October 1, 1976

Globe, Arizona



            Aka is here.

            “Good evening, Aka. Where is Ray?”

Soul Ray stands with God.

Yes, we see thy need, and we shall answer in this manner. For we shall say unto thee the parable of a time we would say the Estene or the Essene group did exist upon your earth.

They had separated themselves for the preparation of the coming of the Messiah, and in this manner, special schools were set aside for the development of the two chosen ones, the one who would come and prepare the way, and the one you would know as Jesus of Nazareth. All was in preparation; the Lord had spoken unto the parents of John the Baptist, and so He had spoken unto Mary and Joseph.

Yet, as the time of birth for both grew near, great jealousy arose from the ruling body. Each did think that their way was the correct way. Each would stone the other.

            And it did pass that John the Baptist did come forth and be betrayed, and be beheaded and his head thrown unto the dogs. And it did come to pass that Jesus of Nazareth did come forth upon the Earth, and he was betrayed by Judas.

Yet the greatest sin of all lie within those who should prepare the way, for instead of staying to the jobs that they had before them, each sought to glorify himself and herself. And they did condemn the one known as Jesus because he did not allow the stoning of Mary Magdalene. Yet Mary Magdalene, on her own, did bring forth the Christian movement, as you would call it.

            There are those of you who would say that the one known as Jesus and God are the same. We say unto you, what foolish children you have been. And Jesus of Nazareth would say unto you, “What foolish children you have been.” And the Lord, in His usual way, would but chuckle. For the Lord, God, is God, and Jesus of Nazareth was His first begotten son, from Adam unto Jesus, from lifetime unto lifetime.

            Yet we say unto you, it is a greater gift to forgive than it is to criticize. It is a greater gift by far to fall down and rise than it is to have never fallen at all.

            Quite often you say unto us, “You speak as in riddles.” We say unto you, look within, into that hidden place within your mind, the hidden place that we can see, and the Lord, God, can see.            And then, for those who have not broken the Ten Commandments, let them cast the first stone. Our Father has many mansions. Each is great to behold. But let one religion cast a stone against another, and they have sinned against our Father.

            You have many questions, ask.

            “Yes, Aka. You have spoken of the Ten Commandments before, and there is one in my mind, the commandment that you shall keep the seventh day holy, and I wonder if you can tell us how that applies to this time?”

            We shall say unto you, let the seventh day be as all days. Why should one day be holier than another? Are you to be the hypocrite, who would put on his finery and go into your temples, your churches, to stand with your heads bowed, not to the Lord, but unto yourselves, just to be seen there, just so that thy neighbor should look at thee and say, what a fine person this is? Do you place in the communion cup your tithings, or do you place yourself?

            The seventh day should be laid aside for rest. But we say unto you, if thy brother falls into the lake and is drowning should you wait unto the first day to pull him out of the lake? He should surely be dead by then. There are certain tasks that even upon the seventh should be brought forth. All days should be brought forth in holiness before the Lord.

            We shall answer your question farther in this manner. There are some here who have come forth in idle curiosity. Some say, “Look, for within that body substance the Lord has taken hold, and we may gaze at Him,” as though they had come forth into that which you would call a zoo. We should say unto them, which is caged -- you or we? Which has built the yoke that they cannot remove around their necks?

            We say unto you, we have brought you forth unto this day, unto this time for a purpose, the preparation for the coming of the Messiah. Yet you play games with us. We tire of such. We do not sleep. As the Lord wearies, so do we weary. Yet the Lord has placed His hands many times upon this small earth to bring communion unto it, to bring the seventh day, that it may all be kept holy.

            You have other questions, ask.

            “Thank you, Aka. [8-349-1…Reno, Nevada] asks how to cure the thin walls of her capillaries that seem to be hemorrhaging in various parts of her body? Medical science says it’s hereditary and incurable.”

            Yes. We would say unto these words, taking three substances that are specially designed in the Lipo-flavinoid form, bringing the dosage of the same into four times the normal dosage, this in itself could restore the blood vessels, and therefore, allow them to become the main carriers, and also restore the capillaries which are coming to the surface and bursting. Come forth -- we say unto thee -- that these things may come about. We should say unto thee, when this substance is brought forth, take that of the Yucca bacatta, and add to of the same. Add therefore, this substance, and the results you desire, shall come forth in the manner you desire.

            You have other questions, ask.

            “Thank you, Aka. [9-10-74-001] who is here tonight asks, ‘Aka, where did love become perfectly manifested as an individual for the first time?’”

            In the heavens beyond heavens, where God the Father and God the Mother did come into union, and all glory stood still, [for] faith and hope, for the many galaxies and the universes were born.

            Love, the word you speak so often, yet know not the meaning of, the word you have written so many words about, love is [internal, eternal]. It is like the summer breeze and the winter storm. Yet once it has passed your way, it is never forgotten. It is emotion within you, a desire so deeply rooted within you that from the moment you are born upon this earth until the day you will pass through the doorway, you are always in search of it. Yet, you take it like a rose and grasp it tightly, so afraid it may flee. Take it gently. Give it freedom, and it shall give back love in abundance. It is not something that you may buy or sell. It is not something that can be forced upon another. It is the spring in the winter. It is the autumn in the summer. It is the bird in flight. It is the twinkle of the sunlight. It is the soft rain and the gentle snow. It is the heavens and the earth, and the galaxies, in gentle essence. For it springs forth an aroma of sweetness, and fragrance, and glory and hope. And from the birth of the Almighty God, and from the bosom of the mighty God Mother.

Glory be the name of the Lord. Glory be the name of His children.

            You have other questions, ask.

           “[8-341-2], who is here tonight asks, ‘How can I best help my sisters, J______ and D______, at this time, and what do I need to know about the situation in Utah?’”

            The time that you could have served them the best was before this point. If you could have looked into thy father’s heart and seen the love, touched it, felt it, and handed it to thy sisters -- yet it is not too late. For a time shall come for each. But unless you speak of love, and show what love has brought unto your being, how may you best serve them without it? For each shall be brought forth. A way shall be provided.

            We say unto you, there are those who would follow false prophets because these false prophets allow them to do as they wish, to make of their own religion and their own sayings of the Lord. You have seen a difference and in truth. If you want love, do not walk away from it when it is offered. Ask in the name of the Lord, thy God, and that that thy seek shall be provided.

            But do not underestimate thy father, for his mind has reached out and is touching, and shall continue until the task at hand is complete. But he is probing with love.

Hold gently unto the words we have given unto thee. Look deep into this reading, and the words we have spoken from the beginning to the ending, for we have spoken them that thy may find within them a truth within thy heart. Share them.

            And for those who should look upon the work we have brought unto you, and say, “How close may I stand to my Father?” let the bell toll. Hear our voice. Let it touch the mighty shores, and rejoice.

But you have asked of the seventh day, and we shall say of the Seventh Seal. [See The Revelation, chapters 8-11.]

            Too often do you wait until one of you pass through the doorway to bring flowers. Then you stand and you say unto yourselves how much you regret not saying certain words, sharing certain feelings, touching, being afraid to show your real selves unto the others. All of these things may come in beauty and in kind. Be as a mirror. Ask and you shall receive. But do not plan to plant a seed in one day and harvest it the next.

            We would say unto the one known as [7-317-1], who has sought to write the story, a Psychic Gift before the Dawn, we have brought forth one who should bring you firsthand information into the pre-text of thy book.

            Soul Ray now grows weary.

            Be cautious of the wind that should blow from your south. Be cautious of the rain that should come from your south. [Note: Mexico or the Gulf of Mexico?]

            Now is the time of the Cherubim.

            Awaken soul Ray from his slumber.


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Copyright © 1976, by A. Ray Elkins, Globe, Arizona