April 15, l977

Globe, Arizona



          Aka is here.

          “Good evening, Aka. Where is Ray?”

          Soul Ray stands with God.

           Yes, we see thy need. And we should say unto thee, blessed be the name of the Lord; blessed be the name of His children.

          For we shall say unto thee the parable of a town. This town, as it stood, lived in harmony. It was made up of all the races and all the people. And the people stood as neighbors, one unto another. And if there was sickness in their town, they did aid one unto another. And soon, the people grew used to their harmony and their peace.

          And then came those into their town who made themselves politicians. The people said unto themselves, “This is good, for we are now a city and we need of this.”

           At first there were good politicians, and they did give servitude unto the people.

           And soon, they began to take from the people. Yet, the people looked unto them and said, “This cannot be; this cannot happen to us. We are a city. There are those who we have elected who should protect our rights.” Yet the rights were further violated and the people did nothing.

           And then one day an old man came into the town. He stood and he looked for a long time. And he said unto them, “For if a tree is rotten at the core, it shall soon wither and die. And so it is with your town.”

           And the people said, “This cannot be so, for we are a city.”

           And the old man looked at them and said, “Nay. For there were evil cities, and God did look upon it, and He did send messages, and they did not change their ways. And therefore, the cities were destroyed.” But God did not destroy them. They were destroyed from within. But the people, those who would hear of the Lord, those who would look unto their neighbors, were not destroyed. They were given new cities and new towns.

           If you should plant a seed in the earth and care for it not, it shall not grow. It shall wither in the vine, in the seed, and rot away. And this is the way with your civilization. For those who should care, for those who should look unto one another as mirrors and reflect out, they should soon build the love and compassion that shall build a city, that shall build a country. But should they ever forget that the responsibility to look after their city is their own, then they shall get those that they shall deserve.

           We shall bring forth into your mind a country, that that you would call of Germany. And it did bring forth and give power unto one man who gave power unto others, as Beasts, and through that power they did mutilate and destroy millions of people upon the earth. They did persecute those of the Jewish faith, not because of their faith, but because of their nationality. They did not stop and ask them, “Are you good Germans? Do you love your country?” Nay. They just destroyed them. They mutilated them. They raped the land as they raped the women. 

           Before this time, you had a Roman Empire.

           And then you, you of the Americans, with the rest of your world standing in bondage as Christians, did murder and enslave millions because they were black. You took the name of Jesus and you did defile it. You take the name of the Lord and profaned it.

           We have come to bring forth the preparation for the coming of the Messiah. And we say unto those who should defile and use the Lord’s name in vain, woe be upon them, and woe be upon the nations who should worship the Beast. For the Beast’s life shall be short-lived.

           We have said before that nothing from either side shall interfere in this work.

           And the land shall be smitten. And the Sword shall strike. And the mightiest shall fall aside.

           The Lord came unto you through Abraham, and Moses, and Isaiah, and John, and Jesus, and Buddha, and Mohammed – not to separate you, but to give each of you, as you have built our Father’s many mansions, knowledge.

           For those of you who would say that a man should curse and use the Lord’s name in vain, that, in itself, is not an unforgivable sin. It is when you commit an act, and say, “This is the will of the Lord; this is what my Lord, God, would have me do. I am doing as God would have directed,” we say, nay, unto you. For you of, those of you who should put words in the Lord’s mouth, He shall spit them out upon the earth. For those of you who should put words in the one known as Jesus of Nazara, Jesus the Christ, he shall spit them out. 

           We say unto you, these are the later days. If the work we have come to do is successful, a thousand years of peace and harmony shall come upon the earth, but not as you count, for each day shall be as a thousand years, and each half-day shall be as a hundred years. But we say unto you, the half-times are over. Fulfillment of the prophecies are at hand -- full fulfillment.

           You have asked us before, “When is the time to prepare?” We say unto you, as we have said in the beginning, the time to prepare for the coming is now. The time to prepare for your famine is now.

           We have spoken unto you unto many ways. We have given unto you all the knowledge that you have asked for.

           We say unto you, soul Paul [2-30-2], look within yourself. Look unto your flock.

           We say unto you, soul James [1-1-5], look within yourself. Look after your flock.

           We say unto both of you, soon shall come the time of your Annual Meeting. Look within yourselves and find the meaning for our coming. If you can take this meaning and truthfully place it unto all the people, all the time, your work shall spread, and the new heaven and the new earth we have promised we shall deliver.

           We say once again, the Fifth Angel walks upon your earth. Soon floods in your Eastern lands shall smitten the land. Hurricanes, tornados, and volcano, earthquakes, shall shake and rake the earth to its very core. But we say unto you, pray not that the Sixth and Seventh Seal be opened. [See The Revelation, chapters 5-8.]

           It would be our wish that we could come unto you with glad tidings and joy in our hearts. 

           But we say unto you, prepare to receive your new ministers. But prepare them, that they may prepare the way. A minister in name only is not a teacher.

           If a man should put on his finery and to attend his place of worship on the day of Sabbath, or any other day, and does not place back more than he has received has received nothing.

           Soon shall come the time of your Spring Retreat. Gather your people, and we shall make ourselves known through soul Ray.

           And we should say unto the one known as [5-206-2], you asked for proof. You have long asked. We have placed roses at your feet, yet you have seen it not. Then if it is a miracle you seek, then it shall be given. Attend this Spring Retreat, and our words, and the miracles of the Lord, shall be there. And we shall use our instrument to show you these things.

          Now, soul Ray grows weary, and our time grows short. It is not good that he should get angry, for he should remember, even in the fighting of an evil one, there is room for forgiveness.

           Awaken soul Ray from his slumber.


[Editor’s note: Numbers are substituted for names to respect privacy.

This transcript was compared with the tape recording for accuracy.]


Copyright © 1977 by A. Ray Elkins, Globe, Arizona