September 2, 1974

Globe, Arizona



Aka is here.

“Good evening, Aka. Where is Ray?”

Soul Ray stands with God.

Yes, we see thy need. And we should answer in this manner. For that that that the Lord has giveth, the Lord should taketh away, but all things that the Lord should taketh, He should replenish tenfold. For your land is sparse and dry. We have told you of this time. Yet we say unto you, give prayer unto the Lord in unisis, and that that the Lord has taken shall be replenished upon your earth.

Your earth should travel forth into economical disaster. All nations now stand and tremble. Yet we say unto you, fear not. But beware, for one shall come forth who shall seemingly make all things right. Yet, in truth, he is a taker of the land. He is the Anti-Christ. The nations shall crumble and fall. And as he walks forth he shall put bread upon the table, yet he shall ask for souls in return.

As we have said before, we are here to prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah. As [the] bread should leave the tables, many shall lose their faith in our Lord, and many should turn their faces away from Him, unto this one. And we say, beware.

The earth shall tremble. Chaos shall come upon the earth. Yet the worst chaos of all is fear. And fear should breed fear, so we say unto you, fear of this not, for as we have said before, we shall provide that that is needed. And for those who should walk in the righteous light of our Lord, bread shall be placed upon their table, and their needs shall be taken care of.

Around you, you have those who should worship of false images. And they should call of themselves, Christians. And they should say unto you, “This is the way to go.” And they shall say unto you, “This is the Messiah.” And we should say unto you, nay. Wear not the mark of the Beast.

We say unto you, this of your Common Market, of the world commodities, shall grow in strength. Europe, as you know it, shall become that of a United Europe. And none should trade nor barter lest they seek this passageway. But we say unto you, this harlot shall fall. And all nations shall look, yet they shall not find. And they shall be saddened at the fall of this.                                                                                                                      

And we shall say unto you, this one shall set himself up into the throne of Rome. Yet, we say unto you, his days shall be short, for he shall come forth and promise the thou­sand years of peace upon the earth, and his words shall be mighty before men, yet he shall fall. [See The Revelation, chapters 13- 19.]

And wars and pestilence shall ridden the land. And the Lord, God, shall split the land and set it aside. And that thy know of as China shall make war upon other lands. And the Bear should make war upon other lands. And this of your United States economy shall falter and seem to die. All of these things shall be made forth by those who should seek and worship of gold. But the gold shall fall away [upon] their hands and mean not naught unto man.

We have shown you that that lays before, should all progress and should all mankind continue to seek out their own selfish needs. Yet, all of these things we have told you can be altered by your free will.

We say unto you, we come in peace. We come with the gift of our Father. We lay into your hands A Rose without Thorns. We ask for no crowns. We ask for no glory. The glory we seek is through yourselves.                                                                             

Soon, each of you shall say unto yourselves that the times are hard and you can no longer prepare the way, that you shall have this or that that should be done. We say unto you, continue with this that we have handed you, and we shall see that the needs of each of you are provided for. The bread shall be upon the table, but we warn you, waste not the bread.

We should say unto this one, of soul Ruth [8-10-70-002-2], in this manner. We see of thy need, and that that is needed for the healing shall be sent forth. Only if the one in need [9-2-74-001] may accept our gift in the name of God can it come in ful­fillment. Within soul Ray’s mind is that that is needed for total healing and longevity given back unto the soul. We say unto you, do that unto which thy can to provide that they make a journey unto this land, that he may tender to their needs.

Thy have questions, ask.

“Yes, Aka, I have a request for a life reading from [9-2-74-002].”

Yes, we have before us the body, the soul, the spirit, and therefore, the immortal body of the same. And therefore, we have the records of time immortal.

First we should answer your question. And you say unto us, “What is this we speak of?” And we shall answer in this manner. As light upon the universes, all action has been recorded in light form. This is your akashic records. All thought, all that was and shall ever be -- time immortal knows no barriers, for it has no beginning and has no ending, yet lays between it all things, both matter, anti-matter, and all planes of all times, both in heaven and earth.

Therefore, we see this one.


We find this one – yes -- in that of Atlantis, of the first continent.

First, we should explain in this manner. On the first continent there stood the highest temples. There were all of the high priests. Yet, as they would worship unto the Lord and come forth, soon they thought that the miracles that were performed unto the Lord were miracles performed by themselves. And the greater the temples that they bought and built, through the labors of their people, the greater they would strut. They shrouded themselves in robes that were newer of their earning.

Only few priests, some of the young, looked toward the great priest, Ra-Tai, and the great priest, Arcan, for knowledge. And they listened unto these two. Yet the other priests, high priests, were angry, yet they dared not feel the wrath of these two, for wherever they walked, the Lord walked with them. Yet they walked in humble, knowledge.

They came forth upon the great day of celebrations of the kingdom. And as the great priests were saying unto the people that the civilization of Atlantis would never end, each stood forth and said unto them, “All that is here shall be no more.”

And as they spoke one came forth. He was of a wealthy family. He had his young bride beside him, and he listened unto Priest Ra-Tai and Arcan. And he asked that he should speak with them in private. And he said unto them, “There shall be many who may escape the great floods that are to come. But much of the animal life shall die away and perish and be no more. What should we do to prepare this?”

And Ra-Tai and Arcan said unto him, “Noah, thy shall prepare a craft that should carry both man and beast. Gather together one of each kind and its mate. Show not fear. Do the gathering first. Provide a zoo, and therefore, the funds shall be sent forth for further work in this area.”

His wife, Isabella, looked at her husband and said unto him, "Why should you listen to these, when our own high priests tell us we have nothing to fear?”

And her husband said unto her, “For we shall have sons and they shall make of kingdoms upon the new lands. Yet I have had within this night a dream. I have seen us both being ridiculed and thought as fools. But I saw the great hand of the Lord reach down, and upon His hand stood, therefore, an angel, a messenger of the Lord. And the messenger said unto me, ‘I shall come unto you and tell thee those that we should send that should give unto thee the knowledge of the preparation and the building of such a craft.’”

Isabella looked upon her husband. She could not fully believe, but she said unto herself, “If this is the way of my husband, so it should be the way of myself.”

And time passed and sons did come forth. And many and all were brought from the many lands. And the craft grew in size.

And then came forth the last message, that it would be time to board. You were fearful, for you were the wife of Noah. And you said into him, “How should our craft survive when all of the other crafts should not survive?”

And he said unto you, “For on the front of our craft the Lord has placed, there­fore, one to call the Cherubim. And it shall guide us forth.”

And so you picked up your set of white dovelings and boarded the craft. And the storms did rage, and the waters did breaken through the dikes, and the land was flooded, and the craft gently rose. And the rain came, more intense day by day.

And finally the day came forth that the rain would stop. And you looked out upon the land, yet there was no land, only water. And each was sent forth -- a raven, yet it returned with nothing.

And then that night a dream came forth unto you, and it said unto you, “Send forth that of your white dove.” And it was sent forth and it returned with the olive leaf. And therefore, land came forth.

And so, the craft settled upon the land and the water receded, and ferment, and farming came into the land.

And your sons did grow into manhood. Yet your husband, who had been listening long to the Lord, drank much of the wine from the vineyards, and he was cast asunder. And he cast his sons asunder.

Yet the great city of Ur did arise, and the great city of Canaan did arise. And city by city, as the sons went forward, did rise. And the people of Yucatan and the people of the Egyptan did join unto you. And so, therefore, you did set free those of their kind, and they did replenish the earth.

And you passed on. You said unto your husband after death, “We have done our task. Let mankind build upon what we have given them.” Yet, you saw war and pestilence.

And then, upon the plane of life, there was much hurried words being spoken of a new birth upon the earth -- that the Lord, God, should make ready for the birth of His first-begotten son. And all upon the heavens said unto themselves, “For we shall bring forth gifts unto the Lord. And so the day came forth, and many gifts were brought before the Lord.

And you had carved the small figure of the ankh. And you brought it before the Lord and knelt.

And the Lord said, “Rise and bring forth this Tree of Life, for I send this symbol ahead. Though My son’s blood shall fall upon the earth, twice, he shall bring forth the truth of the resurrection. Yet this sign of your Tree of Life shall go before him, that when he should come again upon the earth the lasting peace should, therefore, be forever.”

And He beckoned unto the heavens and a great eagle came forth, and all was frightened. Yet the eagle stood very still. And the Lord placed, therefore, the Tree of Life around his neck.

And He said unto you, “When you see this sign again you shall know that I should send the Eagle forward to prepare the way. Yet you shall see him in many other lives, and you shall be burned as a witch, and you shall be persecuted. But we say unto you, glory is those who are persecuted in the name of the Lord, for [those] named shall be righteousness.”

And so it was. In each incarnation you were persecuted. For you watched each time for the Tree of Life. And each time you saw the Eagle in flight you knew it was but for a short period that he would come and yet go again back into the future time.

In those last days, before the gathering, you said, “I see that soon Eagle should leave us and we shall perish.”

And he said unto you, “Great is that in my heart. I have prayed long that your pathway might be changed. But the Lord says, ‘Nay’, unto me, that by fire so shall you be made ready, in readiness for the days of preparation.

“Yet, when you should come again your life shall be troubled.” And he said unto you, “For I shall come before you, and yet you shall know me not. And many shall say this, and many shall say that, for this lifetime that I should come should be your greatest trial. For in the seeking of the truth you shall falter and fall down. Happiness shall be grasped from before you, and you shall be sad.”

But we say unto you, that of the confusion you knew in the beginning was not confusion because you had faith. And the faith grew and became as one, and so, therefore, you accomplish that that you were brought forth upon the earth for.

Now you have brought all karmas unto this lifetime. The knowledge of the psychic lays within you. Yet your heart is heavy because you have no male mate. And each that comes forth comes forth in the form of gigolos.

We said, as the readings began, as we came forth this time, that one should come who would have knowledge of the Black Arts. Yet we should pave a way for her, that she might find the righteous path of our Father. Yet, she may use the name and that that had been shown her in an incorrect manner. We also said that soul Ray should see through and know of her, yet try to lead her into a righteous path. She gave vows to become a Teacher, yet cast them into the ground. Yet we should take them not from her. We should wait, and that that she should take shall be of her own taking.

But we say unto you, leste [she, ye] build a new karma, leste [they, thy] seek the light that we have laid before thee, thy should bring harm unto thy son. For we have said before, blessed are those of the children born unto these times, for they shall pave the way for the coming of the great Messiah. And blessed are the mothers that should bring forth such children.

We have shown you your past that you should know where you have been. We have shown you a proportion of your own future that you should know where you are going. But most important, we have shown you where you are now standing. As a new spring should come forth, we can only offer the water. It is up to you to drink it or walk away. But let this choice be your own.

Glory be the name of the Lord for ever and ever.

You have other questions, ask.

“Yes, Aka. [7-27-74-001] asks a question…His question is, ‘Where have I been, and where am I going/ And what can I do to straighten out my family life? And where should I live? What is my purpose here?’”

We shall answer your question in this manner. You say unto us, where have you been? And we say unto you, you are all parts of that that you have ever been.

Yet we say unto you, as we said before, the Lord, God, brought forth the Ten Commandments, not Moses. The Lord, God, has not changed these. We brought thee forth upon this land that a way, that a resurrection of thy soul might be provided for. Yet thy sought and thy ran from it, as thy have ran before, in fear. The Lord, God, has heard thee and heard thy lies and thy false promises. We say unto you, come forth in truth before thy God, and the perils of thy lifetime shall end. And life shall be given unto life.

We say unto you, those who should slay with the sword should be slain with the sword. We say unto you, the sword that should slay you lays before you of your own making, of your own kind. You have free choice. You have the choice now to resurrect your soul, your spirit, and your immortal body into one, or you have the choice to cut them away and become that of a lost soul who should wander into nothingness forever and ever.

If a man should dig a ditch to provide for his family, and do it well, and all he can place upon the table is that that he earns from his hands, there is no shame in this or sorrow.

But we will tell you this in this manner. The Lord, God, made in perfection the human mind, a total and complete wonder. No machine shall ever be built that shall be superior to the human mind. For it was made in God’s likeness, of His kind. Yet man can destroy this with his alcohol, with his drugs. First a decay takes place in the pituitary gland, and then the malfunction between the pineal and the pituitary decays away. And then, the nervous system falters and cannot stand alone, and decays. And then the pancreas decays. And then that that you would know of as uremic poisoning, because neither the bladder nor the liver will function properly. And so, death, as you would know it, should follow.

These are the things thy are feeding into this perfection that God has given unto you. Continue, and you shall die by your own sword.

We have shown you the paths. The other path should be of this. Come forth. Obey the Ten Commandments -- not because they are laws, but because you wish to maintain thy own body, thy own sanity. But we warn you, harm another, and the harm shall be returned in kind a thousand fold. Destroy thyself and thy shall destroy the spirit and the immortal body, and you shall wander into nothingness.

Come forth and bring that of the Ten Commandments into whole. Bring thy family into a righteous path. For thy son looks upon thee and follows in thy own footsteps. And your fate shall be your son’s fate.

For as Pharaoh did say, “Let the wrath be the destruction of the first-born,” and as Moses said, “You have said it; let it be written, let it be law,” and so it was. And so, all of the first born of Egypt did pass away in one night.

And you, we say unto you, you have asked where you have been. You were that Pharaoh, of that time. And you did make hatred into those of the Hebrew. And the Lord parted the sea and let them pass. Yet this was not enough. You would run and ride through, yet to destroy again. And yet, the sea closed, and there you perished. And those of the Hebrew nation, the Israelites, did cheer.

Yet, the Lord wept that day for you, and your kind, and your nation. And He said to the people, “Why should you weep when My children are dying?” And so He did lift you up from the water.

He should lift you once again, if thy could open the doorway that He may enter. Let the choice be yours once again.

Soul Ray now wearies and tires.

Now is the time of the Cherub.

Awaken soul Ray from his slumber.


[Note: numbers are substituted for names, addresses and birth dates to respect privacy.

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Copyright © 1974 by A. Ray Elkins, Globe, Arizona.