Selected Royal Anniversaries, 2015

January 11515FranceDeath of King Louis XII; Accession of King Francois I (b 27 Sep 1494)
March 161815NetherlandsProclamation of King Willem I (b 24 Aug 1772)
March 201815FranceReturn of Emperor Napoleon I (b 15 Aug 1769)
May 191815NaplesFall of King Joachim Murat; Restoration of King Ferdinando IV
May 221815PolandAbolition of the Duchy of Warsaw
June 71840PrussiaDeath of King Friedrich Wilhelm III; Accession of King Friedrich Wilhelm IV (b 15 Oct 1795)
June 151215EnglandKing John signs Magna Carta
June 181815BelgiumBattle of Waterloo
June 221815FranceSecond Abdication of Emperor Napoleon I
July 81815FranceSecond Restoration of King Louis XVIII (b 17 Nov 1755)
August 181765Holy Roman EmpireDeath of Emperor Franz I; Accession of Emperor Joseph II (b 13 Mar 1741)
September 11715FranceDeath of King Louis XIV; Accession of King Louis XV (b 15 Feb 1710)
September 61940RomaniaAbdication of King Carol II; Second Accession of King Michael I (b 25 Oct 1921)
September 171665SpainDeath of King Felipe IV; Accession of King Carlos II (b 6 Nov 1661)
October 71840NetherlandsAbdication of King Willem I; Accession of King Willem II (b 6 Dec 1792)
October 251415France/EnglandBattle of Agincourt
November 231890Netherlands
Death of King Willem III;
Accessions of Queen Wilhelmina (b 31 Aug 1880) (Netherlands)
and Grand Duke Adolphe (b 24 Jul 1817) (Luxembourg)
December 171865BelgiumDeath of King Leopold I; Accession of King Leopold II (b 9 Apr 1835)