Selected Royal Anniversaries, 2014

January 28814Holy Roman EmpireDeath of Charlemagne
March 61964GreeceDeath of King Paul I; Accession of King Constantine II (b 2 Jun 1940)
March 71914AlbaniaAccession of Prince Wilhelm (b 26 Mar 1876)
March 101864BavariaDeath of King Maximilian II; Accession of King Ludwig II (b 25 Aug 1845)
April 71939AlbaniaDeparture of King Zog
April 101864MexicoAccession of Emperor Maximilian I
April 111814FranceAbdication of Emperor Napoleon I; Restoration of King Louis XVIII (b 17 Nov 1755)
April 161939AlbaniaProclamation of King Victor Emanuel III
April 251214FranceBirth of St Louis IX
May 171814NorwayAccession of King Christian Frederik (b 18 Sep 1786)
June 251864WürttembergDeath of King Wilhelm I; Accession of King Carl (b 6 Mar 1823)
June 281914Austria-HungaryAssassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Sophie Duchess of Hohenberg
July 251564Holy Roman EmpireDeath of Emperor Ferdinand I; Accession of Emperor Maximilian II
August 11714Great BritainDeath of Queen Anne; Accession of King George I (b 28 May 1660)
August 141814NorwayAbdication of King Christian Frederik
September 51914AlbaniaDeparture of Prince Wilhelm
September 71764PolandElection of King Stanislaw Poniatowski (b 17 January 1732)
October 101914RomaniaDeath of King Carol I; Accession of King Ferdinand I (b 24 Aug 1865)
October 191889PortugalDeath of King Luiz I; Accession of King Carlos I (b 28 Sep 1863)
November 41814NorwayElection of King Carl XIII; Union with Sweden
November 121964LuxembourgAbdication of Grand Duchess Charlotte; Accession of Grand Duke Jean (b 5 Jan 1921)
November 131989LiechtensteinDeath of Prince Franz Joseph II; Accession of Prince Hans Adam II (b 14 Feb 1945)
November 151889BrazilDeposition of Emperor Pedro II
December 31839DenmarkDeath of King Frederik VI; Accession of King Christian VIII (b 18 Sep 1786)