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Kai, The Last of the Brunnen G

Damn. That is all I have to say about Kai. Admit it, you are all contemplating necrophilia right now.

Kai is the last of a race know as the Brunnen G, a race of romantic warriors who lived on Brunnis 2 in the Light Zone almost 6,000 years ago(if you're going by present Earth time).

Before Kai was born, the Brunnen G saved Mankind from the insects in the Great Insect Wars. But one insect survived and he bided his time until he became His Divine Shadow and began to rule the Light Zone once more.

But where were the Brunnen G while His Divine Shadow rose again? Well, after the Insect Wars, the Brunnen G turned inward and sealed their planet, Brunnis 2, off from the rest of the universe, using great shields. Then they began to look for the cure to Death.

They discovered it, but it was only a way to make their bodies immortal to aging. They would never grow old, but if an accident were to happen, then they would still die.

Over the years, the Brunnen G began to slowly lose their minds. There was only so much information you could remember when you live forever, and so they eventually forgot who they were, their families, everything about their former lives.

Until the great shields began to fail. By this time, procreation had pretty much died out and there were only a tiny amount of truly young people left on the planet. They became known as The Newborns. His Divine Shadow was on the rise, and Kai and his friends realized that if you looked to certain places in the sky you could observe what was happening in the universe beyond their world.

After seeing His Divine Shadow raising armies, and destroying all planets who did not join his League, Kai knew something had to be done. Despite protests from his friends and family, and even the desertion of his own true love, Kai flew out from behind the Brunnen G shields and searched out the Time Prophet, who gave him this prophecy:

Time begins and then times ends
And then time begins once again
It's happening now
It's happened before
It will surely happen again

I look into the cycles of time
Not very clearly, mind you
I gaze into the future past,
And I see the Brunnen G's doom
But Kai you'll be the last to die
And there is something else that I see
The Shadow's Order will be destroyed
At the hands of the last Brunnen-G

With this prophecy Kai leaves the Time Prophet, and heads back to Brunnis 2. When he gets back however, he discovers that the other Brunnen-G have discovered his breach of the shields and Kai is sentenced to die by aging, the worst death that the other Brunnen G can think of.

But in the confusion of His Divine Shadow's rising, everyone forgot about Kai, and his love comes to free him. When Kai escapes from prison, he realizes that the rest of the Brunnen-G have communicated with the outside universe. Realizing that Kai was right, they see this as a chance to be freed from their non-existance. They decide to welcome this death with open arms, and there is much rejoicing on Brunnis 2.

But there is a small group of the Brunnen-G, the Newborns in fact, that believe that their world should not be destroyed without a fight. Armed with a few relics from the Great Insect Wars, six Brunnen-G fighters, led by Kai, fly out to meet the Foreshadow, His Divine Shadow's great weapon of mass destruction.

One by one, they are destroyed and then His Divine Shadow turns on Brunnis 2 and destroys it. Seeing this, Kai realizes he is, in fact, the last of the Brunnen G, and sends his fighter into a dive towards the bridge of the Foreshadow.

But Kai survived the crash, as did His Divine Shadow, and the Foreshadow was only slightly damaged. His Divine Shadow killed Kai himself and then ordered that he was to be brought back, his mind and memories erased, and kept animated using protoblood, which is harvested from the Insect larvae.

Kai became an assassin for his Divine Shadow and spent the next 2,008 years killing people for His Divine Shadow. When Zev and Stanley escaped onto the Lexx, Kai was sent after them with the mission to kill. All the Divine Predecessor's were on board the Lexx.

The DP's were the brains of the bodies that HDS took over. When each body was dying, he moved to a new body, and then had the brain harvested and preserved so he could access the memories if he needed to.

Kai accidently crushed the one which held the memories of the Shadow who had killed him. Kai got all his memories back and then went on to crush the rest of the brain's, absorbing all of His Divine Shadow's memories and knowledge as well.

Kai is extremely hot, and always comes to the rescue of Stan and Xev. He has no feelings and so, he tolerates Xev's love as well as 790's, for he can't bring himself to feel anything towards them.

Kai comes equipped with a brace, which is kind of like a grappling hook/boomerang killing instrument which is attached to his right wrist.

In the third season of the TV show, Kai plays a game of chess with Prince, the ex ruler of Fire, and wins. Prince vows to make him alive again, but doesn't specify when. The when turns out to be right before Kai dives into a giant asteroid with a bomb attached to his moth. This is the end of Kai and the end of the show.