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Radikas (vampires)

While reading the text below, think back to your own life and try to find out similar things. We know that's damn hard. If you need help mail us.

Always, before making any diagnosis, make sure that there's no other "natural" explanation behind the symptoms. Surely you can turn to your doctor for that.

First of all, notice that we use word "radika" instead of "vampire" because word "vampire" has too big load of bullshit on it.

Making a diagnosis

You may feel bad if you don't have contact with people for a long time. When you finally meet someone you feel great relief. An individual can also take energy from wind, storm, animals, plants or so on. Usually from those objects that are near physically. When not getting energy, even your body can get sick, but it's more common that you just feel "empty".

Getting sick physically means mostly general weakness. (Always make sure that you've eaten and slept enough before starting to think yourself as a radika. There are also factors like vitamins, fresh air etc. If you are always or almost always feeling weak, it would be better to have a good discussion about the matter with your own doctor. If he finds nothing, then...) Of course, if you feel tired after one week in the middle of the nowhere, you can't be sure.

You can be more sure about the diagnosis you've made, if you prefer twilight instead of bright lamps. But, remember to be careful with this. It might be caused by an physical thing. And remember, some persons just don't like sun that much, and it's nothing special. If there's another energycontroller making the diagnosis, you can be quite sure about it.

Basic information about radikas

First of all, we would not use the word vampire because it has such a load of bullshit on it. We speak about radikas. But basically, those who produce less energy than they need for everyday use, are called radikas. They need to take energy from other human beings, animals, elements, wind, storm, plants, etc. Otherwise they will suffer. It's like eating too little and like in material world, that leads to starving.

They are not those evil monsters of whom you can read from books, like count Dracula etc. Some of them do drink blood, but they don't kill to get it. They have those special "friends" called donors and the blood is taken safely by cutting a small wound, making sure the donor is not harmed. (More information about blood-drinking can be found here.) Long fangs and killing for blood is nothing but fairytales.

In reality, they look as normal as any human being. Except those who use sunglasses all the time. But a human could do that as well. By the appearance you can't say if one's radika or not. This article is meant to include advice to diagnosed radikas. If you're not sure you're radika, you'd better read the article "making a diagnosis" first. That also gives you some basic information.

First of all, one can be a radika even if s/he doesn't know that. We call them "sleeping radikas". They live as ordinary people. They seem normal, but there"s one thing they differ from those who are normals. They still take energy they need from others.

Because they don't control it, they take as much as they can take, no matter whether the people need their energy or not. Because they can hurt the others very badly, they can also kill someone. But that's quite rare. Chance that it happens is something like one out of ten thousand or something, but after all, it's better for the radika and better for everyone else, that radikas learn how to feed properly without causing problems to anyone, including themselves. If s/he knows s/he is radika, s/he can control his feeding and take only extra energy that's not necessarily needed. More on "learning to feed".

There are also other things the radikas have to deal with. Like Thirst. That means they feel strong need for blood. Getting along with that is not easy. There are certain ways to make it feel less strong and so on, but that's quite a personal thing. The first months of life living as a radika and knowing that, are not easy. While living as a normal, ignorance saves from everything, but when you accept the fact that you're radika or start thinking that you could be, you begin to see and feel all you really have felt always, just ignored.

But don't be scared at that time. You'd realize you're a radika, sooner or later. It's just something you can't change. It follows you from one life to another and some day you will realize it. Making that moment come earlier, means nothing. After all, when you've used to the thought you're radika, and learned how to keep your energyrate in balance, your life comes a lot easier, what comes to energy matters. Things no longer happen without you noticing and understanding.


Coping with Thirst

Coping with heat and cold

Coping with daytime world

Blood drinking and possible risks and problems


This article is situated under "energyproducers" headline, but it also includes some useful information for radikas.