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Woodrow Wilson website

My choice for my History semester project is a website. The website will entail the fourteen points speech of Woodrow Wilson, and it’s effects, results, and consequences. The main results, etc. I will touch on and describe, analyze and write about are the treaty of Versailles and the opposition in the US, led by a republican congress; furthermore, I will have certain pages devoted to Woodrow Wilson, and the League of Nations. Finally, there will be an interpretation of what the fourteen points mean, why they were said, and other such details. My website will be about the fourteen points, including Woodrow Wilson, the opposing senate, and the League of Nations. The pages in my website on Woodrow Wilson will elucidate his life, with a number of pages focusing on his presidency, views of foreign matters, and his diplomacy during W.W.I. Foremost, my website will have an autobiographical page, describing his life from birth to the time of his death in 1924. I will try to cover both his achievements and failures, and what his childhood and years before presidency were like for him. Following that, I will go in-depth on his anti-imperialist and anti-isolationist stand, and why they were the reason for his attempt at neutrality and peace during and after the war.

Woodrow Wilson was racist, and stupid

The creation of his views and how they undid them because of an increasingly isolationist filled America after W.W.I will be included. How he handled the war was a result of these views, and the resulting proposal of peace i.e. the fourteen points embodied them. Moreover, the final, futile years of his life will be explained. The webpage will explain his stroke, how he was inflicted it while rallying support for the Treaty of Versailles, and what it did to the rest of his enfeebled life. Woodrow Wilson will be greatly depicted on my website. Also, the League of Nations and their creation will be shown in my website, and will also include official documents of theirs. First, I will write on how the League’s covenant was built into the beginning of the Treaty of Versailles, and how it’s creation was mentioned in Wilson’s fourteen points. The beginning members of the league will be listed, and the league’s future hopes. Moreover, I will go on to describe the League’s strengths and weaknesses. Some of the strengths will be how the league did solve some minor disputes through diplomacy, and efficiently brought member countries together. However, I will concentrate on the weaknesses, such as the USA, Germany, Russia and other countries not joining at the beginning, and also the League’s inability to settle conflicts with Italy and Japan. Lastly, a section of documents will be in my website about the league of nations. They will include but not be limited to the League of Nations’ covenant, an agreement of the allies to honor that covenant (and the rest of the Treaty of Versailles), an appeal to the league of nations, and possibly a speech by the USA on the League of Nations. My extensive work on the League of Nations will help show how it closely correlated to Wilson’s hope for peace in his fourteen points. Finally, along with my links, graphics, and other parts of the website, my last piece of the webpage will be the opposition in the USA and the senate to the Treaty of Versailles and thus the League of Nations. Foremost, the senate was against all the minor points Wilson gave into at Geneva, where the treaty was signed. And how in giving up these points he lost the essence of the fourteen points in the treaty, which had turned into more of a revenge against the Germans. Furthermore, I will go into detail about the isolationist senate, with 42 members completely against the treaty and the League. Most of the detail will focus on Henry Cabot Lodge, the main speaker against Wilson. AT the conclusion of the website, I will show Wilson’s useless attempt to gain support for the treaty by traveling across the country, and how this caused the stroke which disabled him for the rest of his presidency and his life. I will also mention his second wife who cared for him during this time. A large portion of the website will be devoted to the enemy’s against the treaty, an isolationist America.

The following topics will be covered:

Woodrow Wilson
His views, actions, and his affect on the World
Fourteen Points
How they affected the war and the Versailles Treaty
League of Nations
How it was created and how it functioned
Versailles Treaty
what occurred to create it, how it was used, and how the US didn't ratify it
Henry Cabot Lodge
A small bibliography, and how he stopped the ratification of the Versailles Treaty Woodrow Wilson Bio.

Henry Cabot Lodge Bio.

The fourteen points

Inaugral addresses for Wilson

The whole Treaty of Versailles

an overview of the league

The League's covenant

a powerpoint presentation

chat and links and a true search engine

Future effects of the Fourteen Points

What led up to the Fourteen Points

An explanantion of the fourteen points

WWI pictures

Why wasn't it ratified

What went on at the Paris Peace Conference




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