March 8, 1974

Globe, Arizona



Aka is here.

“Good evening, Aka. Where is Ray?”

Soul Ray stands with God.

Now we should say unto thee unto these words, into this manner. For we shall tell thee the parable of greed.

For as the Lord cast Lucifer from the heavens, and Lucifer did spread greed into man as the seed, yet it was a small thing. Yet it grew within man. And it was like a leprosy, for it spread among the nations. And nations begot nations, and blood was spilt upon the earth. And kingdom after kingdom fell beneath the sword, the club, the spear, always for the same price, for gold.

And greed begot jealousy in man. And jealousy came forth as a monster with many heads. And it would devour the one who possessed it, step by step, until their soul was wrapped into nothing, for the thought was enough, for jealousy works upon imagination. It has no fact; it has no beginning. It only has a cruel ending.

And we say unto you, look upon your earth into that that lives in harmony. You do not find the trees jealous of one another or the plants upon the earth. It even was cast into the beasts upon your land, this horrible thing, this Beast of jealousy.

And the jealousy begot possession, and opened the doorway, therefore, of possession of the spirits, of the lost spirits to enter, [for] no longer could the jealous person protect themselves, and no longer could they listen unto those who would protect them.

Therefore, day by day it devours. Greed and jealousy run hand in hand. And from it, we say unto you, should cause the life and the life’s blood of an innocent soul. This has happened repeatedly upon your earth.

We have told you before that Lucifer should work in strange manners. Yet once the soul has gone and possession has taken forth he has no longer use for you, and then your way back unto the Father’s light shall be for an eternity.

Think into yourself, “Am I jealous of my brother? Am I as Cain? Shall I slay unto my brother because I am jealous?”

And jealousy begot hatred.

We say unto you, in the beginning God brought forth both he and she. And He found it good, for they were in harmony, one into the other, and both unto God. Yet, all of these things has made harmony an impossibility. And for the jealous one, they cast aside God, and denounce Him, and use His name in profanity, for they shall act as though they worship Him, yet they worship only themselves. And they shall say this and that in the name of the Lord, yet the Lord says naught unto them, for they speak for theirselves, not for God. And the hole they should dig, they should bury themselves.

And we should say unto thee unto these words, for those who should forget the words, we have come not to change the laws of Moses; we have come not to change the laws of God, Almighty, our Father, for upon the stone was written the Ten Commandments; “Thou shall have no other god before Me.” We say unto all of you, look well unto those commandments and you shall cast these things from your hearts. And then, plant your garden. And flowers shall bloom and the heaven shall come into fulfillment. And the earth shall no longer run red with blood.

We say to you, we come not for the blood of the Lamb, nor does our Father. This has been man’s thought, to bring upon the altar the blood of the lamb. We ask not for the blood of any man, or woman, or child, or beast or fowl. Let the dead bury the dead, for they are but shells. For our Father is a Father of the living, not of the dead.

Thy come unto us with many questions. And we shall answer in this manner upon this night. To show the true meaning of our Father’s words, we shall give healing into those who pray for it and ask for it in our Father’s name. And so it shall be upon this day, for death shall raise its head, yet not come forth. We shall hold of it, for those who asked in our Father’s name. Glory be the name of our Father. Glory be those who should walk in our Father’s light and keep His commandments.

For we came unto you as we came unto the Essenes to prepare a way, that the ways of our Father should remain upon your earth, and the earth should remain, and man should remain. We came unto you to prepare a way for the coming of the Messiah. We came unto you that the fulfillment of the thousand years of peace could come forth. But take from your hearts these things of greed. For way and woe be unto thee, for the Fifth Angel walks upon your earth. We stay his hand this day and bring forth healing, but not for long, for death shall follow his path in great numbers and nations shall fall, because of greed, because of jealousies.

You have in your mind our words when we first came. And we say unto you, we spoke as in this manner, that “wise man should hunt beasts to feed the gods.” Yet, you misinterpret our words, for we spoke upon our plane, not upon yours. To interpret, interpret in this manner. The food you should hunt for your Father should be love and kindness, and forgiveness. It should be honor, one unto the other, at all times. As you should honor your father and mother, honor your brother and sister.

Yet you say, “They are not of my brother and sister,” and we say, therefore, you lie, for you are all God’s children, and you are brother and sister.

We bring peace and harmony unto the earth for those who shall listen in their soul.

Soul Ray now grows tired.

Yea, yea, unto the Father; these words we have spoken, write them in your hearts, or perish.

Awaken soul Ray from his slumber.



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Copyright © 1974 by A. Ray Elkins, Globe, Arizona