their beliefs unto the same. Understand the way they should believe. Give of this wine in the same manner. Those who should reject it, do not denounce them for it, but praise them. But take of this and go unto the next. And if this is accepted, go into their house and drink of their wine and their knowledge and let them drink of your knowledge in the same manner.”

The spirit felt so close to God. It spoke from the galaxies and stars, and yet saw each individual soul. It was as if we too were before the Lord in this presence, as fully as this presence was.

(See their whole message that evening at

“Seek and You Shall Find”

After the messengers had spoken that evening, and had departed back unto the Father from whom they had come, I sat silently on the sofa in complete amazement at what I had heard and felt this night. Ray came out of trance, and as we’d been told, he didn’t know a word of what had been said. He said he hadn’t been present. I believed him because he seemed not to be experiencing the same things we were, and he just wanted a drink of orange juice, and to have time to himself to wake up fully.

Later we went to the kitchen with our hostess and sat around the table talking, mostly about light subjects. I looked very deeply into Ray as best as I could to see if what had been speaking was in any way within him, or just who he was. I did not find it. I did see a very powerful man who could have done just about anything he wanted with his mind, which made me feel cautious. He was just a human being with capacity for both good and bad, a man I probably would not have otherwise met. Yet, he had been given such a gift!

As I left the house, I walked outside with the hostess and thanked her so much. I told her that I felt like I’d been dying of thirst on the desert, not knowing it, and had been given a drink of living water. Again, I did not know that was also scriptural. It was simply true. I went home to my apartment in gratitude for what I’d heard and seen. I decided I’d spend more time helping the beautician who’d volunteered to transcribe the taped messages. She’d asked me to help with the spelling and punctuation, but I’d been so preoccupied with my love life. This was real news! As a reporter, I’d felt I’d attended an event that was worthy of worldwide coverage.

Over the coming months, I’d meant to help transcribe message our Father had loved us enough to send His spiritual messengers to give. It was truly the top news story of all -- the preparation for the coming of the Messiah. But -- can you believe it -- I was still too preoccupied with my boyfriend, and my insecurity and pain, and hopes to do much volunteer work to share this spiritual message. Still, God loved me, and His spiritual messengers saw my need.


“That Simple Word –– Love”

The spiritual messengers of God had sobbed in love when they had warned me in January 1972 not to join Tim in Maryland, that he was using me. They’d said, “Should you choose the path of this -- it shall mean death to you.” But what day would I break up with the man I loved? I couldn’t choose one.

Five months later, Tim and I were on what should have been a wonderful vacation. I’d flown to meet him in Maryland. From there we were to drive to Maine, then across Canada, and return through the Northwest to Arizona. But I never made the trip home. It was June 15, 1972. The Northern Lights shimmered over a lonely Montana highway. (Eskimos believe they are s a sign of death.) As they undulated, weaving in and out, Tim wove in and out of sleep. He crossed into the oncoming lane and crashed head-on into another car. Hours before, God’s spiritual messengers somehow let me know I was going to die. I was guided to pray to be in God’s hands, whether I live or die, and ask that God’s will be done.

Our vacation began at Longwood Gardens, Maryland, and we laughed and played beside the tulips. I kissed Tim. I looked into my boyfriend’s eyes. They were as cold steel, the eyes of a stranger. My heart was broken. I saw that he didn’t love me. And there was no way that I could handle that -- because I loved, him. There was no place for me to go. And so I chose death. Not suicide, but death. But I did not know it yet.

Tim and I drove to Maine, then crossed into Canada. From there we went west through the provinces, and then south to Michigan to visit Tim’s relatives. Inside I was quiet, so quiet. I sought the answer I could not find, felt feelings I didn’t know what to do with. Love cannot just go away.

By evening of the third day, we headed across Montana toward Canada again. Mile after mile, Tim’s car rolled down the two-lane highway. It was growing late. We couldn’t find a place to rest in the tourist season. So we drove on into the night. The Northern Lights, which I was seeing for the first time, added to the strangeness I felt -- lost, estranged, distancing from everything. I’d never felt like this before. I was restless, anxious, agitated. In my mind I heard the words of the spiritual messengers of God from months before, “It shall mean death of the body to you.” Over and over again, I heard, “Death of the body to you.” I thought of their answer and wondered why they had sobbed for me. Their words kept coming into my mind. I didn't know that they were reaching to me to hear this. But they were.

Because of their words I grew concerned. I’d found that when I was very still, in the quiet of my mind it was as if I could almost see tomorrow. I would see, or rather sense, a light, that was the joy of my soul that flows into tomorrow. If I got in touch with it, I could sense how the next day would be if I looked very quietly within. But this time I did not sense any tomorrow. I only was wandering in a dim gray, lost. There was neither night nor day. All was the same faint grayness everywhere -- or was this nowhere? What was this? Was I not going to be here, alive, tomorrow? Was I seeing my death? I’d thought death would come after fulfilling my life’s purpose. Our Father always knows us, and when it is time for us to leave this world, it is always to return to Him. I would be with God, surrounded in His love. But this was not what I saw. I was just confused and wandering. Where was my Father who created my soul and knew me before I came into this world?

Now I knew why I had been so upset. I was going to die and I couldn’t find God! I began to earnestly pray, “Lord, help me find You.” It wasn’t as easy to reach to Him as it was when I was young. Then I knew love to be what we all know. We came into life from love and we will return to this love. This is the most important thing to know, that we should never forget. But Tim’s lack of love made it harder for me to believe. If I couldn’t find a place for my love to be accepted, how could I possibly accept more love in me to know an even greater love? I began to pray the most important and last prayer of my life. I asked help to find God.

The beautiful thing was that the spiritual messengers from God who spoke to me before in Yuma came to me that night in spirit while I was in the car. I felt their loving presence draw close to me, and then I felt God’s. I talked to God, and listened to Him within my soul. As I asked what to pray I was guided. The most important thing to know is what Jesus knew as he lay on the cross in love for his Father. He asked that God’s will be done. Whether one lives or dies one should ask to be in God’s hands. So I prayed, “Father, may Your will be done. And whether I live or die, may I be in Your hands?” In love I gave my soul and life to Him, and reached to be in His greater love. God heard my prayer and held me in His hands. Then I knew that whatever happened His will would be done.

As I prayed I asked, “If it be Your will, Father, may I please have life?” I told Him that I didn't want to die because I knew it would deeply hurt my parents. I am their only child. I was afraid they would not recover from my death. I told God I'd wanted to help this world be a better place. I asked God if I could do this if He chose to give me life? I asked Him, what is our Father’s will that needs to be done on Earth. This thought came that our Father most wants His children to know the love He has for us. His will for Earth is that we love Him and love one another. This is what will most help this world be a better place.

I’d tried, but felt hadn’t helped yet. On into the night we traveled on the long road, as I reviewed my life before God. I’d been kind to people. I’d tried to understand how others feel and think. I followed my conscience. I did “as I would have them do unto me.” I’d treated all with the same love. Mile after mile, my life unfolded before me. I remembered my early teens when I contributed ideas to science through science fairs projects. My freshman year of college, I studied sociology, art, political science, to learn more about how to help this world. That summer, I joined the “Up with People!” show to promote understanding and acceptance between people. They taught us to listen to God in our own way. When I returned to college, I started a local “Sing-out, Springfield!” Missouri to encourage youth to be accepting of people who are different from them, to take responsibility for the impact their own lives could have on the world, and to be guided by God, in their own their faith. A college teacher said through writing one could have the greatest influence on the world. So I earned a journalism degree from the University of Missouri. In my first job with the Yuma Daily Sun, I’d tried to reach readers’ hearts. I wrote articles to bring understanding and peace between people from different cultures in Yuma. Then a friend of a reporter at the newspaper asked me to help with an amazing story; I was asked to transcribe prophetic messages from spiritual messengers of God. I‘d felt their loving presence in their recorded words and when I listened in person. If God loves us enough to send His spiritual messengers to give us a message, this is real news. They came to prepare a way in people’s hearts for the coming of the Messiah upon Earth. People want good news. What reporter could ever find such good news to report? The spiritual messengers of God gave prophecies -- news in advance. If we knew what choices could have a better outcome, the world would be a better place. This was the news scoop of millennium! I’d meant to help transcribe their messages. As the car rolled down the road toward my destiny, I apologized to God for not having done so because I’d been too busy in Yuma with my boyfriend. I still wanted to do this. I asked God, “If it be Your will, Father, could I please have life to share the words You sent Your spiritual messengers in love to give us?”

After my prayer, I cannot describe the sense of power and peace I felt. God made His presence known and I felt greater life than I had ever known on Earth. It was a peace that passes all understanding. Christ’s words came to mind, “Peace is my parting gift to you, my own peace, such as the world cannot give.” I was fully in God’s hands. Whatever happened, His will would be done. And so, my journey down the long road in the night gave way to sleep. I fell asleep in God's hands in the greatest peace I had ever known.

I woke up to hear Tim call my name. “Judy!” When I opened my eyes I saw the car was in the ditch with the whole front end smashed flat. Tim was crying as he sat behind the steering wheel, screaming in fear and pain. When he called me I thought he was waking me from my nap. I was having a different experience than Tim. I felt such profound peace and well being, as I had when I’d fallen asleep in God’s hands hours before. God was so close to me. But I wasn't in the car. I was on the gravel roadside bank. My body and feet faced the ditch where Tim cried in the car. We had been in a wreck. I thought, what is one supposed to do after a wreck? I checked out my body slowly. I was breathing. I wiggled my fingers and toes. One at a time I moved each arm and leg. But when I got to my head, I could not lift it and it fell back on the gravel. My neck was clearly broken. I also could not move my right shoulder; the collar bone was broken. As I’d turned my head, I saw my new racing bicycle that had been in the back seat farther on down the road in front of me. So was my suitcase!

Tim cried and told me he was so sorry. The brake pedal had gone through the calf of one of his legs. Several of his ribs were broken. He was scared and hurt. And I was at peace. We were having two completely different realities. I told him that everything was okay. I didn’t know how he would believe it. I felt as though someone unseen was standing behind me who spoke to me. I heard the thought, “Everything is all right. It is only your body that is hurt. It will be a month for your neck to heal.”

As I tried to lift my head to look at the road behind me, a man staggered across the highway over to me and said, “My wife and kids are dead.” I could find no words to say. I said, “I am so sorry.” He wandered away while tears filled his eyes.

I thought of what I’d done. Had I followed God’s guidance and not followed Tim, we would not be here. Tim wouldn’t have fallen asleep at the wheel. There would have been no head-on collision. And his family would still be alive. I looked up to God. “What have I done, Father?” To me, this was unforgivable. I would punish myself the rest of my life if left to my own thoughts. In His compassionate love, the Father let me know that I should ask for His forgiveness, and then give it to Him. I did so. Then God asked something of me. He told me, from now on I was to never look at this again. I had given it to Him. Of such is His grace. I thanked God in the only way I could now. This time I followed His guidance. As tears fell on my face, no matter how difficult this was, I obeyed God and got on with my survival.

As I lay on the cold Montana roadside gravel and looked up at the pre-dawn stars and Northern Lights, the thought came to me that I had a choice of whether I lived or died. If I believed the physical world and medical reality to be true, then that's what would be. I would die. If I knew God created the world, the stars, the universe and all there is -- including my soul since before I was born -- then that is what would be. I would live. It was my choice. I chose to know beyond all doubt that God created me, and life, and that His will is greater than all else. And so it was.

Eventually, someone came along in a car and they drove to get help. It was 4 a.m. and very cold. I was shivering and going into shock as I lay on the side of the road. But I knew I was in God’s hands. Whether I lived or died, His will would be done. I lay there more than an hour. The Northern Lights slowly faded, giving way to the dawning light of a new day, as death gave way to life. Finally two ambulance drivers arrived. They were volunteers from a small rural community and had no training. I told them I thought that I had a broken neck and to please put me carefully onto a board because I couldn't support my neck. They lifted me gently onto a board and placed me in their vehicle. I asked them to put my coat over me because I felt like I was in shock. Then they drove me to a small country clinic in Chester, Montana.

The clinic had no nurse, only one LPN, and a country doctor. Three high school girls were to take three x-rays. The girls acted like they were important medical big shots. I guess they had no experience with broken necks because one girl told me to roll over. I told her I understood was dangerous to move a person with a broken neck. She said, “Doctor’s orders,” grabbed me to roll me over.

I said, “Hold my head!” She didn’t seem to know that heads are heavy, as my head and neck fell sideways onto the stretcher. My body went into shock. I knew that I had one choice -- to know that God's will is greater than all else and ask for His will to be done. In the coming hours, many times I chose to know this and never doubt. They waited for my vital signs to be stable to transport me 100 miles to a real hospital. I laid 11 hours on a stretcher in the hall, as they waited to see if I would come out of shock or die. Finally, they put a cervical collar around my neck and drove me in the ambulance to Great Falls.

We rode on a bouncy gravel road the first 30 miles. My head was bouncing on the board. The volunteers drove too fast and slide around curves. Like flashing lights, every cell of my body screamed, which I didn't know bodies do. I couldn't tolerate that vibration and live; I was going to die. As I slid around a curve, I looked at the volunteer beside me and said, “Hold me!” He looked down at the word on the chest of my sleeveless sweater, love. He told me he was a married man and that wouldn't be proper. So I looked at God. God knows what love is. I asked Him to please hold me. And God held me in His hands.

They drove too fast over the chuck holes behind the hospital emergency room as my unsupported head bounced. Hospital staff pushed my stretcher into the operating room. They shaved off my long, dark hair, drilled some tongs into my skull for traction, and took me out of the operating room into the hall. An osteopath held my head, while attendants held my body. This was the moment. I would live or die. I looked fully at God, “May Thy will be done.” The doctor said, “This is going to hurt,” and yanked my head to align my neck. I screamed involuntarily, then drew in a breath. And so it was. God had given me back life.


“Reach out your hands....Put God first, and God shall put you first in this manner”

Spiritual messengers of God, June 30, 1972

Just as I’d been told on the highway, I lay a month in Montana Deaconess Hospital with a broken neck and collar bone. The doctors could not understand why I was not quadriplegic, or dead. They had no medical explanation. My breathing nerves should have been severed the way the 3rd, 4th and 5th cervical bones were displaced and broken. The doctors told me that x-rays showed no place for my spinal cord to be. But I had no signs of neurological injury. The doctors said I was a “very lucky gal.” I told them it was not luck. God had held me in His hands. As I lay a month in traction in the hospital, I would feel angels come through the window to stand beside me. I was humbled to feel such holy presence enter my hospital room. It reminded me of accounts in scriptures. I never knew it could still happen today. I couldn't hear them, I only felt their emotions.

My 24th birthday was special. I had lived to see it. June 30, 1972, two days after my birthday, my room filled with holy presences above and beside me as I had never experienced before. I was in awe. I wanted to bow or pray. Spiritual messengers had come from God on high to me. I felt them, but I did not know how to listen to their message to me. That night they spoke simultaneously through their instrument, the man in Globe, Arizona. Years later I found a transcript of their tape-recorded words. Here is what the spiritual messengers of God said to me as they looked upon me in the hospital bed.

“Yes, we see thy need, and we should answer unto this one in this manner. And the one we shall not speak of in name, yet they shall know that we have touched them. Thy have traveled far in thy mind. Thy thoughts have even come to the thought of suicide. Thy have given of thyself in love and had it thrown unto the ground. And thy cannot understand, and have become bewildered. And we should answer unto you, as once before.

“As the disciple of Jesus did see unto that that gave love, and it was thrown unto the ground, and therefore, it was crucified -- yet as this one known as Jesus did say unto men, ‘I have come, not to change the laws or the prophecies of the same, but I have come for this time to show you the truth of the same’ -- and so, within the resurrection of the same, he did show man the truth. Yet man did even take that and misinterpret it, and cast it aside, for man was given free will by our Father. And even unto His most beloved son, our Father could not interfere with that of the free will.

“And thy have reached and reached again for love. But we say unto thee in these words, thy have stumbled over thy own self. Reach out your hands, and we shall provide within thee the bread and the wine, and we shall plant within thy mind the seed. And thy shall provide the yeast of the same. We know that thy do not fully understand of which we are speaking. But we say unto thee, give glory unto thy God, and thy God shall give glory unto thee. Put thy God first, and thy God shall put thyself first in this manner, for thy have only to walk away from thy own karma to see the truth.”

The words spoken by the spiritual messengers of God to me in the hospital are what I was guided to pray the night of the wreck -- what Jesus knew as he prayed on the cross -- the most important thing to know, whether one lives or dies, is to be in God’s hands, and that God’s will be done. Their words are the gift of life from God -- and greater Life still.


“God said, ‘This is the sign of the covenant which I establish between myself and you

and every living creature with you, to endless generations:


My bow I set in the cloud”

Genesis 9:12-17

A week later, I sat up for the first time, wobbly in my new neck brace like a new born into life. A woman who always talked to Jesus came from the hospital billing department to collect my debt, and we prayed. I gave my life to God, for it was His now. He had chosen to save it. Then I gave my boyfriend to God, for His keeping was better than mine. Tim’s injuries were less serious so he had remained in the small Chester, Montana clinic. When he was released he had gone home to Yuma. As I finished praying, I asked God to lead me as He chose. My life was His now. May His will be done.

I stood and slowly walked down the hall to see the world for the first time since God had given me life anew. I saw the sky and earth through the glass double doors. It looked so beautiful. Before me a rainbow appeared. It felt like our Father and heaven were looking through it upon me. God had answered my prayer and accepted the gift of my life. The spiritual messengers of God walked with me from then on. They guided me in answer to my prayers that my life, which God has chosen to give life back into, be given to Him. As I had promised God my life to do His will and to write what He sent His spiritual messengers to give to the world, so God made a promise -- a covenant with me in a rainbow as His sign.

Through the next 32 years to this day, God has kept His promise. He has given me life back again and again, miraculously, and provided everything – far beyond the first miracle of which you read – that I may keep my promise and write these words He sent His spiritual messengers in love to give to you, and prepare a way for the coming of the Messiah in men and women’s hearts.


“For we shall bring forth one...”

Just as the angel had told me it would be a month for my body to heal, I was released from the hospital July 15, 1972, one month after the wreck. From the hospital I went to stay with my parents in St. Louis. In another month I returned to Yuma, again asking God to lead my life as He chose.

Unknown to me, three day after I returned to Yuma, a question was asked in Globe of the spiritual messengers of God about the health of the man through whom God’s messengers spoke. He had been divorced in June and his health was poor because of his emotional distress. August 18, 1972, Ray’s friend, Bob, asked, “Is there anything that should be done at this time for soul Ray's blood disorder or general health?”

The spiritual messengers of God answered, “Those things that are needed are being done. But let him not despair, for we shall bring forth one, and then it shall come as a complete thing. And when this one is brought forth, let all those of all of the groups stand forth, for it shall be a time of joy and fulfillment. But as the Autumn leaves should fall, these things shall come a step at a time.”

And so it was that I came to Globe, a step at a time as the Autumn leaves fell, led by God’s spiritual messengers who walked with me, who told the group in Globe and the group in Yuma that they would bring me forth to marry Ray. But I had not heard this message. I was in Yuma, visiting with my boyfriend, Tim, and my best friend, Lisa.

“For thy have only to walk away from thy own karma to see the truth”

Tim had already returned to Yuma from Montana when I’d arrived. Even though God had saved my life, it was still hard for me to tell my boyfriend goodbye. I wondered, had the danger of my death passed? Was that which had been prophesied to have happened on our vacation? Or would I still die if I stayed with Tim? How did God see this? What was His will for me? It was an important question I wrote to the spiritual messengers of God. I mailed my question to Globe, and it was read on August 26, 1972.

“Judy... asks about a follow-up reading about her relationship with Tim. She asks, ‘Does all that which was said previously still hold true, including the death of her body, or spiritually?' She also asks for guidance. She asks help in growing spiritually....’”

The messengers of God said, “We should answer in this manner. Our Lord has seen fit to stay the hand of destiny. But fate is but a fickle lover, do not tempt it. We have shown unto thee a way. Be transformed. We have shown unto thee and given unto thee the gift to write. As the way must be prepared, so should it be done as a script of the same. We cannot interfere with thy free choice. We have stayed the hand once, but we shall not be allowed to do so the second time. But open thy door, and we shall enter and give directions of the same, for there is much work for those who should enter. But have faith, and thy shall walk on the water with us.”

When I received my answer in the mail, I knew Tim wouldn’t understand. He didn’t even believe that there is a God. But I did. I knew it. God had saved my life. I had come to Arizona from Missouri, the “Show Me State,” but this time I didn’t need to be shown again. I believed. God had answered my prayer and given me life to write what He sent His spiritual messengers to give to the world. He had kept His promise –– as a covenant in rainbows that appeared before me as His sign to me –– more fully than any human being, including me, could ever know or begin to fathom. I had asked God to show me, and He had. Now I had to let Tim go and live. And so I told Tim goodbye. Once again I turned my life over to God, and asked that He lead me where He chose.


“This is the sign of the covenant which I make between myself and all that lives on earth” Genesis 9:17

I had promised God my life and asked Him to lead it as He chose. I intended to keep that promise. I’d only known Ray a week when he asked me to marry him. I needed to know if it was truly God’s will that I do this or did it only look like it was? I didn’t want my emotions about the miracles I’d had make me believe that God’s will was for me to move to Globe, when it might be only that of a man. And what about my best friend, Lisa? I didn't think God would want me to leave her at a time like this. While I was in the hospital, her husband had asked for a divorce. He did so because he wanted children, and she couldn't conceive. The doctors had told them that if she didn't get pregnant within six months after they’d removed an ovary, she probably never would. It was now two years later.

As Lisa and I drove across Yuma I prayed for God to give me a sign if this was God’s will for me. Our Father had given me such love in the miracle of my life. So I knew how much He loved my friend too. I asked Him to provide for my friend’s needs, as He’d provided for mine. In Yuma it rarely rains, nor is it cloudy. I’d never seen a rainbow in the desert and it was improbable that one would appear. As I was praying, suddenly not one, but three rainbows appeared right before us. The triple rainbow shone with the radiance of God’s unending presence and that of His spiritual messengers. Heaven was looking down upon us. I pulled the car over to the side of the road with mouth agape and gazed back into heaven. What did the double rainbow above a single rainbow mean? I felt like God was making a promise to me or giving us each a gift. I pondered the rainbows, trying to understand God’s message. I felt that God had heard my prayers and gave me a sign that it was His will for me to move to Globe. God would be giving me a gift, and He would be giving a gift to my friend too. I told Lisa, “Everything will be all right. God has answered our prayers.”



“Jesus began speaking about him to the crowds:

‘What was the spectacle that drew you to the wilderness?

A reed bed swept by the wind? No? Then what did you go out to see? A man dressed in silks and satins? Surely you must look in palaces for grand clothes and luxury. But what did you go out to see? A prophet? Yes, indeed, and far more than a prophet. He is the man of whom scripture says,

“Here is my herald, whom I send on ahead of you, and he will prepare a way before you”’”

Luke 7:24-28

In a few days the man though whom the spiritual messengers of God had spoken to me invited me to come again to Globe to visit him and to help with the work of transcribing the messengers words. Not only had I heard them speak, but because I asked their guidance my life had been saved. Now, I was being asked to come to Globe and help write their messages. I accepted.

Because I couldn’t drive wearing a neck brace, I flew to Phoenix where Ray met me to take me the rest of the way to Globe. I was amazed by the experience. To be riding in a car with a man who was an instrument through whom the spiritual messengers of God spoke was more than I’d ever thought I would be doing. I’d read of the famous sleeping prophet, Edgar Cayce, who died the year I was born. This man, Ray, was six-foot-four-inches and lanky, like a tall Arizona cowboy. He stood a head above me. Ray was soft-spoken, humble, and unassuming. But his mind emanated incredible spiritual power.

As we drove to Globe, he asked me if I’d like to see the stars from a mountain called the Top of the World? I could think of nothing I’d rather do with this “sleeping prophet.” He stopped the car and we got out. The night air was cool. I looked up. The stars I loved shone so brilliantly across the Arizona sky. Ray towered over me. I looked up to speak to him and saw spirit continuing on up beyond his head, so much higher than he, like a column of being extending all the way into the stars, and beyond where my mind could grasp, to God. I stood speechless. But Ray seemed to take it for granted. He leaned over to kiss me and I looked into his eyes. I saw his soul looking back at me, but I also saw a greater spirit looking through his eyes upon me that extended to heaven and God. I was in the presence of a very vast angel, like an archangel, such as Gabriel, who was looking into my soul.

Never before had I stood in the presence of spirit looking upon me from God. I wanted to fall on my knees and ask God for forgiveness for my life’s transgressions, for I had come before the Lord. Ray paid no attention as he leaned over to kiss me. Ray wasn’t my type -- he was 17 years older, he was uneducated, used poor speech, and wasn’t well dressed. He wore a plain shirt with faded blue jeans and a leather belt round his waist with a big silver Western buckle off to one side. He wasn’t much to come out to the wilderness see, judging by worldly standards. But when he leaned over to kiss me, I didn’t have a choice. I didn’t know what to do. So I looked into the eyes of the spiritual messenger of God looking down at me through his eyes too, and I silently asked God to forgive me as I kissed the angel. I had never known heaven so close as from the Top of the World as we kissed in the stars.

And from the Top of the World, the angel and the man, and I, drove to Globe. The next evening, September 22, 1972, Ray went into trance and the spirit sent from God spoke through him. This was my first time to hear God’s messengers speak from Globe to the world. As they spoke, I prayed for my friend, Lisa, and silently asked, did God want me to marry Ray? The messengers of God answered me gently with love in their voice: “Yes, we see thy need, soul Judy..., and we should answer your question in this manner. There are many paths that stand before you. We shall not direct you, but we shall let you make your own decision now. We have laid before you flowers. It is your decision, now, to pick them up and walk with them or leave them for someone else. This is your decision.

“We shall take care, and place flowers before your friends of another kind. And their needs shall be seen to.”

And so it was. After visiting Ray, I returned to Yuma to make my decision. I was comforted to know that Lisa’s needs would be seen to. Was God guiding me to Globe to help write the words being spoken by His spiritual messengers and marry a man through whom they spoke?

Who was speaking? Was it as it seemed by all appearances to be -- spiritual messengers sent from God? I asked our Father, once again, to please answer me in a way that I would know this was from God.


“Only the one that they were truly meant for shall know of which we speak

Ray came to Yuma two weeks later, October 6, 1972, to give a trance reading. People wrote down their questions. As I sat in the back of the room with about 20 people who were gathered to hear the spiritual messengers of God speak, I asked God a question in my heart.

I listened to the spirit sent from God speak through a man whom I had met, visited, and who had proposed marriage to me. It seemed, by my life being miraculously saved in a wreck, by signs through rainbows that appeared as I prayed, and by God’s answers to my prayers, that I was being guided by Him. As I felt the spiritual messengers’ presence, I remembered my greatest secret when I’d sat on my roof at night as an adolescent and listened within my soul to the stars to know the truth. Their presence felt like this that I had always known. In my mind I asked, “Who is this speaking? Are you truly from God, and not a man? Are you what I have always known in the universe, as it seems?” I asked God for a sign that could only come from Him.

After all the written questions were read, I heard the voice of the spiritual messengers of God say, “Thy have other questions, ask.”

The woman who’d read the questions that night said,” Thank you, Aka. We have no other questions tonight.”

The loving presence answered my prayer: “Yes, we see thy need, and we should say unto this one -- for you stand before us as the star of Scorpio; you stand before us as the star of Saturn; but yet, you stand as the first star that is seen by man. Therefore, pick up the flowers unto which we have provided.

“There are many among you who will think these words are meant for you. But only the one that they were truly meant for shall know of which we speak -- for the Lord giveth, and the Lord should taketh away -- and glory be the name of the Lord in all tongues on your earth and in Heaven and the many universes upon the same. Now is the time of the Cherub.”

My prayer for a sign from God was answered in a way that only I would know. I had never told anyone in my life. No one, but the consciousness in the universe to whom I had listened at age 13 knew my secret as I gazed into the heart of Scorpio, reflected on inner knowing of Saturn, and loved what I beheld in Venus. Only the giver of this sacred, most beautiful guidance knew this -- until it spoke back to me. How surprised I was to hear what felt like the stars and universe I’d come to love. It was my closest way of knowing God. Astounded as I recognized the greatest truth I had ever known, I wanted to laugh and cry, or fall humbly to my knees. Never had I imagined what I knew deeply in my soul would answer me through the voice of a man. Yet, it was not a man talking -- it was from within the galaxies, the stars -- the consciousness in all the universe I knew. And it was more present than I’d ever known. So I made my decision; I would move to Globe, knowing it was God’s will that I help write the messages from the spiritual messengers whom He sent. My move was as the spiritual messengers of God had told Ray in August that it would be -- a step at a time as the Autumn leaves should fall.


“And glory be the name of the Lord in all tongues upon your earth,

and in heaven and the many universes”

Aka, spiritual messengers of God, October 6, 1972

I sat before God’s messengers with others who gathered in Globe to hear them speak October 20, 1972, two weeks later. They asked that we write their words into a book that, like the promise God made in the rainbow, would be a new covenant before man. “As has been said before, in the preparation of the Book, take that of many parts and place them together. We realize that in the translation from your plane unto ours, our form of the use of your English language would not be considered proper, and not be as it was intended, spoken very clearly. Therefore, we should say unto you, take this and correct of the same. Bring forth unto the true meaning of the same, but do not place words within our mouths that we have not given. To interpret is one thing, but to completely change would be wrong; therefore, use of your abilities we have placed within you to interpret these readings, but do so within the thought and knowledge of God, our Father and yours. Prepare, therefore, the philosophy that is given. Prepare, therefore, a place for the philosophy within yourselves. But as it should come unto the written word, that the Book with wings shall be passed on unto mankind, do so with honest intent, and we should provide the rest that is needed, for have we not given unto thy keeping of the yeast? Have we not placed upon your table the wine and the bread? But the hands that should work of the door must come from you.”

Before I met them, I’d prayed to understand scriptures, “Seek and ye shall find,” “Knock and the door shall be opened unto you,” and “Ask and you shall receive.” Some of their first recorded words I heard were, “Open the door that we may enter,” and “We are here to prepare a way for the coming of the Messiah.” My prayer had been answered more fully than I could conceive.

It was near Christmas, 1971, when I’d offered to help transcribe their words. If God had sent His messengers to make something known to man, this was significant news. Six months later, my dying prayer was that God’s will be done, but if it be His will, could I have life to help write these words? God had answered my prayers. He had saved my life and given me even further life. He guided me to Globe where I could know Him better. He asked me to help write a Book of the words of His highest angels, those closest to His heart who know Him best, upon people’s hearts. He sent His spiritual messengers to prepare a way for the coming of the Messiah, to give a new covenant. They said, “Now is the time of the Cherub.” On the ark of the covenant given to Moses, God had entered in to speak to man through the outstretched wings of two Cherubim. The more I listened, the more I learned, the more love I saw. The love in which God sends His spiritual messengers in this covenant was love which others should also be able to come to know, as I was.

As I sat before the spiritual messengers of God on December 1, 1972, they spoke to me again: “And we say unto you, soul Judy Ross, we have placed flowers before you. But now is not the time for flowers, for now we have come to collect your indebtedness, and our Father shall collect it in full in this manner. New words shall be written upon the sky, but they must be written in men’s hearts first. Thy have the knowledge; use of it....” [See Jeremiah 31:33, Corinthians 3:1-6; Acts 1:1-11.]

“But yet, we say unto all these words. Promise not unto thy Father that that you do not wish to repay. If a promise is made, fulfill it.”

God certainly kept His promise to me; in which He gave me signs in rainbows -- and made His covenant with me -- in love more fully than I could understand.

Nine years later, May 21, 1981, His messengers told me, “We say unto you, when you first came here and soul Ray looked upon you -- when you had your injury, your neck was broken and you were flying through the air, and he reached with his mind to gently put you in the ground -- when he reached with his mind to place healing into your body, he did so with the permission of the Lord, God. And when you came to this place, it was not by accident. You came here so that you might bring forth and transcribe those words that you typed and transferred into written word.”


‘A voice crying aloud in the wilderness, ‘Prepare a way for the Lord....”

“And all mankind shall see God’s deliverance’”

Mark 1:2-3, Luke 3:4-6, John 1:23. Matthew 3:3

The more I listened to the presence speaking through Ray, the more I knew no man could know all these things of which it spoke. It felt like vast presence so close to God. The more I opened my heart to feel their presence, the more love I felt. I was aware that this presence came in great love from God – more love than any person could know. I wondered, could this be a messenger of God of which I’d heard?

December 9, 1972, Bob asked my question. “Judy...asks if you are the same messenger as the one who came to Joseph Smith who began the Mormon faith?”

“We are many. We have come unto many throughout the time of times, for where we dwell there is no time, and where we dwell there is no form. We came upon the Earth, this you should call of your home, in the beginning.

“For that of myself, for I am soul Ray and soul Ray is I -- and that his karma should be no more, for that that he was in the beginning, so was I. Yet, as life was given into his body, we were allowed to enter. For both of the prophets thy should ask about are One of the same. Yet, each shall do that which they were placed upon the earth to do, for they are but instruments of our Father. And from the beginning and through to the ending is but the same –– for life to life, as dust to dust –– for does not a wise God place His children upon the earth to hunt and feed that of His kind?

“Thy have other questions, ask.”

“One moment, Aka,” Bob said. His wife who was an archaeologist was excited as she tried to whisper something to him. Bob turned to her, “Would you ask your question?”

She asked the messenger, “Aka, are you speaking of Nezahualcoyotl?”

“Yes, we see thy need. And we speak of the same. And glory be the name of the Lord.”

I simply sat before them, feeling as much of their love as my spirit could know. As they spoke in words they revealed in spirit that through time upon which they looked and directly knew. I felt the love in all that was said. As I listened it was wonderful to experience in my soul what was being said.

I thought of this scripture, in John 1:1-3, 6-9: “When all things began, the Word already was. The word dwelt with God, and what God was, the word was. The word, then was with God at the beginning....” “There appeared a man named John, sent from God. He came as a witness to testify to the light, that all might become believers through him. He was not himself the light; he came to bear witness to the light. The real light which enlightens every man was even then coming into the world.”

I wondered if the words I had felt and heard were somehow like this, for I could feel they were being spoken from the beginning and through all time.

The next time I heard the spiritual messengers of God, December 15, 1972, they spoke of the future, “You have questions within your mind of the book of Revelations and the timing we have given unto you.

“We should repeat again, for the wise to hear, that only our Father knows of the last days. But the beginning has already begun. Your Father has promised unto you a new heaven and a new earth, and this promise shall become complete within each person, within each soul that dwells and becomes part of our Father’s love for all....”

My soul could not contain the love in these words from our Father. Who was this speaking? A book I was reading inspired me to ask these questions.

“Judy asks, ‘Are you, or could you tell me about, the Creative Elohim of God? And are you the Seven Spirits which evolved from Tao Great? What does it mean in the Aquarian Gospel that man’s soul lives within the seven breaths of Tao Great?’”

“We should answer in this manner. Within our council lies the Seven Spirits of our Father. And as thy have asked of Tao Great, our Lord sent those forth unto the universe as His messengers, and as His tools and instruments, that we should do His work. In some places we have built whole universes, in others but small souls. Yet all was mighty in the eyes of our Father. For as we have said before, we stand as close to our Father as His eyes, His ears and His heart; yet we do so in humble reverence of our holy Father. Thy have other questions, ask.”

“Yes, Aka. Judy also asks about the meaning of your words, ‘Star of Scorpio, star of Saturn, and first star that is seen by man.’”

“Thy shall remember, in thy memory, of the time of the Eagle. This message was for yourself. Look within yourself, and you shall find the answer. And as you find it, the Star hall be kindled that others may see it also....”

At age 13 I looked within to reflect what is in the stars, and I asked, “What is the greatest truth the universe knows?” I saw a light coming through the heavens toward Earth. I heard the answer within, “This is the light of Christ” who will be returning to Earth in my lifetime.

That night, before the spiritual messengers of God returned to the Father from whence they came, they announced, “But we should leave you with this message. Now is the time of the Cherub. For all who are wise to hear, let them hear -- for once again the Star of Bethlehem shall burn in your heavens....”

In scripture, astrologers from the east had said, “We observed the rising of his star, and we have come to pay him homage.” (Matthew 2:2-3) I wept with joy, for I had seen in the stars the coming of the light of Christ – Messiah! It has been revealed in my heart as the greatest truth the universe knows.

“Give joy and reverence unto all mankind, for the birth of the new Messiah is at hand.”

“Glory be the name of the Lord, thy God; glory be the name of His children forever and ever,” the spiritual messengers of God would often say.

How like their words were those of the angel who appeared to the shepherds, as the splendor of the Lord shone round them. “‘I have good news for you; there is great joy coming to the whole people. Today... a deliverer has been born to you –– the Messiah, the Lord’....All at once there was with the angel a great company of the heavenly host, singing praises of God: ‘Glory to God in highest heaven, and on earth his peace, his favor rests toward men.’”(Luke 2:8-14)



“And we should say, hark, unto thee, soul Judy....”

“Because you love so much, you shall be J...”

It was almost Christmas, and I was moving to Globe as God had guided me. This was to be my last night in Yuma. I said goodbye to Tim, the man I loved, by making farewell love. My prayer was that God would understand that I loved him, even when he didn’t love me. I was choosing a higher path, to follow God in faith where He was leading me, to Globe.

While loving Tim with all my heart, I looked up at the ceiling and was surprised to see overhead a visitation of many angels. They were making their heavenly presences known as they looked upon me. It was a most inopportune time. Tim did not seem to notice. Like angels that appeared in scriptures, the heavenly messengers came to me, filling the whole room above me near and beyond the ceiling. It felt as though they had come to bring me a joyous announcement, as all of Heaven looked on. I hoped they’d not let Ray see. God, in His great love, sent His angels with a message. He had chosen to give me a gift of love.

Before my first teardrop fell, God was turning my circumstance to joy. My grief was being replaced by a greater love than I left behind and new birth. In spirit, I heard the messengers of God tell me, “Because you love so much you shall be...” and say a name, followed by, "of the...." I told no one. Who could I tell, as with the light I’d seen in the stars at age 13? But in a few days I would hear their words spoken again. This time the spiritual messengers of God would say them to me through Ray on December 29, 1972, as I sat with those gathered before the angels in Globe after Christmas.


“Our Lord has seen fit to stay the hand of destiny. But fate is but a fickle lover; do not tempt it. We have shown unto thee a way.” Like Lot’s wife, don’t look back

Genesis 19:17 says: “When the two angels had brought them out, they said, ‘Flee for your lives, do not look back and do not stop anywhere in the plain. Flee to the hills or you will be swept away.’”

In the morning Ray’s friend, Charm, arrived in his borrowed pickup truck to help me move my belongings from my apartment in Yuma to Globe. By evening we drove out of town with the truck loaded and my red Volkswagen in tow. It was Christmas Eve. Moonlight shone across the Yuma valley, illuminating it like the sun and revealing an abundance of life. How beautiful the desert was in the full moon. An additional spiritual glow lighted our way as we drove from town on up into the mountains. It was as if we were being led, like a caravan across the desert, by holy presences hovering above us, columns of spiritual being extending up into the stars. They went ahead before us. I was reminded of accounts in scriptures; a pillar of light by day and a pillar of fire by night had led Moses and his people out of Egypt into the desert toward the holy mountain on which God gave His covenant, and then the promised land. Never had I felt this before. They were holy, ancient, and vast. They were leading me to safety and the fulfillment of God’s promise. I looked across the moonlit desert, feeling all this love.

Then I realized I would never see my boyfriend again. I thought how much I loved him; I didn’t want to have to leave. In a moment of passion, I reached back across the moonlit valley in my mind to tell Tim, “I love you!” But my thoughts were interrupted as I heard a sudden crunch from my car in tow. We stopped the truck to look. My Volkswagen had unexplainably fallen into first gear; the engine was destroyed.

I looked up to the spirits sent from God, hovering in the stars, to ask, “Why did you allow this to happen?”

In spirit, I heard with stern clarity, “Your soul is far more important to God than any material things. Like Lot’s wife, don’t look back.”

I fell silent, humbled. All the way up the mountain to Globe I thought about this. God had guided me from a path of a broken heart that would have brought me death. He’d even sent messengers to speak through a man’s voice, so I could hear. Even when I didn’t heed His message in January, God had intervened in June with a miracle to save my life, and held me in His hands. In July, when I first saw the world through hospital doors, He looked upon me through a rainbow. He accepted my life and promised to lead me; He sent angels to walk with me. And God offered my life purpose. “We have shown unto thee and given unto thee the gift to write. As the way must be prepared, so should it be done as a script of the same,” His messengers answered me in August. And in September, as I prayed to know His will for me, and for Lisa, He answered with a sign, of triple rainbows. Through rainbows and spoken words, His messengers made it known to me that God was giving a gift of love, and that He would see to my friend’s needs too. Even before I felt grief, when I said goodbye to my boyfriend God sent His angels with a message of a gift of greater love and life He was giving me. And now He had sent vast angels, like Cherubim, going before us to lead to safety, as they lovingly guided me to even greater life than I had ever known. Finally, I had said goodbye to Tim and made my decision to follow the spiritual guidance. It was important -- for my soul and for my life -- that I not look back. And so, Christmas Eve on a silent night, I was led across the desert, by spiritual beings sent from God to a little town of Globe that lies still in the desert mountains, to receive a wondrous gift of love.

My friend, Elizabeth, would be given a wondrous gift of love from God of another kind.


“We shall take care and place flowers before your friends of another kind. And their needs shall be seen to”

Luke 1:7-15 says of Elizabeth in the Bible, “They had no children, for Elizabeth was barren, and both were well on in years....There appeared an angel of the Lord [who] said to him, ‘Do not be afraid....your prayer has been heard. Your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son.’”

After I moved my belongings from my Yuma apartment to Globe, on the waterbed she’d borrowed from me, Lisa unexpectedly conceived. She felt the new soul. As the baby grew in her, her marriage grew together again, and love was placed within it with the birth of a son October 9, 1973. She was given a gift of love that would never be taken away, I was told. She named him Russel, after me -- my last name. When their son learned to speak, his first words were, “I love you, God.” And he also said, “I love you, Mommy.” For his first five years he said only these words. At 2, he crawled to a closed lamp stand, and underneath all the magazines found the family Bible, that he carried to his parents. As he grew up, he would speak to God and hear what God said, although he had no religious upbringing. His life was pure, loving, he lived in humility as one sent from God to be born into this world; he knew and loved the Father, and loved people in the same way. Those of us who knew him recognized his spirit to be that of a vast angel from God in the body of a little boy -- then a young man -- who by his love for God and for us taught many to love God more. He did so by simply being who he was. Lisa was blessed with a happy marriage that lasted until her husband’s death 30 years later; he left her well cared for. God had provided for her needs, just as was promised in the triple rainbow that appeared before us in Yuma, and when God’s spiritual messengers answered my prayers for Lisa and I through Ray’s voice.

And so it was. Lisa bore a son after I went forward in faith to Globe, where God led me that I might write the words of His spiritual messengers, a new covenant before man.



“You yourselves can testify that I said,

‘I am not the Messiah; I have been sent as his forerunner.’

It is the bridegroom to whom the bride belongs. The bridegroom’s friend, who stands by and listens to him, is overjoyed at hearing the bridegroom’s voice. This joy, this perfect joy, is now mine. As he grows greater, I must grow less....For he whom God sent utters the words of God, so measureless is God’s gift of the Spirit.” John 3:28-30, 34

When I next heard the spiritual messengers of God speak it was December 29, 1972, after I had journeyed on Christmas eve to Globe. The words I heard the angels say to me in Yuma were spoken to me again. This time it was through Ray by God’s messengers as I sat before them for their Christmas message. That night I felt them descend from the stars above the house to enter into the room and into Ray’s unconscious body. I felt them make their presence known before they spoke. They were so loving and close to God. Then God gave a gift of love to me.

I opened my heart, to hear them say, “Yes, we see thy need, and we should answer in this manner. First, of your question, soul Peter — your question is that of the coming of the Messiah, and we should answer first in this manner. Within your mind is the name of the one known as Jesus, and that of the preparation for the entry of those who had reached the Christ state into this one. As we have said before, there are many who have reached the Christ state, and through the combination of these shall be the new Messiah.

“You asked that he should come walking from the clouds, and we shall answer your question in this manner. When he should first appear unto the Jewish people, and they shall see him first, he shall be standing upon a cloud, and the Jewish nation in their despair shall kneel before him. This was meant so that that that had been written should be fulfilled, and as we have said before — written upon the clouds, written upon the sky, our Father shall make known of this entry in this way.” [See Zechariah 13:9-14, 14:1-5, Acts, chapters 1 and 2; Matthew 24:30-36; Luke 17:20-30, and The Revelation of John 14:1-7, 14-16, 19:1-16.]

“But he should come unto the body form, for is it not written also that that that does not know of earth can not know of Heaven? And those who do not know of Heaven can not know of earth? For he should come to lead you through your thousand years of peace upon your earth.” [See John 3:1-17 and The Revelation of John, chapters 20-22.]

My soul could hardly fathom the loving presence I felt. They said, “The spirit was left that it may flow through all mankind. As we have said before, we have come but for one purpose, and that is for the preparation for the coming of the Messiah. And we say unto you, all of you, open your door that we might enter, and therefore, there can be a place prepared within each of you for his coming. But from a mother’s womb, so shall he be born. Look within your book of Revelation, and you shall see of the same.” [See John 14:1-29, 17:18-26 and The Revelation of John, chapter 12.]

“But hark unto these words, our Father has written only upon the tablets. Man has written upon your pages and your paper; therefore, many things have been extracted from, taken away from that that inspired the men in the beginning to write of the same, and some has been added to by others. We have come not to change the Laws, but to fulfill the prophecies of the same. We have come not to change that that was given within Moses’ time. We have come not to change that that was given unto Isaiah. We have come not to change that that was given and the gift that was given in the one known as Jesus. But hark unto these words — we have come for this time. We have come from those who should make their entry. We have come from those who did say unto our Father, ‘Send those who know you best to prepare a way for our coming, that our Father's word should not be misinterpreted.’” [See John 14:16-26, 15:26-27, 16:7-11.]

Who is this, I wondered in awe? I leaned forward to gaze directly into immeasurable spirit who comes in such love and knowledge from God. As I did, I looked into an endless column of being, and the Father was looking back through it upon me. I stood in the presence of the Lord. I wanted to fall on my face in humility. Then I felt His immeasurable love.

And as I felt His love, I realized that I could have given more love to others throughout my lifetime.

As God looked upon me, the loving spirit sent from God spoke to me, “And we say hark unto you, unto this one known as soul Judy.... Prepare now a way within yourself, and we shall call you....” and they spoke a name, followed by the words I'd heard in spirit days before. It was the same name that the angels who appeared overhead in Yuma had announced to me. Then from those gathered ‘round Him, God sent a soul -- through the infinite column of being of His spiritual messengers who are “as close to God as His heart, His eyes and His ears ”-- through all the galaxies and stars, into time and space, to enter and be born in me.

God’s promise to me in the rainbow of a gift of life was given. In yet another way than my friend, Lisa, was given a gift of life, I too received a birth of spirit sent from God. It was given as it had been announced a week before Christmas when the angels had hovered above me to give a message of love from our Father. In fulfillment of His covenant, God gave me a gift of life.

And so, a life that had not ended six months before, that was given to God, began again in truth, born anew in God’s love.


“New words shall be written upon the sky,

but they must be written in men’s hearts first”

I have shared the beginning of my own experience with the spiritual messengers of God. Know that others to whom the messengers of God spoke in answer to questions, not only heard or read these words, but they received loving guidance and healing. Lives were changed; some received greater life. Many received miracles. All heard prophecies and could know the presence of the angels, as I did.

The stories of the thousands of people whose names have been substituted by numbers in these readings remain private. It is between them and their Father. Their written questions that were read to Aka are italicized. The answers spoken by the spiritual messengers of God and their guidance, prophecies, teachings and parables are in bold text.

Although I cannot violate the privacy of others, I can tell you a part of my own experience with these vast spiritual messengers of God as one person’s testimony, so you will know the truth of their words. You can read their guidance to me interwoven in the readings from 1972 through 1989 by the numbers that were substituted for my name, [1-21-72-002] in 1972 and [4-125-2] years later, and name by which Aka called me. I share this with you, as I and others often asked about our needs, as one would of angels sent from God, so that you can see that more is given from God than the words you read. The relationship with the Father who loves us so and His spiritual messengers is so much more full and loving than the words of transcripts alone.

This book you are about to read is not just written words on pages. They are given in spirit and in truth, in greater fulfillment that those to whom they were spoken and those who read them now know.

Many of the messages are also given for you -- and for the world. You will see this as you read the prophecies and guidance in preparation for the coming of the Messiah; they are spoken through all time and given for this time, as only spirit sent from God can speak. If you wish to know the spiritual messengers of God, open your heart and ask. Our Father will send a messenger to you.

What is the greatest knowledge contained in this “Book with wings?” It is the same secret I held within my heart all through the years – the greatest truth the universe knows. The Messiah will be coming to earth, within this lifetime.

Can you hear? Can you see?

Will you prepare a place within your heart for the Messiah’s coming?


Read the words of the spiritual messengers of God, Aka,

sent in preparation for the coming of the Messiah.




Copyright © 2008 by Judy, Arizona. All rights reserved.