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2-23-06 - I haven't updated this in a long time. The news for now is that Benji is our new lead singer.

6-20-05 - The new stuff is gonna be cool.

2-18-05 - We have pictures and some other new stuff. If you see Mike, tell him he is freaking awesome. He took all the pictures and sent them to me and now they are available for your view pleasure.

1-27-05 - So were making a demo... again... and this time were gonna record it at the church and it's gonna be real good quality. Ethan, Paul, and I have been recording the music for the songs on a tape recorder and Adam is currently writing lyrics to all the songs so we can record. The new songs are really cool and you guys will enjoy them... those who see this site, that is... or everybody... I don't know. Anyways, someday we will have a show and everyone will be happy but until then, SKETCHBOOK 2005!

7/26/04 - The name Down With Harvey is back with us and we also have a new bass player. He happens to be my brother Paul. Anyways, if you didn't catch us at sketchbook, you probably won't see us for a while but we're making songs and trying to get serious and hopefully we'll be able to have a show in the late fall.