January 29, 1988

Globe, Arizona



            [Aka is here.]

            “Good evening, Aka. Where is soul Ray?”

            Soul Ray stands with God.

            Yes, we see thy need and we should say unto you unto this manner. Glory be the name of the Lord, thy God, glory the name of His children forever and ever.

            And we should say unto you this parable in this manner and in this way. For upon the mountain there lived a great wise man. And he was known for his wisdom all across the land. And many did make a pilgrimage to visit him to hear him speak and to ask him questions.

            But for the old man, none noticed at first, but out of good manners he always fed his guests. And he always bade them to enter his small dwelling and sleep, and rest.

            But more and more came. For the old man, he had a small herd of goats. He had the plants that he grew, and he had the forest to bring food from. And he felt that it would be bad manners not to provide these things for his guests.

            And so, as each day passed, one unto another, and the problem became a very harsh problem, he went off to himself and he prayed and he said, “Oh, Lord, it is not that I do not have good manners to feed my guests, but I know not what to do, for if I take and kill my goats I will not have cheese to feed my guests, nor will I have the clothing. And if I go unto this mountain and kill the animals I would lose my friends, for these have been my friends. And if I give them all that I have grown, and I only have so much land to grow on − what should I do, Lord?”

            He waited, and there was no reply. And so, he went back to his cabin to tend his flock.

            And in that day when the guests arrived, they brought [both] sheep, and said, “Might you add this to your flock?”

            And the old man thought, “The Lord has answered my prayer.”

            But still more came. And so, he went back unto the mountaintop again by himself, and he did pray unto the Lord again. And the Lord said not unto [him].

He went back to his cabin.

            And the people who came that day brought tenfold to his flock, and he thought, “The Lord has surely provided and answered my prayer.”

            But still he could not feed the people. So he went again unto his mountaintop, and he said, “Oh, Lord, You shall surely hear my prayer.”

            And the Lord said unto him, “I have heard your prayer. Did not your flock increase tenfold?”

            And he said, “Yes, Lord, but so is the people who come.”

            And the Lord said again, “Are they not your flock? Have I not sent them?”

            And he said, “Yes, Lord, You have. But how shall I feed them?”

            And the Lord said unto him, “Go back to your cabin. And today there shall arrive both lumber and men, and they shall build a larger cabin that people might stay in. And as the people come you shall house them. And you shall charge a fair price, a place for them to stay. And for those who have not, you shall charge them not.”

            And the old man said, “But, Lord, I am an old man. How can any my age? Should I do all of these things?”

            And the Lord said unto him, “Have I not provided unto you? Has it not [been] said to you, ‘unto the last of your days?’”

So the old man went back. And the next day the men and material arrived as a gift. And they built a hotel.

            And then the same day, young disciples arrived, and said, “Master, let us learn from you. Let us do work for you and become your students.” And so, they did take over and provide that that was needed, and soon there was plenty, and food for all.

            And the old man went back to the mountain to thank the Lord. But in thanking he said, “Lord, I came to this mountain to remove myself from the monetary substance of the world. Why is it in my later days You have forced me into this [position]?”

            The Lord said, “No one has forced you. But it was your thing, your karma, to learn that money, in itself, is not evil, it is only in the ways of men, and the way it should be used. Go [forth down] there and allow that to happen that shall.”

            And the old man went back. And he was as a young man, yet he spoke with a wisdom much wiser than he had known before, for he had learned this day from the Lord that all things were placed upon the Earth for a reason.

            You have many questions, ask.

            “Thank you, Aka. [18-544-3, who is here this evening, and resides in _____, New Mexico] asks, ‘What will it take to heal my mother’s lungs? I feel she is a good person and has the faith. Please help me to understand.’”

            You must understand that her condition is not one of a single thing, it is one of a multiple thing. The lungs in themselves became damaged because of the virus, and so did the muscles of her throat. These shall be healed, but she must put the faith within herself that this [may] come about.

            We say unto her, go unto the Rose without Thorns and read of the healing well. But we say unto her, look unto the faith of her granddaughter, and be as a mirror.

            You have other questions, ask.

            “Thank you, Aka. [12-423-1], who is also here this evening, asks, ‘I have some problems getting my Cherokee number issued. Tell me how I can solve this problem.’”

            Yes, we see thy need. We have before us the body, the soul, and the immortal body. And we say unto you, you should write the Cherokee Nation and request this, and in doing so, give your heritage of both your mother, your father, your grandmother and your grandfather. In doing so, it shall be done.

            You have other questions, ask.

            “Thank you, Aka. This is a question in general. In 1973, you spoke of the Red Horse, to beware of the Red Horse. Who is the Red Horse? And who is China?”

            China is the Dragon. And the Red Horse is Pakistan. For what you have given unto this country, Pakistan, you have given unto the “Black September.” And for what the nations shall give unto the power of the Palestinians is but a short time they shall have it back, for this is a nation of terrorists, murders, who have cared not, for they have not known of God, nor shall they ever − for they are the Anti-Christ.

            Yet, they shall come unto you and say, “Woe is me.”

            But when they kill you and kill your children, and rob your churches − and they have already done these things and proven themselves that which they are − they condemned themselves in the eyes of God.

And we say unto you, the sins of the mother and father shall go into the fifth generation. For as in the days of Lot, the Lord would look upon them and say, “Show Me ten righteous men and we shall not destroy them.”

But yet, you have freedom of choice.

            [Editor's note: For more information, see the May/June/July 1994 and the January/February 1995 newsletters.]

            You have other questions, ask.

            “Thank you, Aka. [18-544-1, who is also here this evening, and lives in Las Vegas, Nevada] asks, ‘Will my baby be a healthy boy or girl, and will I deliver before or after my due date of May 25, 1988?’”

            This child shall be long remembered, as the earth shall tremble at the time of its birth. We shall say unto you, it shall be a girl. And it shall be much beloved.

            You have other questions, ask.

            “Thank you, Aka. [18-544-2, who is also here this evening, and resides in Las Vegas, Nevada] asks, ‘about [18-544-4], my husband, how and to what extent is it going to get before it gets better?’”

            We see your need. But we cannot violate the freedom of choice of another person. But for your own sake and for the good of your own soul, we should answer your question in this manner. If it is possible, bring him unto soul Ray. There’s many kinds of healing, but the greatest healing is the healing of the soul. If you were to move a mountain, the first step in moving the mountain is to pick up the first stone. Speak unto soul Ray unto these words, and he shall have more to tell you.

            You have other questions, ask.

            “Thank you, Aka. [18-533-1, who is also here this evening, and resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico] asks, ‘My sister is very ill. Is there anything that I can do to help her?’”

            You can only help those who would help themselves. But sometimes, even death is an extension of life, for it is the total cycle. It can only begin again by allowing it to pass through. But for those who would throw their life away and not care for it, it the same as committing suicide. For them, their journey back is more [hardship]. Soul Ray has been conducting classes in your study groups on the between life. It is something you should know about.

            You have other questions, ask.

            “Yes, Aka, thank you. At this time, Aka, would you like to give us any information on the coming ceremony on the 17th to 18th [of March]?”          

            Until all the obstacles are removed from its path − it shall come forth − but for those who wish to walk and become one of the Corn People, and for those who have become, they should come forth and help those who have not. Yet, [through you] the vows and walk through the cortex [vortex] is important also. We shall give more information at a different time. But allow those who would come to come. But they must come of their own free will. But explain to them the fullness of the ceremony in itself, and the purpose and the reason.

            You have other questions, ask.

            “Thank you, Aka. [18-540-1…Houston, Texas] asks for a life reading.”

            Yes, we see this, and we have before us the body, the soul, the spirit, and the immortal body of the same.

            And we should say unto you, we find this one in [the] land that you now call, Arizona, and he came of the people you now call the Hohokam.

            And he was a man of ships. And as the harbor of the land did extend unto a good part of the land of your Arizona, and as it did extend into the Sacramento mountains, and as it did extend unto the San Diego mountains, this was a great inland sea that had its doorway in what you now know as the Sea of Cortez. [Other and] this was a choice of the nations of trading routes, this one became great in the eyes of many men for his ability to govern and to work with the heads of the nations that did come forth upon this land.

Now we would say unto you, this time would be two million of your years.

            And as great cotton crops were grown and great textile mills that exported goods of this type unto the world, and as the great and beautiful dyes of many colors unto the cloth, some of these people were know as the Rainbow People. And it was decided amongst the people that they would have trade with the whole world. And this one would see unto this and govern this part of the same.

            And he did have nine sons unto himself and six daughters unto himself. And he did have unto himself five wives. And wives, as you would not understand at this time, were important because each child came from the family of the mother, and therefore, these children came from the different nations.

            And one of his daughters did marry an [embassary], a very wealthy [embassary], of the great nation of China. Therefore, within your mind, this land shall become very [familiar] because you returned to it many times and because you took upon yourself the religion of the God of One and the prophecy of the [Son]. And as you did see and know of these things to be true, so you chose your lives from that time unto this.

            There is many things we could discuss, even unto the land that you would call, Taos, and why it is so familiar to you.

But upon this land you met the one known as the Eagle. And you did venture unto the Eagle’s nest. And you did trade, for you took with you a philosophy, an ancient philosophy. You now search for the meaning.

And we say unto you, you have found the answer to your [meaning.] But we also say to you, you had a brother at that time.

            Allow these things we have said unto you to become and [match] your faith. And when this has happened, ask again and we shall tell you more. For what you have been you shall be again, only in a different way.

            Now is the time of the cherubim.

And we say unto you, earthquakes of great magnitude are at hand. And there shall be those who should flee unto your lands. And this should come forth this time. Be ready for these. Allow them the dignity to provide for themselves, but help them to know that there are ways to do so, and there are people who care to help them. Remember these things, that sometimes man is known by the fruit of his labor; when we say man, we mean woman also − mankind.

            Soul Ray now grows weary. Awaken soul Ray from his slumber.


[Editor’s note: This transcript was compared to the original audio tape recording for accuracy.]


Copyright © 1988 by Ray Elkins, Globe, Arizona.