Selected Royal Anniversaries, 2016

January 171991NorwayDeath of King Olav V; Accession of King Harald V (b 21 Feb 1937)
January 201936United KingdomDeath of King George V; Accession of King Edward VIII (b 23 Jun 1894)
January 231516SpainDeath of King Ferdinand II; Accession of King Carlos I (b 24 Feb 1500)
March 201816PortugalDeath of Queen Maria I; Accession of King Joćo VI bn 13 May 1767)
April 281936EgyptDeath of King Fuad I; Accession of King Farouk (b 11 Feb 1920)
September 201866HanoverDeposition of King Georg V; Annexation by Prussia
November 211916Austria-HungaryDeath of Emperor Franz Joseph I; Accession of Emperor Karl I (b 17 Aug 1887)
December 111936United KingdomAbdication of King Edward VIII; Accession of King George VI