September 5, 1971

Globe, Arizona



            Aka is here.

            "Good evening, Aka. Is Ray with God?"

            Soul Ray stands with God.

            Now, all is in accord.

            Therefore, we should say these words unto thee. For as before, of the God of Moses, of the God of [Isaiah], of the God of Abraham, and of your God of Jesus Christ, we say unto thee these words. For the same God is the God of Buddha, the same God is the God of Mohammed, as the same God is the God of Ishmael. For as the spirit of God should flow as in the brook, it should flow into many lands of many tongues. And as the tongues should be different, yet the Gods be the same, for “There shall be no other God before our God, and there shall be no other God after our God.” [See Exodus 20:2, Deuteronomy 5:7-11, Mark 12:28-31.]

            Thy may call of Him many names; this means very little difference. But as man should pray, one unto another, unto their God, thy should respect of the same. For remember, as we have said before, our Father has many mansions. And as the one known as Jesus Christ did go before thee to prepare a way, so should you go before others to prepare a way. But each of you should go in his own way unto our Father, and there give praise unto Him, that He may love thee and you may love Him. [See John 13:31-36, 14:1-29, 15:7-17, 16:6-30 and chapter 17.]

            There are many paths through the forest and unto the valley, and if you should travel far enough, there are many planets in many galaxies. Yet our Father created all; and as we have said before, these should be “of our kind.” For as He did place upon your earth the five races and the five tongues that could divide and divide again, yet of these five, they were of the children of God. And as we have said before that as the children of God did dwell unto the daughters of man and find them fair, and therefore, enter of the same, and therefore, were cast from thy Garden of Eden, so it was in the many lands of the many worlds. [See Genesis 1:26-31, chapters 2-6.]

            Thy have asked these questions of these other lands, “In what form do [the] they have taken?”  And we should say unto thee, for these children of God, even though they have entered the form of man, they should still be of God’s image. Their colors may change; their tongues may be different, and they may call of thy God of a different word, but they are still our Father’s children. And He brings all of them into His many mansions.

            But some may climb the ladder in a different way than thyself.

            If thy go before this one, go there to prepare a way that he may enter unto the same as thyself. Can thy understand of which we speak?

"Yes, Aka.”

            Then we should say these words unto thee. As we have said before of the 24 of your months, at the time of the writing of your Bible, your calendar was different, and therefore, as John should write of the book of Revelation, his calculation of that time was given to him upon his months, upon his days. And so did the form of numerology and [genecology]. And these, you must realize, were all  of the same. Today thy have of new signs. But they are not new, for they have been here before.

            And as we have told unto thee these words, to store of [the] knowledge, the seed of knowledge, that thy should not lose this time again and go backward unto what thy were, for those who should be born of the future time, they shall be of yourselves. For remember, thy should climb onward unto this ladder. But remember also, if thy should fall from the ladder, thy have left thy knowledge of the soul, of the spirit, and even that of the immortal body behind, and thy should dwell into nothingness. And thy must start the climb again.

            We see in thy mind many questions, and of these we should answer in this manner. Thy ask of the readings, both of the health and of the soul reading. Therefore, we should say unto thee of these words. Thy must realize that we are using of the functions of soul Ray’s body; therefore, time must be given unto healing of the same. These things we should take care of from time to time. But yet, we should use of the projection forth of his brain, therefore, to locate all souls that thy would gain knowledge of. And in this proportion we should say unto thee. Of the health readings, place this person in one location that we may give of the readings of the same. Of the soul readings, for that of the past, we read from the Book; therefore, it makes little difference in its location. Can thy understand of which we speak? 

            "Yes, Aka.”

            Then we should say, thy have asked this question -- of the private readings. These should continue, for each soul may learn from that, his own records, for as we have said before, this is not the time of Lot. Look backwards into which thy have come that thy may look forward into the time that thy are going, and therefore, correct these things. For this is your free choice. [Genesis 19:1-26.]

            We may give of thee the information, but we are not allowed to interfere with your free choice. And in this manner, we may not give information without the permission of the soul of the same. Can thy understand of which we speak?

            "Yes, Aka.”

            Then, we should answer this question unto the storing of food. And we see that thy grow impatient for its need. And as we have said before, if thy should go into the desert without the provisions of water and food, and therefore, die for lack of the same, should thy blame thy Lord for this? Nay. Then prepare for this time. Remember, with thy free choice thy can change of your future. But as man, and we speak of the man’s soul, of the man’s spirit, now stands before his Maker, he should have need of these things. But we should suggest that among thy groups thy should order of these provisions together, that thy may in this proportion have of these things. Should a member of thy group leave unto another land, therefore, in thy group thy may use of these provisions unto this soul, that he in his own light should become a leader, and therefore, store again. Can thy understand of which we speak?

            "I think you are saying that our group should store on a group basis, and that if someone leaves, they should leave this, their portion, behind to be used by others, is this true?”

            Nay, nay.


            We should say unto thee these words. Store of thy food in many places, within thy group, but order of the proportions of the same as a group.

            But also, if one should leave of thy group, make certain that this one should take with him provisions for his family.

            As we have said before, we can only tell of thee these things that our Lord permits, and of these things He would give us knowledge to transfer into thy time. And as, from time to time, we should give unto thee knowledge, so our Lord should give of the knowledge unto us.

            For the time of the need, our Lord says, “Be patient, and pray that thy should never need of the same.”

            And we should say unto these words. For we look into the soul of soul Bartholomew, and we see thy need. And we should place in thy mind the message of thy duty unto the Lord and unto mankind. The first proportion we should give of thee in dream form. The second proportion, we should say of these words. Thy are, and have been placed, and positioned of -- to direct other souls of the same. Take of this knowledge and let them drink of the same.

            Fear not, for we should look after thy family. But remember also, there is a time for thy work; there is a time for laughter; there is a time for rest, and our Lord unto the beginning did say unto man, thy have taken this time for rest. Take of this, but then take of thy time for the worship and the duty unto the Lord.

            For soon our Lord shall have other work for thee. Be patient and stand tall. And of thy need, it should come as raindrops, a little at a time.

            Unto soul Paul we should say of these words. Thy have done well, soul Paul. But remember, unto a clean house dwells unto the clean man -- and as thy body should carry in it the soul, never give vengeance from the same. Give righteousness unto those of thy fellow man, and give healing unto the same. But beware of the dragon that should walk upon thyself, for we shall not allow this to happen. And the vengeance of the Lord should be greater than the vengeance of all mankind.

            And unto soul Ruth we should say of these words. Thy have done well, my daughter; our Lord is pleased. And remember, for thy [should] add a new book of God’s upon thy earth.

            And then we say these words unto soul Mark. We see thy need. And remember, what has been covered shall be uncovered. Where no light shone, light should shine. For now is also the time of the great Sword which cuts two ways, both of the land and the masses. And of this other side, should cut away the decay of the souls upon thy earth. So fear not what others should think; go forward in thy duty. Leave the doubting unto Thomas.

            And to soul Luke, we see thy need, and therefore, should bring blessings into the same. For as time has passed, thy should know of the guardian of the veil and the duty of the same. But remember, soul Luke, guard well this veil, for thy are learning. And the healing thy should ask for we should give unto the same. For three weeks’ time, the messengers should come to thee both night and day. And at the end of your three-week period, new knowledge should come of the same.

            And of soul James, for we find thee as the guardian of the records. And we are pleased of the same. Go unto the valley below the sea [Yuma, Arizona], and therefore, prepare a haven for our children. And prepare there a resting place unto the Book of the Lord. But prepare this Book with wings, that it may take flight upon thy earth.

            Thy have other questions, ask.

            "Yes, Aka. I had one, I think, brief question that had to do with a health reading. [9-5-71-001] has a rash on her foot and skin, and also a problem of swelling which she has been unable to get any help from doctors or specialists with. And I gave healing to her on it, but I wondered if you have any advice for her on it in regards to anything additional that you would like her to do?”

            Yes, we see thy need. And we should say unto these words -- to take of the mistletoe, and therefore, make a powder of the same, to take of the olive oil and add to the same, this should be done that a gelatin should be made of the same -- to take, therefore, of the soda and add of the same; to take, therefore, of the white of an egg, and therefore, add of the same; to take, therefore, of the sage and add of the same -- if this were placed upon the feet in a [poultice] of the same before this soul should rest at night, this rash would soon leave of this soul.

            And now, we should say unto thee these words. Remember, we may only answer these questions unto thy own minds. We may give of thee what thy mind should take of the time. But if thy own mind should flaunt away and lose interest of the same, therefore, we can only give of thee the food of the mind that thy might digest at that time.

            Weigh careful your questions -- for remember, they are not only for thyselves, but for thy children’s children. And remember, now is the time of the Cherub.

            Awaken soul Ray from his slumber.


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Copyright © 1971 by A. Ray Elkins, Globe, Arizona.