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EMAIL: with your Name, City and State to be added

(Citizen's names, cities, and states below for Bush Letter)

1--Irene Renee Petit, Biological Grandmother,Niceville, FL
2--Effie Belou, Troubled Citizen, Ft.Myers, FL
3--Brandy Jernigan, Cousin/Mother, Pensacola, FL
4--Marilyn Chappell, MaternalGrandmother, Ocala, FL
5--Janette Forssell, Mother of 4, KeyWest, FL
6--Susan Clabough, Mother of 4, Jacksonville, FL
7--Sylvia Monroe, grandmother, Pensacola, FL
8--Jennifer Peterson, mother, Pensacola, FL
9--Donna Gardner, mother/grandmother, Pensacola, FL
10-Lynn Howard, grandmother, Crestview, FL
11-Sherry Sturgen, grandmother, Pensacola, FL
12-Ann Cary, DC&F Services VICTIM, Pensacola, FL
13-Tracy Moore, Mother of 3 wonderful children,
Okeechobee, FL
14-David Petit, Step-Grandfather, Niceville, FL
15-Ann Durand, Kissimmee, FL
16-Charles Durand, Kissimmee, FL
17-Annette Durand, Kissimmee, FL
18-Linda Durand, Kissimmee, FL
19-Douglas Hardigree, Kissimmee, FL
20-David M. Blackley II, father of 2, Altoona, FL
21-Anika Blackley, Altoona, FL
22-Wesley Shelton Lanier, Sebring, FL
23-Steven & Roberta Carroll, Parents of Nichole, Tampa, FL
25-Susan Ball, suffering mother of 2, Orlando, FL
26-Marie Davis, New Port Richey, FL
27-Rev. Edward W. Sokol, Caregiver, Sunrise, FL
28-Christine Brown, Mother of 2 & victim, Okeechobee, FL
29-Rose Houth, New Port Richey, FL
30-Susan M. Schwartz, Destin, FL
31-Amy Cornella, Brandon, FL
32-Scott Wade, Live Oak, FL
33-Randal Young, Oviedo, FL
34-Marilou Pankow, Grandmother, Fort Myers, FL
35-Tracy and Wesley Davis; Parents to six wonderful children, Lake City, FL
36-Gini Hogan, Mother of 2, Okeechobee, FL
37-Laurie Rockenstyre, Mother, Town Manager, Bell, FL
38-Amanda Erickson, Mother, Niceville, FL
39-James V. Winterod III, Father, Niceville, FL
40-Stephanie McCurdy, mother, Pace, FL
41-Jackie McCurdy, grandmother, Pace, FL
42-Karneil Coleman, father, Pace, FL
43-John Monroe, grandfather, Pensacola, FL
44-James Howard, grandfather, Crestview, FL
45-Janice Howard, grandmother, Crestview, FL
46-Debby Bolen, mother, St. Petersburg, FL
47-William Ritchotte, Brooksville, FL
48-Sharon Meyer, St. Cloud, FL
49-Renee Cygan, Branford, FL
50-Mark Cygan, Branford, FL
51-Sherree Lowe, mother, Okeechobee, FL
52-Paul Webb, Father, Bradenton, FL
53-Serena Ramirez, Perspective-Adoptive parent of 2(NO Longer)Ft. Pierce, FL
54-Wesley Muterspaugh, Fountain, FL
55-Susan Maddox, Sarasota, FL
56-Molly and Richie Hill, Sarasota, FL
57-Mary Webster, Sarasota, FL
58-Lori Eminhizer, Sarasota, FL
60-Michael Lewis, Sarasota, FL
61-David Lewis, Sarasota, FL
62-Matthew Lewis, Panama City, FL
63-Donna Wade, acting Grandmother, Live Oak, FL
64-Corinne Merwin, Havana, FL
65-Cynthia K White, Kissimee, FL
66-Karen Lewander, Bradenton, FL
67-Aaron DuVal, Concerned Parent, Miami Beach, FL
68-Ricky Robinson, Gulf Breeze, FL
69-Donald Charles Rice Jr.,Widowed Father, St. Petersburg, FL
70-Tracy Schriver, Mother of 2, Lake Worth, FL
71-Janette Wolfe, California
72-Cindy and Al Doop, Minneapolis, Minnesota
73-Melanie Glass, Leon, Iowa
74-Cindy Busch, Concerned Parent, Garland, Texax
75-Carla Wiedenheft, Xenia, Ohio
76-Virginia Rouse, Parent, Pittsburgh, PA
77-Sheila Olson, Hutchinson, Minnesota
78-Pat and Harvey Dalbec, Grandparents, Minneapolis, MN
79-Terry Bankert, Flint, Michigan
80-Pam Gephart, South Boardman, Michigan
81-Lynne Pottle, Yarmouth, Maine
82-Sheryl Lane-McGrath, Mom of 3, 23, 11 and 9-- Younger two kidnapped by Orange County, NY CPS due to my being legally deaf-a crime, obviously, Newburgh, NY
83-Paige Belles, Middletown, CT
84-Robert Belles, Middletown, CT
85-Rich and Donna Ellis, CT
86-Robert and Diane Richardson, CT
87-Mr. and Mrs. Russell Woods, Parents of 2, West Decatur, PA
88-Shade and Kay Henson, Halacha Ministries, Delavan, WI
89-MaryJo Marceau-Hawthorne, Macedon, NY
90-Bonijean Isaacs, Mother of 2 sons, one in Persian Gulf, Ronceverte, WV
91-Paul and Susan Christ, relatives and legal custodians of 2 children rescued fom FL DCF, Baden, PA
92-LucyAnne Pastor, Mesa, AZ
93-Patrick DeWilde, Voted for Pres. Bush in 2000, plan to vote for him again in 2004, Ventura, CA
94-Kathleen Stoclwell, Sprakers, NY
95-Tammie Goodson, Galax, VA
96-Nicole Cleveland, Wallington, NJ
97-Stephanie Cheney, Memphis, TN
98-Susan Miller, Mother of 4, Wichita, KS
99-Barbara C. Johnson, Advocate of Court Reform and Attorney at Law, Andover, MA
100-Patricia Ryan, Cornwall-on-Hudson,NY
101-Neil Knox, Newburgh, NY
102-Diane Booth, Mother of 9 yr. old imprisoned and experimented on in a California Child's Prison, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
103-Leonard Henderson, Oregon Family Rights, AFRA member, Lincoln City, OR
104-Myrna Fernandez, Burlingame, CA
105-Linda Go, Mother of 2, Milwaukee, WI
106-Cheryl Dunlap, mother of 2, Bristol, VA
107-Sharon Frisbee, Mother of 3 and grandmother, Abingdon, VA
108-Bill Frisbee, Father of 3 and grandfather, Abingdon, VA
109-Dlina Kiser, Mother of 1, Abingdon, VA
110-Barbara Pruitt, Mother of 2, Grandmother of 7, great-grandmother of 1, Bristol, VA
111-Jackie Pruitt, Father of 2, Grandfaather of 7, great-grandfather of 1, Bristol, VA
112-Linda Hileman, Mother of 2, Castlewood, VA
113-Ray Hileman, Father of 2, Castlewood, VA
114-Melindda Breeding, Castlewod, VA
115-Marie Christian, Mother of 1, St. Paul, VA
116-Naomi Thompson, St. Paul, VA
117-Chris Kiser, Abingdon, VA
118-Tammie Neece, Mother of 4, Abingdon, VA
119-Jeff Pruit, Father of 2, Bristol, VA
120-Mazey Pruitt, Mother of 2, Bristol, VA
121-Jason Wyatt, Father of 1, Bristol, TN
122-Angie Pruitt, Mother of 2, Bristol, Va
123-Ellis Musick, Grandfather of many, Castlewood, VA
124-Anita Higgins, mother of 1, Weyers Cave, VA
125-Steve Higgins, Father of 1, Weyers Cave, VA
126-June Gentillucci, Mother of 3, Weyers Cave, VA
127-Angelo Gentilluccci, Father of 3, Weyers Cave, Va
128-Damon Gentillucci, Father of 1, Weyers Cave, VA
129-Mark Gentillucci, Weyers Cave, VA
130-Lauryn Reid, mother of 1, Laurel, MD
131-Beckie Grebowski, mother of 1, Laurel, MD
132-Thomas Glorious, Jr., Hyattsville, MD
133-Jim Disharoon, Father of 1, Lanham, MD>br> 134-Carla Temple, mother of 3, Lanham, MD
135-Cindy Spurr, Mother of 1, Lanham, MD
136-Terri Tuono, Mother of 1, Annapolis, MD
137-Bobbi Ray, Annapolis, MD
138-Vernon Ray, Annapolis, MD
139-Jackie Pruitt,Jr. Father of 5, Bristol, VA
140-Denise Marhoefer, The Defense Foundation for Children,Losantville, IN
141-Austin Martin, Lakeland, FL
142-Sandra Alexander, Snohomish, WA
143-Sharon Johnson, Chatsworth, GA
144-Audrey S. Serrano, MA
145-Ricky Gene Thompson, Advocate for childrens rights, Cottonwood, AZ
146-Cyrise S. McDonald, Phoenix, AZ
147-Sandy Durand, Sioux Falls, SD
148-Nels Truelson, Sioux Falls, SD
149-Tina Abrilz-Murray, Mother of 3, Ladson, SC
150-Mary Webb, Grandmother, Albany, GA
151-Bereaval Webb, Aunt, Albany, GA
152-Bermira Gates, Mother, Atlanta, GA
153-Berry Webb, Grandfather, Atlanta, GA
154-Julian Gates, Father, Lithonia, GA
155-David E. Quiriy, Parent of 1, Springfield, MA
156-Sam and Kathy Brill, Gainesville, FL
157-Mr. and Mrs. William Roberts, Parents of 2, Clearfield, PA
158-John Magyar, CYS Victim, Greensburg, PA
159-Linda Martin, Happy Camp, CA
160-William & Lisa LaCroix, Parents of 2 rescued from DCYF, Woonsocket, RI
161-Michael Regan, Grandfather of the above 2, Woonsocket, RI
162-Debbie Regan, Grandmother of the above 2, Woonsocket, RI
163-Gary & Theresa Ream, Columa, CA
164-Pat & Chuck Miller, Yuba, CA
165-William White, Grandfather, Kissimmee, FL
166-Opal White, Kissimmee, FL
167-James White, Kissimmee, FL
168-Jennifer White, Kissimmee, FL
169-Troy & Janella Spedilari, Parents of 5 daughters, Fort Worth, TX
170-Maggie Gean, MO
171-Mary McCarty, Grandmother, Picher, OK
172-Debbie Carder, Grandmother, Cardin, OK
173-James R. Wood, Father, Baxter Springs, KS
174-Loretta Weber, Olathe, KS
175-Jennifer Lethbridge, Mother of 7, Toledo, OH
176-Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Davis, Cypress, CA
177-Rev. Gregory and Rita Goodson, Fries, VA
178-Sheri & Brandon Felts, Fries, VA
179-David Rutherford, Galax, VA
180-Daniel Rutherford, Galax, VA
181-Charity Rutherford, Galax, VA
182-Farrell Goodson, Fries, VA
183-Cheyrl Dunlap, Bristol, VA
184-Dolly Crockett, Galax, VA
185-Robert Crockett, Galax, VA
186-Renee Crockett, Galax, VA
187-Shannon Teaster, Galax, VA
188-Lyrica Teaster, Galax, VA
189-Raven Teaster, Galax, VA
190-Bobby Ring, Galax, VA
191-Enna Davis, Galax, VA
192-Raymond Davis, Galax, VA
193-Sharon Davis, Galax, VA
194-Reginia Davis, Galax, VA
195-Freddie Davis, Galax, VA
196-Larry Davis, Galax, VA
197-Larry B Reese, Father, Grandfather, & Son, Sacramento, CA
198-Kathlyn Barry, Mother of 2, MIchigan
199-Rachelle Barry, Mother of 3, Michigan
200-Stanley Barker, Father of 3 girls, Farmington, IA
201-Marilyn M. Kelly, VOCAL NY newsletter editor, Waterloo,NY
203-Maryann Ortega, granddaughter wrongfully taken, Keizer, Oregon
204-Kathleen Rehfuss, (Falsely accused mother), Ft. Thomas, KY
205-Jim Sexton, Ft. Thomas, KY
206-Douglas Davis, VA
207-Betty Johnson, Fries,VA
208-Woody Johnson, Fries,VA
209-Micheal Johnson, Fries,VA
210-Dan & Agnes Carrico, Fries, VA
211-Darrell Burcham, Galax, VA
212-Diana & Ernest Davis, Galax, VA
213-Paul & Alice Goodson, Fries, VA
214-Eula & Arlie Swinney, Fries, VA
215-Angel Dixon, Galax, VA
216-Shirley & Freddie Dixon, Galax, VA
217-Ralph & Brenda Goodson, Fries, VA
218-Allen & Wanda Goodson, Fries, VA
219-Robert & Nancy Royal, Fries, VA
220-Mike & Elaine Hackler, Fries, VA
221-Hope Baggatta, Galax, VA
222-Faith Baggatta, Galax, VA
223-Noell Baggatta, Galax, VA
224-Mike & Lisa Alley, Galax, VA
225-Mike & Karen Patton, Galax, VA
226-K.R. & Jason Dixon, Galax, VA
227-Angela Nester, Galax, VA
228-David Anthoney, Galax, VA
229-Amy & Joe Maffey, Galax, VA
230-Kathlyn Barry, Mother of 2, Grandmother of 3, Dearborn, Michigan
231-Rachelle Barry-Waronek, Mother of 3, Dearborn, Michigan
232-Michael Waronek, Father of 3, Dearborn, Michigan
233-Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Austin, Quincy, IL
234-Jessica Elgie, Buffalo, NY
235-Jackie & Jeff Kingston, Parents to 5 children, Ontario, Canada
236-Betty G. Teague, grandmother, Henderson, NC, (252) 430-7959
237-Ray R Lautenschlager,, 330-773-5015, Akron, Ohio
238-Sharon Johnson, Chatsworth, GA
239-Michelle A. Atwood, mother of 6, Seaford, Delaware
240-Nancy C. Gilbert, angry, raillroaded parent of 3, Anderson, SC
241-Jane M. Richey, irate, incensed mother of 4, Anderson, SC
242-Gary Fryer, Coloma, CA
243-Theresa Ream, Coloma, CA
244-Ruby Leckenby- 2 adopted grandchildren, Rogersville, MO
255-Carl Leckenby, Rogersville, MO
256-Jennifer Jones, Denver, CO
257-Ernie Jones, Denver, CO
258-Joshua Williams, Springfield, MO
259-Roy E. Lane, Grandfather to 3, 2 that are kidnapped by Orange County, NY
260-Corene and Billy Wright, parents of 3, Wanette, OK
261-Mr. & Mrs. Ram A. Sharma, Parents of 2 , Hasbrouck Heights, NJ
262-Don Weber II, Leawood, KS
263-Luzmilla Hernandez, a grandmother of 3 wonderful grandchildren, seeking Justice 4Adjani, Albuquerque, NM
264-Kathy and Carson Beets, parents of 3 beautiful children, 1 child in foster care, Wyandotte, OK
265-Mary McCarty, grandmother, Picher, Ok
266-Fred G. Beets, grandfather, Miami, OK
267-Willis Applegate, step-grandparent, Springfield, MO
268-D'vora Maria Najee, aka, Debby Baker, New York, NY
269-Merrily Hunt, mother who lost her children, Greenlawn, NY
270-Kathleen Stockwell, grandmother, Sprakers, NY
271-Tasha Vazquez, mother of 1, New Castle, Indiana
272-Mary Vazquez, grandmother of 12, New Castle,Indiana
273-Wendy and Nathan Vazquez, parents of 2, Pensacola, FL
274-Lester Brake, grandfather of 10, New Castle, Indiana
275-Victor Pioquinto, parent of 1, Clearwater, FL
276- Mrs. Sila Cristal Hernandez-Nicholson, Petitioner Mother, Paying Ransom, for my precious Small daughter 'Adjani' missing 5 years FL prisoner-NOTE: *{Won Appeals, still, no child}* 277- Mr. & Mrs. Drake, retired Chicago Police force, Suffering Grandparents of their Only loving grandchild, 'Adjani', missing FL prisoner, NM 278- Ms. Lilia & Berty Hernandez, Suffering Family of 'Adjani Katarina', Missing FL prisoner, Colombia, South America 279- Judge Robert Hernandez, Suffering Uncle & Godfather of, 'Adjani', Missing FL prisoner, Colombia, South America 280- Mr. & Mrs. Mancha, Suffering Aunt of her only niece, 'Adjani', Missing FL prisoner, Spain 281- Mr. & Mrs. Malin, great-grandparents of 'Adjani',Missing FL prisoner, Washington State 282- Mr. & Mrs. Helliwell, great-grandparents of 'Adjani', Missing FL prisoner, United Kingdom 283- Mr. & Mrs. Castro, Family of "Adjani Katarina", missing Minor child, FL prisoner, Colombia, South America 284- Deborah Vestal, grandmother of 8, TX 285- Patricia Burlingame, mother of 2, TX 286- Michelle Archer, mother of 2, TX 287- Adam Tuey, father of 1, TX 289- Krystal Lawrence mother of l, TX 290- Burt Vestal, grandfather of 8, TX 291- Inge Bradshaw, mother of 8, NV 292- Alice Unterbauer, mother of 4 had my kids stolen by the system, too. They came back on their own after 2 attempts to kidnap them myself, NV 293- Miles Bradshaw, was a victim of the system, NV 294- Jessica Elgie, mother of 3 - falsely accused, Buffalo, NY 295- Tony Groomes & Family, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 296- Robert Gartner, Houston, Texas 299- Teresa Brewer-Pfeifer, Mother of 5, Grandmother of 3, Missouri State Representative of AFTER2001. Who's Children Are They, FightCPSandWin and ParentsVsCPS Springfield, MO 65806 300- William Cymansky, Bradenton, FL 301- Laren Mathis, Bradenton, FL 302- Kim Berry, Bradenton, FL 303- Andrew Davis, Melbourne, FL 304- Lawrence Davis Jr, Melbourne, FL 305- Lawrence Davis Sr, Melbourne, FL (Falsley accused 21 years ago, got kids back within six months.) 306- Ron Gayle, Bradenton, FL 307- Jan Lewander, Bradenton, FL 308- Lars and Ann Lewander, Bradenton, FL 309- Morgan Upshaw, Bradenton, FL 310- Will Snedden, Bradenton, FL 311- Roger Upshaw, Bradenton, FL 312- Jane M. Richey, mother of 4, AFCIC 313- Russell Bowers, grandparent, Williamstown, NJ 314- Jacqueline Bowers, grandparent, Williamstown, NJ 315- Wendi Sturgeon, Hazleton, PA 316- Cecelia Boivin, California 317- Tawny Jenkins, Oregon 318- Bonnie S. Petruzates, WI 319- Loretta Weber, Olathe, KS 320- Don Weber, Olathe, KS 321- Rita Dalton, Mother of 3, Grandmother of 6, Tallahassee, FL 322- Yvonne Delk, Branford, FL 323- Louis Delk, Branford, FL 324- Candice Delk, Branford, FL 325- Bridgett Delk, Branford, FL 326- Christopher and Je'Ta'ime Austin, Quincy,IL 327- Dennis Stacilauskas, Retired State Social Worker of 30yrs, Adoptive Dad, Grandfather&Victim of CPS, Escanaba, MI 328- Patricia Stacilauskas, Home maker of 34yrs, Adoptive Mom,Grandmother&Victim of CPS, Escanaba, MI



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