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And You are visiting the very complete of personal Indonesian man home page. Zamroni (Roni), Indonesian, Medan, Minangnese, March 2000.

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Thanks to you who have been visiting my homepage. This home page is a one of my personal expression method. You can find out about my personal, my schedule, some photos, my opinions, and any kind of my interesting ideas, puzzles, interesting stories, humors, etc. I will be so proud if you pay attention seriously at it.
I am Indonesian. I will try to serve you the subject in English. I know also a little Japanese. I am enjoying in correspondence, discussing, to think about the innovative idea.

Hay ‘U please think: “Which was the first born the chicken or an egg?

Million of thanks to you who have been visiting most of my site, or maybe will leave this home page. Would you please to share your opinion at my E-mail?

The answer of that puzzle is .I don’t know also, because chicken comes from an egg, but an egg comes from chicken also. I am confusion. But I have other puzzles, questions, and others to you. Of course I know the answer for them then. I will show for you who will have been able to answer them at this home page.


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