December 1, 1978

Globe, Arizona



            Aka is here.

            “Good evening, Aka. Where is Ray?”

Soul Ray stands with God.

Yes, we see thy need, and we should say unto thee, glory be the name of the Lord; glory be the name of His children, forever and ever.

And we shall say unto thee this parable, and from it you shall find the knowledge you desire.

It was of the worst of times. The earth had shook and trembled, and it seemed not one single place where the land would be safe to stand upon, for earthquakes and tornados did ravish the land. Volcanoes did erupt, and all around and about stood destruction. And cities did fall.

And yet, amongst the rubble stood an altar, a small altar made of stone and clay. And the young man that stood at the altar did not seem to see the rubble. Instead, he went busily about removing it, finding a place where it fit in its proper places, for if a rock had fallen in the field, he picked it up and placed it into the fence and into the house. And there he began to plant his field.

All the other people scurried away, frightened, and said, “Woe be unto them, for there is no place to hide.”

And they said unto him, “You must run and hide.”

And he said back unto them, “But why should I hide? The Lord knows where I am at all times.”

And he went about, and he began to seed the fields. And they said, “Why should you waste your time seeding the field, when the earth shall grow parched and no rain shall come upon it?”

            And he said, “The Lord shall provide the rain.”

And they said, “But even if He provides the rain, it shall come forth in floods.”

            And he said, “Nay.”

And they said unto him, “And the earth shall upheaval and rocks shall appear in your field.”

And he said unto them, “Then my grain shall grow around it.”

And they all fled.

Yet, one by one they began to return. And as they returned, lo and behold, for the valleys were full of ripened grain, and the young man was beginning to harvest. And as each passed he gave them a bushel. And sometimes when they had no basket, he gave them the basket.

And he said, “Take the grain and plant it. Use some for planting and some for eating.”

Yet, most took the grain and devoured it and had none at all.

And when they returned back he handed them a hoe and shovel, and said, “Then work for your grain.”

Some took up the hoe and the shovel, yet others demanded grain, and demand that he continue to feed them.

And then, he began to construct greenhouses over the lands.

And one by one, some of the people came to help.

And finally, a small village grew there. And because he had provided a way for them, they all said unto him, “You, being the master, show us the way.”

And he said unto them, “The way is already within you. All you must do is seek from within.” And he continued to teach them to plant, to build.

And yet, each day he went to his altar. And yet, more and more gathered around the altar and prayed with him.

Yet, some thought he possessed some great knowledge, some great power that they cannot behold. So they watched him day and night. And other than the time he took out for his prayers, he worked, he tended his flocks, he brought in his harvests, and continued to teach.

And so, they decided that they would join among the workers, and this way they would learn. And one day they were sitting, eating their lunch, when they said unto him, “What is this great knowledge that you possess?”

He said unto them, “Only the knowledge of faith, the faith to know that the Lord, as long as I am willing, will provide a way. And in providing the way, He has provided a way for all of you.”

As time went on, some said, “Then let us build a great monument here to the Lord.”

And the young man said, “Let us build a shelter over the altar.”

            And this, they began to argue.

The young man now had grown old. He did not argue. He built a small shelter, and in each day he would enlarge it a little more, so as the people prayed, they could do so without the rain and the heat falling upon their heads.

And some argued that they should stand in the rain and stand in the sun to give forth the blessings unto the Lord.

And he said unto them, “What difference is it to you? Would you not wish that your child be warm and comfortable?”

            And they said, “Certainly we would provide for our child.” And they said unto him, “But, you have taught us that only through hardship can we be in the light of the Lord.”

And he said, “Nay, I’ve taught you none of these things. The Lord, God, has provided all these things. He has provided the beauty of the land, the beauty of the wood, and beauty in all things. He gave you all things to build that that you wished to build. Some of you wish to stand in the rain and pray, then do so. Some of you wish to stand in the sun and pray, then do so. Some of you wish to build great buildings unto the Lord, then do so, if these are the things that satisfy your heart and make you believe in God. But the true belief, and the true temple, you carry with you at all times, and that is the body of man.”

As time passed, what had began as a village became a country, a state, a nation.

And as he passed on, many of the people who had been close to him separated and began to teach the things he had taught them. Each taught separately. Each was a little different. And soon they decided they could not live next to each other because of the way they believed.

And soon they made war upon each other, and destroyed each other’s temples.

            Now we say unto you, at no time did this man say, “Make war.” At no time did he say, “You have to build a building.” All he had and gave them was a hoe and a shovel, and seed -- and showed them how to build -- and taught them if they built well in the light of the God it would turn out well; they put full fruit into their labor, then God seeing and knowing would reward the labor.

We say unto you, the truth within this parable that we have told you is all shall see, each person, differently. For is not beauty in the eyes of the beholder? Is not a song for those who listen, and also is not the interpretation?

Then we say unto you, the one known as Jesus of Nazara, that soon you shall celebrate his birth -- each shall celebrate in a different way. Some shall go into great buildings to give praise unto the Lord for providing this one. Some shall say, “Look, he must have been a god.”

Yet he said unto you, “All these things I do you shall do greater.”

We say unto you, when our words are nothing but written script, you, each of you, will take them, and the meaning, to mean different things. This is why we have given you different parables with the same meaning.

It makes little difference of the exact date of Jesus of Nazareth’s birth, only to the importance that God did bring forth this birth, as He did others. Be joyful then, and give the greatest gift you can give upon this Christmas Eve to one another -- peace, love, hope, faith, and the belief in one another, the total belief, the complete belief within yourselves that the temple of God is not false, that temple lies within you. It is a miracle God performed for each of you, for there is not another like you, you, as each individuals, upon this great galaxy and galaxies and universes. You are a walking miracle. You are the proof of God’s existence.

            Glory be the name of the Lord; glory be the name of His children forever and ever.

            You have questions, ask.

“Yes, Aka. I have a question for [10-392-1…Quartzsite, Arizona]. The question is, ‘Is there another course of treatment for my condition other than the one that has been prescribed by the doctors under whose care I am now? I have either a neurological or muscular disorder of a chronic wasting nature and now weigh 65 lb. I am 5’5” tall. I also have some kind of bugs in my urine that are visible to the naked eye. Please help me.’”

Yes, we see thy need.

And we shall say unto you, the Lord is with you. Glory be the name of the Lord.

Soul Ray now grows weary, for he is very tired.

And we shall leave with one other question answered, for James [1-1-5] and Mark [1-1-3]. Seek out the land you wish, and we shall sanctify it, and hold it holy that it may not be destroyed.

And we should say unto [10-379-1], we have seen into your heart and soul long ago, and so has our prophet. If he saw there that that was not true, he would not have wasted his time with you. Teachers, ministers have been assigned to you, that the completeness should come forth and about. Glory be the name of the Lord. And glory be your wisdom, that shall be given unto you.

And for those who should ask healing in the name of the Lord, it shall be given.

Now is the time of the Cherubim.

The Fifth Angel walks upon the land, yet but for a short while longer, for a new force shall open before you. As your new year passes away, so shall the problems of the year.

Take from the first of this reading; study it well, for in it lies for each of you the answers to your questions.

            Awaken soul Ray from his slumber.


[Editor’s note: Numbers are substituted for names, addresses and birth dates to respect privacy. This transcript has been compared to the audio recording to improve accuracy.]


Copyright © 1978 by A. Ray Elkins, Globe, Arizona.