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Dreams are one's way of escape from everyday life  into a world of
make believe, a world where one cannot be  hurt, a world where one
can achieve anything that one desires.

...even if it is just for the moment.

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Play Games! Find out about YOUR future! Ask the tarot cards~!    Tarot!  

Find Out which Celebrities Birthday is today! - Do they share with the same day as you?

Victoria's Animations Collection!  Web Images, animations, GIF files and Clipart you can get for your webpage! FREE!

Go to my Tutorial Page to Learn Java, HTML, Web Creation and other things about webpage design.

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Friends and Family Page!


Feeling down? Here are inspirational stories,   true humor, and life in general stories and articles. This section really makes you think about what is important in life! A lot of pages I have created here.


Heard of the DARWIN AWARDS?
Its a Gender Thing! - Battle of the sexes anyone? A little humor here!


Halloween Stuff!

Victoria's Halloween Site! - New   in 2000!

New in 2000!

Hello  and Welcome to my Dreams Site.  You will find lot's of interesting tidbits of useless, and sometimes useful information here! 


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Jokes, Humor and Funnies!

Jokes, funnies, and humor! Funny Pictures and downloads!

You Might Be a Redneck if ... - Redneck Humor!
Why God Loves Blondes!

Cool Pages!

Cool Pages I have created, or links to cool pages I have found.



Cool Webimages Page!

Need cool pics or animations for your webpage?  Free Clipart, Images, Gif's and Animations here! Animals, people, objects! I will be adding graphics that I have created also!
Tunes and Midis!

Free Midi's, Waves and Sounds! Guitar Lesson Links here also!
Just Stuff!

Items that I could NOT catorgorize! Just STUFF! Cutsie Downloads! Off the Wall Pages, and misc. Items. Also links to interesting sites I have found on the web!


Go to My Cutsie Downloads Page! - These are game downloads, and animated jokes that you can download to your pc!

Like to read about Mysteries of the world? - Read about Lock Ness, Area 51, Big Foot and  Nostradamus.

The Ultimate People Search Engine! - Find people who you have lost contact with!

Go to 37 Search Engines - Find what you are looking for!

Build a Snowman!


Tutorial Pages

Learn Java, how to build web pages, graphic creation and animation creation! Places to find free downloads!
Even learn how to play guitar!