January 9, 1981

Globe, Arizona



      Aka is here.

      “Good evening, Aka. Where is Ray?”

      Soul Ray stands with God.

            Yes, we see thy need. And we shall answer in this manner and in this way. Glory be the name of the Lord, our God; glory be the name of His children, forever and ever.

            And we shall say unto thee this parable.

            The healer was working within the grounds when other healers came forth for a meeting.

            And the master healer was to answer many questions that were brought forth to him. And one of the first questions was what to do with [a] person who had allowed themselves to become possessed.

            And the master healer said unto them, “What type of possession are we talking of?”

            The other healers looked surprised, and they said, “Well, there is only one type, that is when the evil spirit of the dead possesses the body of the living.”

      And the master healer said unto them, “Nay. No one can become possessed unless they themselves desire it. There are many types of possession -- the possession of hate which consumes the whole body and mind, the possession of greed which is an all-consuming devouring, and jealousy. Take within any one of these three things, and you have that which will totally destroy a person.

      “And these things you cannot cast from them, for they must cast it from themselves. For it is easier to cast that of the dead spirit out, that of the lost spirit which knows neither of God nor of Lucifer; they have lost their way. They have become so evil that they know not of anything but the earth plane. These may be cast out with the power of God.

      “And you say, ‘of the others?’ These also may be cast out with the power of God.

      “But if you go to cast out the dead spirit, you need not [the] permission of the dead spirit; you only need the permission given to you by God to do this. If you are strong and your strength in God is strong, then you may give it the three choices: to go back to where it came from, to be destroyed, or to be allowed that you might show it the light of God.

      “If your faith in God is not strong enough, then this demon shall possess you. The same is with the other three. When they go to cast it out of themselves, or you are to show them the way, if you become part of their problem then you shall become part of the hate, the greed, the jealousy. Therefore, if you are to heal them, become not a part of them, but a separate part within yourself. Give them the tools that are necessary.

      “But you shall find that most possessions of all types are allowed by the person, for no one from either side may touch a soul unless it gives its permission. This permission may be done with the drink of strong drugs or alcohol. This is allowing your own spirit to depart, allowing the room for the evil spirits to enter.

      “The possession of greed and hate may bring on the possession of the other.

      “Within these cures that you shall find, the final cure must come from within. You may not walk up to another and give them your strength in God, your faith, your hope, your love. This cannot be done. They must find this within themselves. But you can be as a mirror, reflecting out love, hope. All these things can be reflected from you. And as they see them, some shall hate you, but when they feel the love, it shall confuse the mind, for they are projecting hate, and you are projecting love. They are projecting jealousy, and you are projecting love. They are projecting greed, and you are projecting love.

      “A greedy person will destroy themselves. ‘It is easier for a greedy person to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for them to reach the paradise that God has prepared in His many mansions,’ for there is no soul growth; it ceases. And soul growth is why we all return. The growth of the soul is the growth of the spirit, and the spirit, always knowing of God, shall contemplate and bring together in a great conjecture of all these things.

      “But if you walk out and say, ‘None of these things can happen to me,’ then, you are not being wise. But if you reach within yourself and say, ‘I shall allow nothing to enter within me that I do not wish, and does not build my soul and spirit,’ you shall know then of the heaven that is promised.

      “If you walk forth in a self-righteous manner, you have lost your growth, for you are walking out among others and saying, ‘I am a hypocrite. I’m better than you. Look at me.’

      “Know yourself. Know where you are going, and where you have been.

            “If a selfish person comes to you to cheat you, an honest person cannot be cheated, only when he acts unwisely. But if there is greed there, then he can be easily cheated, and stolen from.

            “But when a person steals a material thing, the first time he steals it seems easy, and he thinks, ‘What a grand person am I; look what I have done. I have stolen, and neither the law of man nor God has reached out and touched me.’

            “He is wrong, for the law within himself, the law of karma, has been made at that moment. For that that he has done unto another shall be done unto him.”

            But we say unto you, the ending of a karma may be done within moments, within the twinkling of an eye. “If thy right eye offend thee, cast it aside.” If thy have greed within thee, cast it out. If thy have jealousy within thee, cast it out. If thy have hate within thee, cast it out.

      But do not cast out so much from yourselves that you leave an empty hull and there is nothing there.

      A person’s wants are not necessarily greed. The joy a person receives in their heart [from] seeing a field they have planted mature and bear fruit is not greed. It is greed when another looks and lusts upon it, and wants it and tries to take it. That is greed. It is not what you have; it’s in the way that you achieve that that you get what you have.

      If you wish God to give you anything, ask and He shall give it to you. God is your Father. He loves you. If it is a material thing you want, ask Him for it. But make certain that in the asking that you know what you are asking for, for that is exactly what you shall receive, no more and no less.

      When a farmer comes forth and says, “Look, I’ve had a good year,” the sweat of his brow has gone in that year. His prayers unto the Lord has been heard by the Lord, for he has spoken to the Lord in the same manner that he would speak to himself.

      We have given you this day food for your minds and your souls and your spirits.

      Be not afraid. Many changes are now taking place upon your earth. There are cities that are turning into Babylons, in your nation and many others. But as we have said before, [that] those who should look forth for the preparation of the coming of the Messiah, fear not, [that] they shall receive the riches of the earth and the heavens. If they have passed beyond what you call, physical life, this does not stop what shall happen; they shall go right on working for the same. For they have become the army of the Lord, thy God.

            The Anti-Christ is upon your Earth, and those who shall prepare his way are here to implant hate, jealousy, and greed in your minds. Remember, God made all things upon the earth, the heavens, the seas. He gave man dominion, and He can take it away. For only the Lord, God, will not take from you your freedom of will to keep your souls or to cast them aside.

      You have questions, ask.

      Yes, Aka. I have a question from [13-430-1…Albuquerque, New Mexico]. ‘What is my true goal in life?’”

           We should answer your question in this manner. There is two goals that you seek: one is that of the material desire. That is already before you. The spiritual goal you seek, we have just answered your question.

            You have other questions, ask.

          “Aka, [7-316-1] asks, ‘Where should I get other property to replace our Araby Road property east of Yuma, Arizona, farming or ranching?’”

            It lies before you. There is land that shall be had by those who wish it in the Winkleman area, in the Mammoth area, in the Dripping Springs area. All these things are now being known to you.

            You have asked; the decision now is up to you, and you shall receive.

           I would look upon that that is known as the Troy Ranch for more than one reason. In this area you are ranging cattle. This you know about. In the other areas, it is the producing of feed for cattle and other crops. This you are not physically capable of doing at this time. Make from what we have given you the decision in the simplicity that lies before you.

            You have other questions, ask.

            “I have one other question from him, ‘How long will the Bard, California, property be farmable?’”

            We shall answer in this manner. As the sea begins to rise, and this is already happening, we have a five-year period. In the following year, of ‘82, the conjecture [conjunction] of the planets shall be as such that the pressures upon the outer crust of the earth shall be so mighty that the major shift shall begin. This should give you a timetable within your own mind of how far you should go.

            You have other questions, ask.

      Thank you, Aka. [11-398-2…Tennessee] asks, ‘Sir, I as well as other Association members living in a village, or villages, among the hills near the atomic city of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, please explain how the near-term events, three-to-six years, will affect us. I feel certain Oak Ridge is a number one target, and for a given radius it would be unwise to remain within. It would be very deeply appreciated if you would name a safe area for us, perhaps map coordinates on an aviation chart of the area. Thank you.’”

            We should answer your question in this manner. What you desire is a safe place to continue living and the means to do so financially. I would say unto you, plant seed. That seed must come by buying property, and making it ready now, that you may move to. I would suggest that northern Arizona, or mid-west Arizona, and northern New Mexico, in proportions, shall be made safe. But remember, in these same areas, radiation or radioactive mining is taking place. A new method shall soon be found to neutralize the waste of these and they shall no longer be of such great hazard. So if you wish to live where you are, you shall be perfectly safe.

            You have other questions, ask.

            Thank you, Aka. I have a question from [13-430-2…Ls Cruces, New Mexico]. She asks, ‘Is Las Cruces a safe place or should I move to another area? If so, where would be the safest?’”

            We shall explain in this manner. An eruption of warfare within the next four-year period shall make this area a very extremely dangerous area. I would look, also because of your ability to provide for yourself, you need to group together, to put the common bond and your workload into a manner where more than one can work and provide. I would either move farther north in New Mexico or into Arizona. I would not pick the Benson area. I would not pick the areas of Lordsburg, or Bowie, or Tucson, or Phoenix, or Yuma, or any of these areas from Blythe across. These areas are danger areas. Earthquakes and volcanic action shall take place.

            You have other questions, ask.

      “Thank you, Aka. [13-430-3] asks, ‘Will my experimental transmission, automotive, help relieve the energy crisis?’ He also would like his birth time.”

            We shall give the first, last -- 9:22 a.m.

      The energy source that you are working on is not complete within itself. But you shall also find that there are other, numerous other energy sources being worked on in a like manner at this present time. Seek out those who are working in the same field and collaborate.

      Now we say unto you, soul Ray now grows weary.

      We say unto you, take from the first of this reading. If you are men and women of God, and you wish to be, do not be hypocrites, but be that that you say you are. But do not try to be something you are not. God asked you for no promises. He asks only that you try.

      The Fifth Angel now walks upon your earth. Take stock into these things that are happening now around you. Violence begets violence. You wish to know the greatest danger, [it] comes from the Mid-East. Lybia, Pakistan, Palestine, the Palestinian movements, Iran, Iraq -- all of these countries soon will be capable of delivering atomic weaponry. And their methods, as you have known before, have no -- sacred for human life or other life. We say unto you, beware.

            Awaken soul Ray from his slumber.


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Copyright © 1981 By A. Ray Elkins, Globe, Arizona  85502