December 2, 1983

Globe, Arizona



Aka is here.

“Good evening, Aka. Where is Ray?”

Soul Ray stands with God.

Yes, we see thy need. We shall answer in this manner, and in this way. Glory be the name of the Lord, thy God; glory be the name of His children, forever and ever.

And we shall say unto thee unto this manner. In the early days, or youth, of the one you know as Jesus of Nazara, when his mother, Mary, and his father, Joseph, fled the city of Bethlehem and went into the land of Egypt because the great and vicious King Herod had ordered the slaying of all the firstborn males, they went, therefore, into the land of Egypt. And there they were accepted by those who had waited his coming. And there he was nourished, and he grew strong. His father, not to be an idle one, went about his trade as a carpenter. And the days and the weeks soon passed very swiftly.

Now in these days, they had what is called, the Giving Day, a day laid aside in Egypt that was brought from the northern country, that was of the Giving Day. And on the Giving Day, gifts were shared. And since gifts were brought unto the Christ child upon his birth, all those around him and from the many lands who had traveled to gaze upon him and to be with him, and his teachers, all had thought and worked to give him a present. Here was a child, a child to be one-year-old upon the Earth; yet, for those who were giving, it was the most important thing of their life that they give something to this child who was to grow and give to so many.

And the daughter of the great pharaoh had come forth. And she, with her own hands, had weaved both shoes and clothing for the lad. Now the others, wishing not to give gifts above her, but some yet had weaved different cloth. And since she, out of tradition and honor unto Joseph and Mary, had wove[n] in the Hebrew manner, they were not sure. They placed their gifts beside the child one by one.

When all was there, a light from the heavens shone down, and a voice from the earth and from the heavens called out, “For the gifts you have given unto My son, I thank you. And for the tribute you have paid unto Me, I thank you. BUT for the tribute you have paid unto yourself and mankind, I give you the greatest THANKS of all.”

The child moved among the many gifts to touch, to throw kisses, as he had been taught by his mother, to all around him. It was a great experience for those who were there. It was a great experience, both on heaven and earth, for they had shown their respect for God, and they had shown their respect for His first-begotten son.

They did not know fully his purpose for coming, only that he would come, and had come among them. It was within their faith that they gave to mankind, and kept him safe, and prepared a place upon the earth for him to grow. But first they had to prepare the place within their hearts, for within their hearts, both with body and soul, and mind, was a total commitment, and a belief in their God, and yours, that His words were true.

Now I say unto you unto these words. The Lord, thy God, has said unto you, “Whether you believe that My son was a prophet, or whether you believe in any manner, that is enough. But if you take of My Commandments and hold them sacred unto yourseLVES,” and if the commandment you hold, “You have not forsaken the Lord, thy God, that He shall become first before all others,” then that is the first step in this day and in this time for the preparation of the coming.

In your hearts you are all beginning to feel good. You are all beginning to feel that something special is about to happen in your lives. For some of you, you feel it should be fear, or to be afraid of. What is to come forth now is to come forth with the blessings of the Lord. So as you prepare to celebrate the birth of the Christ child, celebrate also that the time of the waiting is short, but soon, greater things than you shall know of at this time are in the making.

Hold your heads into the heavens, hold your hearts and souls into your beliefs. Let joy ring upon the Earth. Let each person become a part of that joy. Let no one discourage you. Let no one take this from you. If they try, cast it aside, and pick up the joy and love that can only come from the preparation of the coming of the Messiah, and the preparation for the celebration of the birth of the Christ child.

You have many questions in your minds. If we answer your questions, can you believe them? How do you know that what we say will be of the truth? Ask these things of yourself and one another. Bring this into discussion. It is now your choice whether we stay or we leave you, for it is the 13th year.

Bring yourselves together and decide. When we meet again through soul Ray’s body it will have time for a decision to be made.

But we say unto you, the greatest gift that we have given you is our gift of giving.

Awaken soul Ray from his slumber.


[Note: This transcript was compared to the audio recording for accuracy.]


Copyright © 1983 by A. Ray Elkins, Globe, Arizona