September 10, 1970



            Aka is here.

            “Is Ray with God?”

            Soul Ray stands with God.

            And now we should tell thee again of the time of the Anti-Christ. And the beast shall wear ten crowns, and these crowns, as thy should know them, shall be ten nations. And as we have said before, the name of the beast shall be six times sixty-six. [See The Revelation, chapter 13.]

            And we should tell thee that we are not great, that we are only messengers from our Father, and only as our Father should give us of this information, should we, in turn, be able to give it unto you. And of the Cherub, the Cherub shall be the seven angels which hover above thy earth on which our Father has given His power.

            Can you understand of which we speak?

            “I think so, Aka.”

            Then we should tell thee of a different time, in the time that a man named Jesus was crucified. And as he lay upon the cross, and as the spikes were drove in, there were two others. Now we would tell the of these two others. For our Father has said unto you, for the last shall be first, and the first shall be last, and as we have spoken unto one that he would take of them unto paradise with him. [See Luke 13:30, 23:35-43 and John 19:33.]

            Now we would say, the last has been first, and now you have unto the second. Remember, our instrument was chosen then, and our Father’s plans was made then, for it has been written that He would send unto Earth two prophets before the coming of the seven angels. [See The Revelation 11:3-13.]

            Now the angels wait above thy earth, and what has been written shall be. [See The Revelation, chapters 14‑15.]

            Your earth shall change its form, for the great Sword shall strike upon it of both sides, for now is the battle of the minds of men. [See The Revelation 19:5‑21.]

            Remember, your greatest work is to reunite all your religions unto one, and, by doing so, not to change a man’s faith, but so that thy and that man should respect each other’s religion and your worship of God in such as way that each of you may enter our Father’s many mansions in his own way. But your love for your fellow man shall be such that even though he enters our Father’s kingdom in a different way from yours, you should help him to enter. Therefore, you shall put him above the ladder, above yourself, and by doing so, you should climb tenfold.

            Now for soul Bartholomew, remember, our Father loves of you very much, and we know of your love for our Father. And we have said before, your knowledge shall come as raindrops, a little at a time, and in this method, when all knowledge is before you, you shall understand it and teach it unto others. Now go, Bartholomew, and cast your stone into the brook that shall flow to the rivers, and to the oceans, and to the many lands beyond, but go in love for all man.

            And for the wife of Bartholomew, we should say unto this soul, we love thee. Walk tall by thy husband, but remember, some shall lead, and some shall follow.

            Now we would say unto soul C____, and this has been said before, that a pupil should be satisfied to be as great as his teacher, and to teach, you must first become a pupil.

            Now we would say to soul Peter, we see thy time of need, and we shall provide for this time, and thy fruit shall bear of the sweetest of fruit and shall become great meat for the same. Can thy understand of which we speak?

            “No, Aka.”

            Nay? Then we should say in a different way. The yoke shall become heavy at times, but remember, your yoke, your burden, is a loving burden. Your Father loves you and blesses you, and the healing that thy need in thy family shall come about.

            And for thy son -- throw thy own stone into the brook. There are many of thy own age on your plane that should hear of these words. But remember, be the pupil first and then the teacher.

            You have many questions, ask.

            “Aka, I have a question from soul Bartholomew. He is very concerned, his physical health as to the relationship of his continuous gagging. Could you give him any helpful information at this time? It seems to be quite a worry on his mind.”

            Yes, we find this problem. The help that is necessary in the healing of the same shall be sent. We would suggest, first, that his problem basically is a sinus problem that, we would suggest the saunic baths at this time would greatly improve this area. We would also suggest in this way. Remember, a little tobacco as thy would call it, or of the weed as thy should say, is good for the body, cannot harm the body, but too much can harm the body. And remember, we should take care of the necessary repairs in thy physical bodies of the disciples of this work, but beware. Do not push this body too far, for we cannot create, for we are not God, we are only the messengers of God. Can thy understand of which we speak?

            “Yes, Aka.”

            Then the healing at this time shall be given unto this soul. And at this time, if thy group should pause for prayer for all healing in thy group. [Note: Aka paused for 25 seconds for people to pray.]

            Now thy have other questions, ask of these.

            “Another question, Aka, in reference to soul Bartholomew’s wife, which he’s greatly concerned with....”

            We see this problem.


            We would suggest the taking of the Night-blooming Citros [Cereus]. We would also suggest that her basic problem is [in], of the nervous system, therefore, an eruption, as thy would’ve known, of the basic nervous interval known as the kasados [caudate or sciatic?].Therefore, we would suggest  osteopathic treatment in the lower proportion of the back area. We would also suggest, there is other work necessary at this time of the upper back area. We also find that, in this soul, that if thy would change of the music thy listen to; remember, light and sound may effect your physical health. We would suggest for this soul, for 15 minutes each day, of meditation. But drink of the smoothing music, that which would satisfy thy soul, and meditate. This would greatly relieve this area.

            We see the passing, therefore, of congested blood of this area. This, in itself, could bring on complications; therefore, we would suggest a good gynecologist. But we see at this time this should not be practical; therefore, we would suggest in the vagina area an acid form of douche, as thy would know it, washing of this area. This, in itself, we would also suggest in this washing, the proportions of the Night-blooming Citros [Cereus] liquid extracted from the same, be placed and used in the washing of this area. Can thy understand of which we speak?

            “Yes, Aka.”

            We have one other problem in this soul. Yes. We see, as she would call them, head spasms. We would also suggest that, in seeking out a chiropractor, that certain adjustments be done on the sinus and the lybro [lympho?] gland area. These can be done quite simply by the shifting of the skull area, but be very certain in doing this that this comes about in a very gentle way -- very slowly done. The music would do the same as this adjustment, but not as fast.

            This is all on this soul at this time.

            You have other questions, ask.

            “Yes, Aka. In relationship to our visit to San Diego, we have many, many requests for physical and health readings.”

            All of these shall be answered.

            We should say one other. Soul Ray, we shall place in his mind that he should rest more; therefore, your readings shall become more lengthy. The usage of his physical body by us may be lengthened in this manner.

            We also find -- send this message to the one who has lost, in what thy would know of the San Bernardino area. God sees this, and God has taken care of this wrong. Then fear not. And what thy have lost, we would say it in this manner, you are better to have cast aside this proportion. So walk tall in what thy have at this time, and God shall walk with thee.

            Ask thy other question.

            “We have a question by [9-5-70-001] in La Jolla, California. Aka, is it necessary that we give you the complete rundown, as far as life and birth and time of birth and all, on these particular questions from these individuals who have merely a question?”

            Nay, these are not necessary.

            “Then the question that she asks is, `Should I live at the house of [9-10-20-002], or should I stay living at the ballet studio of [9-10-70-003]?’”

            (Chuckles) This question is in this soul’s mind, but not as a question.

            We would say, as we have said before, we may only suggest the courses of thy lives. We are not allowed to change these. These thy may only do of thyself, for thy have free will, and our Father has given of thee this will. Therefore, we would say in this way, you are better, far better, to dwell in the house of the Lord. Thy know of the dividing live [line] between this. But remember one other, what would be sin in the eyes of man is not sin in the eyes of God. Therefore, dwell where thy are at this time. You shall move in a different direction very near in the future, and this move shall take you into a path that shall be righteous with thy Father, and therefore, your happiness shall become tenfold, for the one who waits [awaits] you shall be, as thy would know, very close to thy heart.

            Now soul Ray becomes very tired; therefore, we would suggest at this time thy should waken soul Ray from his slumber.


[Editor’s note: Numbers are substituted for names, addresses and birth dates to respect privacy.

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Copyright © 1970 by A. Ray Elkins, Globe, Arizona