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27th Anniversary Year

~ "Saturday nights just aren't the same!" ~
27 years later - I still feel the same way!!

(Photo taken on August 11, 1990 - Oswalt Aeriel Photo)

"Tribute and Archives"

It's been 26 1/2 years since the final dust settled and the last checkered flag
waved over the Warsaw Speedway located at the Kosciusko County Fairgrounds along the beautiful shores of Winona Lake.
These pages were created for fans and drivers alike to enjoy and research the history of
"The Most Scenic Speedway in the Midwest".

ld and Interesting Articles
esults. . . emoriabilia. . . istory. . .

Sprint Car Season Track Champions. . .

oving "Letters to the Editor"

Check out Kevin Oldham's interesting article/interview with Paul Hazen published on Paul was recently inducted into the HARF Hall of Fame. The article shares interesting stories about Jimmy and Tony Elliott plus much more from Paul Hazen's Warsaw Speedway days.

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