January 12, 1979

Globe, Arizona



Aka is here.

“Good evening, Aka; where is Ray?”

Soul Ray stands with God.

Yes, we see thy need. And we shall answer in this manner. Glory be the name of the Lord; glory be the name of His children.

And we shall say unto thee this parable, of this great nation, who stood as a nation before nations and a nation before God, and did proclaim unto all of its freedom and its citizens’ freedom.

And it brought forth unto it a leader who promised great things. And he did promise peace unto the Earth and good will unto men. And during his reign, at first he gave all appearances of bringing peace and good will unto men. And then, he did turn his back upon his neighbors and the friends of his nation, one by one. And he did turn them away. And he did say unto his enemies, “Come and be friends with me.” And still he went into the house of the Lord among his people, so that his people would think that he was a man of God. And he did forsake unto the land of Israel, and forsake her in a time of times.

And when floods came, he did forsake his own people and turn his back upon them. And as the weathers began to change, he looked not into the meaning of the same, but gave away the storehouses of the people, and gave away of all their precious metals, and gave away their natural resources. For this man sought power. He sought power, not unto the Lord, God, but only unto himself. He sought riches, not unto his people, but unto himself.

And then, when earthquake and tornado did ravish the land, he did change the laws into such a way that soon he would own all the land for himself.

Instead of “the land of the free and the home of the brave,” the land gradually became a prison for all, but a weak prison.

And the neighbor unto this nation, they were used. And thousands upon thousands of people from their country came into this country. They came in the disguise of workers; yet they came to destroy, not to build back. They took from the land and took from the people, and gave nothing back in return. And still, this man did nothing.

We say unto thee, beware of the Dragon. Beware of the Beast. Beware of those of the Palestinians, and those who would support the Palestinians, for they should bring forth your Black September, and they shall do the work of the Anti-Christ.

And the host of Lords [Lord of hosts] did say unto these, “And for those who do not wear the mark of the Beast, fear not.” For it is written that they say now, “How long, oh Lord; how long?” [The Revelation 6:9-11.]

The Fifth Angel  now walks upon your earth. Now is the time of the Cherubim. Radical changes shall take forth in your weather, and the land itself. Yet, a greater fear lays before you, for those who should make friendly gestures into this nation prepare for war against it, an atomic holocaust that should lay waste unto the land.

You have many questions, ask.

“Yes, Aka. I have a request for a life reading for [11-394-1.]He is here tonight, and he asks, ‘I would like to have a life reading; it will help me understand what I am to do in this lifetime. I have been told several times my blue waters run deep. I have dreams and ideals of what I would like to do, but it is very confusing. Thank you.’”

We should say unto this one, we have before it -- the body, the soul, the spirit, and the immortal body of the same. At this time we shall not give a full life reading unto this one. When asked again we shall do so. But at this time soul Ray is weary, and our time is short.

So we should say unto this one that information shall be given as a guideline unto yourself. You are all parts of all things you have ever been, this bringing together a whole into thyself.

You have come forth to prepare a way for the coming of the Messiah. Complete the Teacher’s Course.

[If] there is no hands to build, there shall be many. Where there was no seed to sow there shall be greatly abundance. We say unto you, think of these things. Think of the abundance of all things that have been brought unto you.

“Ask and you shall receive.” All of your needs have been fulfilled. You no longer walk in such a manner, in need of knowledge, for it lies at your feet. Go forth; complete the Teacher’s Course, and then go back into the archives. Study, therefore, within the same, and you shall find the knowledge you seek more than all. But in the seeking, it shall give you a reason for teaching.

But we say unto you, a house of the Lord can not house just a religion. It must house the faith of man, and therefore, the hope and the love. If all of these things are placed together, you shall have the temple of man -- the body, the soul, the spirit, and the immortal body of the same. With this knowledge, you shall find that for each thing you shall learn, even greater knowledge shall be laid at your feet. Each part shall be another part of the same.

But we say unto you, you shall find many religions, but few faiths. You shall find many great buildings, but little hope or love.

We have given you a key to where you have been, that you might know where you are going.

You have other questions, ask.

“Thank you, Aka. [10-384-2...El Paso, Texas] asks, ‘What are [10-384-1] and I supposed to do about our relations, to complete our actual purpose in this life?’”

(Chuckle.)You shall find that compassion and passion are two different things. You shall find that true teaching does not shut the door to learning. “My Father has many mansions,” all are great to behold. We say unto you, as Moses brought forth from the Lord, God, the Ten Commandments, you have the answer within the same.

You have other questions, ask.

“Thank you, Aka. [3-72-2] asks, ‘What do I need to do to make peace in the office?’”

We shall answer your question in this manner. Let each make peace within their own hearts. Let each do their own job without the other interfering with the same. Within the realization that all have human frailings [failings] and human faults, let all cast aside their petty jealousies and work for the greater purpose, and this is a healing of God’s children, healing of the body, the soul, the spirit, and the immortal body.

Think before one speaks; what might be humor to one might not be humor to another. Let all, instead of casting stones at one another, forgive. If one cannot forgive, one cannot enter the house of God, for you have closed the doorway to your soul. Respect the knowledge of one another in such a manner that you may learn from each other.    

We have watched; we have seen all of these things. And if the healing should come forth, it must come forth from all parts, leste we say this. The work shall not be interfered by either side. And for those who should interfere shall be cut from the vine and wither. Jesus showed you this in the parable of the olive tree, yet you learned it not. We have said it in many ways, many times, and you have heard us not.

Now we shall say this -- it shall be no longer tolerated, for a hand shall sweep away all obstacles and the garden shall be weeded. No longer shall lies, or fortication [fabrication?] of lies, be tolerated. And for those who should bear false witness shall be swept away.

We say unto all of you, remember, we are here but for one purpose, the preparation of the coming of the Messiah. For those who do not hear us now, they will not be here to hear us again.

You have other questions, ask.

“Yes, Aka. [10-379-1…Pasadena, Texas] asks, ‘What is my purpose, my main one to fulfill this lifetime?’”

You have found that purpose, and it has been shown before you; you have picked up and are preparing to gather before you the candelabra.

For in your mind has been brought forth the memory of where you have been. There is much to be done, and little time to do it in, for within three years war shall come unto this land. Many preparations must be made during that time, but the greatest preparation must be done in the hearts and the souls of mankind. Let faith bind together with faith. You are not alone.

You have other questions, ask.

“Thank you, Aka. [11-394-2] and who is here tonight asks, ‘Have my husband and I been led to Globe for a specific reason besides health?’”

We shall answer your question in this manner. It is not by chance the name this place where this work was chosen to begin bears the name it does, for from it shall reach unto the four corners of the globe. From here, through each of your hearts, shall come that day when one can respect another’s religion or faith, and understand, and be glad for the same, for here is the beginning of learning and sharing and giving. But here also shall be a safe zone in the later days ahead.

For within your mind you asked of this new greenhouse and its purpose. It shall be the first of many, for from it shall come many more.

We say unto Luke and James, look closely at what we have just said.

Now we say unto you, soul Ray grows weary; our time has grown short.

Now is the time of the Cherubim.

The Fifth Angel walks upon your earth.

Awaken soul Ray from his slumber.


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Copyright © 1979 by A. Ray Elkins, Globe, Arizona.