May 7, 1975

Tucson, Arizona



Aka is here.

Good evening, Aka, Where Ray?

Soul Ray stands with God.

Yes, we see thy need, and we should answer your question in this manner.

For as Abraham begot the nation of Israel, so he begot the nation and the nations of the Arabian world. And so, as was promised unto the Lord, a coveth was made unto the same, that the seed of Abraham should spread upon the earth.

Yet you say unto us, “How can this be?” And we should say unto you, as the descendents of Abraham, the Lord, God, can change as you would turn a stone. Yet through life, and the resurrection of life, so should the seeds grow and mature. Yet, as in the days of Abraham, as he did giveth unto the prince who had no record of his coming and no record of his going, the Prince of Salem, yet he gave humbridge into the son, therefore, the first-born. [ See Genesis 14:18-20 and Hebrews 6:20 and 7:1-16.]

And as Israel rose, yet did fall, yet we say unto you these words, the second coming, should not the Eagle [U.S.A.] spread its wings and protect, then all shall lose, all the descendents of Abraham shall lose. And the Earth shall find three thousand years of darkness, yet upon it.

And you say, “How can this be?” Then look about you. The Fifth Angel walks upon the earth. Famine and pestilence lay waste to the land. Earthquake and tornado have made it barren. And yet the land lays of the same land as in the days of Abraham.

We are here to prepare a way. We are here to prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah unto the Earth. Yet the galaxies, and galaxies beyond, shall know of it and bow before it. And so the nations and nation shall bow before him, all in the same manner.

But the Lord, our God, wishes not that man walk around with bowed heads, but with heads held high unto themselves. For if man looketh at the ground and never looked into the eyes of another, how shall he know the Messiah when he cometh?

We have said before that none from either side shall interfere with the work that is at hand. And so it shall be. But for those who should leaveth and taketh into their hands, and walketh in a righteous manner before man and God, they should fear not.

For the Lord, our God, looks upon the earth and says unto you, “I AM WEARY. I NEED NOW A PLACE TO REST MY WEARY HEAD.”

Therefore, maketh unto the Earth, even through your days of famine, a restful place for the Lord within you.

You shall say unto yourselves, we have spoken as unto riddles, yet we have not. For all things that should come forth may be taketh away.

We say unto these words, beware, for what a mighty nation was Israel, and [then] she did become foul and polluted in the eyes of the Lord. And there she was cast, amongst the world, into the day she could cleanse herself and come back as a servant of the Lord. All that was prophesied has been fulfilled. And all that has been prophesied shall be fulfilled.

We come not to place fear in the hearts of men. We come not to place brother against brother and sister against sister. We come as peacemakers. We bring forth the gift of healing unto the Earth, both of the mind, the body, and the spirit. We come forth as new wine. And as it has been said before, place not new wine in an old cask, lest the cask should break and you should lose of it. We have brought unto your hands A Rose without Thorns. Soon shall flow a Psychic Gift before the Dawn, a psychic gift unto mankind, a Godly gift.

You have many questions, ask.

“Yes, Aka. [5-7-75-001…Tucson] asks, ‘What should I do in order to resolve current emotional problems and establish a more perfect emotional balance?’”

Yes, we see thy need, and we have before us the body, the soul, the spirit, and the immortal body of the same. And therefore, we should answer in this manner.

It has been said, to know where you are going is to know where you have been. But to know where you have been is only to learn from that direction you shall turn. Examine that of your past in such a manner that you should not use yourself as a whipping boy, but you may learn from it and rise above it.

It has been said, “Ask and you shall receive.” You have asked, and therefore, we shall place the bread and the wine at your feet. We shall giveth into your keeping the yeast. For as we came, and the Morning Star was born once again in the hearts of men, so shall we walk beside thee and give thee the guidance throughout your trial and tribulation.

But we say unto you, come forth unto the Eagle’s nest, and therefore, take of the knowledge. You shall find that there are many sides to a sword, one that cutteth away the past and let it fall, the other that cutteth away and make room for the future that it may grow. We say unto you, allow us to weed your garden that new growth and maturity may come in its place.

The healing thy have asked for shall be given in the Lord’s name, by the Lord’s will. Glory be the name of the Lord, our God.

Thy have other questions, ask.

“Yes, Aka, [5-7-75-002] asks, ‘Other than the steps I have already taken, what else can I do to create a better and happier future?’”

We should ask unto you to repeat the information of the vital statistics.

“[5-7-75-002], place of birth...I don’t have the date of birth, born at 3:30 a.m....present living address....” [Editor’s note: No birth date, city and state was said.]

Insufficient data.

You have other questions, ask.

“[5-7-?5-003…Globe, Arizona] who is here tonight…asks, ‘Aka, should I associate with H___ B_____, open a health food store, or do you have another path which would be better for me to follow at this time?’”

Yes, we see thy need, and we shall answer in this manner. At the present time, thy desired path is too hasty. A new pathway is about to open and blossom before you. It has been laying at your feet, yet you have not seen it. We say unto you, come, therefore, unto soul Ray for consultation, and the pathway shall be made clear unto thy eyes. We did not bring thee across the continent for no purpose. We did not guide thy footsteps without a purpose. You asked unto the Lord, and so the Lord has giveth unto thee. Thy asked for a pathway, and the Lord giveth this unto thee.

Yet, we see thy frustrations.

If you went into the desert without food and water, and looked into the heavens and said, “Lord, I have been lazy and not provided the food and water; provide me, therefore, with food and water,” should the Lord, therefore, provide the food and water? Or should He provide thee with the knowledge to obtain the same? In this manner, so it shall come. Full direction and farther direction shall come from time to time as the need should arise.

But we shall answer fully your question. We have promised with the word of our Father to take care of the needs, not of the wants, for the use and construction of this work. And so it shall be. But for every laborer who should lay a hand, they are worthy of their pay. Therefore, we shall provide with the necessary means of their livelihood.

Thy have other questions, ask.

“Thank you, Aka. [8-15-74-002…Tucson] asks, “Please give guidance and direction for the entity at this time – name: [Caliasaus, Previus] or Previous.’”

We find no entity at this time to give guidance to.

We shall give thee guidance unto this manner, and unto this way. For the land unto which thy stand has been laid waste by thieves too long. We should mold unto thy mind and into thyself the makings of a teacher, much as the teachers thy have at hand. Each step that has been taken has been taken with your specific guidance in mind and development and growth. Yet we come to put flowers where no flowers have blossomed in a long, long time. And so it shall be. We shall answer your question only in parts, for there is not time at the present time to answer in full.

We shall tell of thee in this manner. You were born in the Year of the Horse, in the land of Atlantis. Your mother, therefore, and your father, being both of the priesthood, did go, venture forth into the land of Egyptan. And you were raised in the Temple of the Beauty, there where your mother and your father both worked. Many incarnations were brought forth from the man–animal and the mutates of the great war. Yet, to prevent a war you did venture forth into the land of the Eagle to learn and develop, and therefore, you wore the white robe, which later was known as the Brotherhood of the same.

You sought re-entry in the time of the preparation for the coming of the one known as Jesus of Nazara. You worked closely by the side of the man known as John the Baptist, and did learneth many things and wonders from this one. Yet again that time has arisen.

You wished to see the time of the walking upon the American Continent of the one known as Jesus of Nazara. And so it was granted. You did come unto the land you stand now, and he did walk upon the land. And you did journey unto the land of the Black Mesa, and therefore, did see the eagle in flight. And he did say unto you, “When the eagle flies again you shall know of my cometh again upon the Earth, and you shall know of the kingdom of God within all man is at but hand. Go, therefore, and prepare a way for me.”

And so you chose entry at this time, at this place. Yet many small problems have arisen, and you wonder why they have arisen. In your own life and the choice you have made, you wonder why you have been pushed, and you have chosen this, yet to find your way unto the doorway that you stand now. All has been only to answer that which you asked for. You must not let the confusion that lies around you govern your life.

A way must be prepared for the Book with wings. As we have said before, these shall come in many fold, first the Rose without Thorns, second The Psychic Gift before the Dawn. We say unto you, prepare, therefore, a way for the Rose without Thorns. We shall guide thy footsteps if thy should make the effort. Each word, each syllable, shall have meaning in fullness unto thyself at another time.

We shall replace the guides that stand beside thee as thy growth and maturity should demand of the same. This shall confuse you at times, but we say unto you leste confusion be the ruler of thy mind, that should a man pray to use one hand in the place of two, then those from both sides shall be sent unto them, so that the lesson may be learned. As your development should grow, then the time shall come and be at hand that a new name should be giveth unto you. Be patient.

You have other questions, ask.

“Thank you, Aka. [H____ R. C______...] and is here tonight, asks, ‘Where should I go? Who should I talk with? And when should I go to look for a job?’”

First, as the first should be last and the last should be first, we should answer in this manner. In the days that lies ahead, the jobs shall become more scarce. We shall answer in this manner. It would be better at this time that you would stay in such a manner of becoming self employed. This should come about through the distribution of the vitamin substance of the same. This shall open the doorways that you may talk to many.

You have other questions, ask.    

I have no other question here, Aka.”

Then we shall answer. Woe be John [1-21-72-002-7]. And woe be the madness.

But great be those who have forgiveness and mercy in the name of the Lord, for it is not the Lord who judgeth, but man.

In the task at hand some shall judgeth in such a manner that they should be harsh. Our Father often looks at the folly of His children and should shed tears for them. But He can also laugh with them, for this has been the Lord’s greatest gift unto mankind, the laughter.

There is a time for planting. There is a time that the planting should mature into growth. And then there is a time for harvesting and making all parts into a happy flowing song. There is a time for rest. But should at any time you overdo in any one of the areas and not allow time for the growth, time that the earth should rest, time for the planting – do not plant one day and expect to harvest the next. Plant your seed; water it. Let the sun come forth and the rain fall. Watch it, weed it, cultivate it. And then when the harvest time comes, do not let it over ripen, but harvest it when it is ready. This shall answer your question. But do not be as the dog who should sit on his own tail and cry because it should hurt. Do not be as the ass who must have a fire built beneath it to rise.

But do not be a hypocrite into thyself. When you should speak unto the Lord, speak to Him as you would speak unto yourself. Do not repeat words that mean nothing to you, or they shall mean nothing unto the Lord. It is not necessary that you should kneel (chuckle). But stand up; rise! Cast your eyes into the heaven and then know that the Lord stands with thee and shall hear thee.

But that that is asked in the name of the Lord in a righteous manner shall be given. And the healing that is asked for this night shall be given.

Now is the time of the Cherub, and the Fifth Angel walks upon your earth. New tornados, hurricanes, and earthquakes shall rip thy Mid-eastern states, shall rip into the land of Mexico, and in the Western seaboard, up into the Eastern seaboard. But act as a person who should walk across a stream upon the stone. Take each step and make certain that it is firm under thy feet before thy take the next; but be quick, leste the time should pass and thy should falleth in the water.

            Awaken soul Ray from his slumber.


[Editor’s note: Numbers are substituted for names, addresses and birth dates to respect privacy.

This transcript was compared to the audio recording for accuracy.]


Copyrighted © 1975 by A. Ray Elkins, Globe Arizona  85501