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Fantasy Gallery One

Elven Eden

As you can probably tell from other pics, I do a
lot of cross-hatched ink works. This was my second
attempt at mixing cross-hatch ink & charcoal to-
gether in a work. I was fairly happy with it, but
there are some things I would do different. I
suppose that's typical with any artist.

Original(14"x17") = $50
Prints(11"x17") = $25

Pier Of Dragons

This was my first real attempt at cross-hatching.
I started doing this in an attempt to make a more
vivid b/w image. Turns out I fell in love with the
style. It's very time consuming, but well worth it
in the end.

Original(14"x17") = $50
Prints(11"x17") = $25


This work was a pain in the rear!!! How do you
cross-hatch rocks?!! Well, after a killing off a
trees in paper I figured out a style I was happy least for the time being.

Original(14"x17") = $50
Prints(11"x17") = $25