Longest Reigning European Monarchs

Louis XIV, King of France 1643-1715 (72)
Franz Joseph I, Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary1848-1916 (68)
Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom 1952- (66+)
Ferdinand III, King of Sicily (later I of Two Sicilies)1759-1825(65)
Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom, Empress of India 1837-1901 (63)
Jaime I, King of Aragón 1213-1276(62)
Christian IV, King of Denmark 1588-1648 (59)
George III, King of Great Britain and Hanover 1760-1820 (59)
Louis XV, King of France 1715-1774 (59)
Harald I, King of Norway 872-930 (58)
Wilhelmina, Queen of Netherlands 1890-1948 (58)
James VI, King of Scots (later also I of England) 1567-1625 (57)
Alfonso VIII, King of Castile 1158-1214 (56)
Henry III, King of England 1216-1272 (56)
Eric III, King of Norway 1389-1442 (53)
Friedrich III, Holy Roman Emperor 1440-1493 (53)
Haakon VII, King of Norway 1905-1957 (52)
Edward III, King of England 1327-1377 (50)

The above list includes only rulers of empires and kingdoms.

Afonso I of Portugal (1109-1185) reigned as Count of Portugal from 1112, and as King from 1139.

Prince Johann II of Liechtenstein reigned 71 years (1858-1929). His was the longest reign of any sovereign in history that did not require a regency as he was already 18 at his accession.

Friedrich August III (I) of Saxony reigned for over 63 years (1763-1827), from 1763 to 1806 as Elector and from 1805 to his death as King.

Nikola I of Montenegro reigned 58 years (1860-1918), but began his reign as a Prince; he became the first and last King of Montenegro in 1910, reigning with that title for 8 years.

Prince Rainier III of Monaco reigned nearly 56 years (1949-2005).

Grand Duke Cosimo III of Tuscany reigned 53 years (1670-1723).

Ivan IV ("the Terrible") of Russia reigned 51 years (1533-1584), but began his reign as Grand Duke of Moscow; he became the first Tsar of Russia in 1547, reigning with that title for 37 years.

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