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Rune Spreads

These rune spreads are collected from quite a lot of different places, from books and from Internet. If any of them is yours, and you don't want us to use it, please tell, and we'll remove it immediately.

Single Rune Four Runes Three Rune Spread #1
Three Rune Spread #2 Five Rune Spread Nornic Three Rune Spread
The Four-element Spread World Tree Spread Celtic Cross Spread
Thor's Hammer Spread Norse Spread Native American Spread
Three Lifetimes Spread Four Quarters Casting

Single rune

One can draw a single rune for a variety of reasons: to act as a guiding rune for the day; to act as a guide before beginning a project; or to gain further insight into a problem. The single rune gives you an overview of an issue or of what lies ahead, and is often all the guidance one needs. It is simple, quick and effective.

Before drawing a single rune, hold your rune bag while focusing on the issue upon which you wish the runes to comment. You may wish to say one of the following:

  1. "I wish the runes to comment upon the day ahead."
  2. "I wish the runes to comment upon (name a future endeavor)."
  3. "I wish the runes to comment upon (name an issue or problem)."
Then pick a single rune. Meditate while holding that rune, then look up its meaning.

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Four runes

This involves selecting four runes at random. This method is a quick and simple method for discerning the properties of the present moment. The method of interpretation is as follows...

1st rune - The character of the issue
2nd rune - The condition from which the condition arose
3rd rune - The direction in which events are flowing
4th rune - Likely outcome of the situation

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Three Rune Spread #1

The three-rune spread is particularly useful in giving an overall picture of an issue. It places the issues in its context by showing the events that have led up to it, the issue itself, and finally, the most likely future outcome. The three-rune spread is like a signpost at a crossroads showing where you are, where you have been and where you can potentially go if you learn the lessons you need to learn.

For the three-rune spread, the runes are laid out as follows:
1st rune - Past
2nd rune - Present
3rd rune - Future

Once you have thought for some time on an issue and have it clearly fixed in your mind, draw your first rune. While focusing on the rune you draw, think of the events that have led up to the issue or how you have attracted the issue into your life. Now draw the second rune, and while focusing on the rune consider the present moment regarding the issue. Finally, draw your third rune, focusing on your wish to be shown where the issue is taking you or what the possible future outcome will be. It is important to focus on what each rune represents when drawing it. The stronger your focus and intent, the clearer your answers will be.

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Three Rune Spread #2

  1. The Overview of the situation.
  2. The Challenge that you are facing in this situation.
  3. The Action you should take OR avoid in this situation.

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Five Rune Spread

  1. The present view of the situation - what is occurring now.
  2. The obstacle or challenge that you are facing in this situation.
  3. The goal that you should try to or wish to achieve in this situation.
  4. What your worry over the situation is. (This worry can be conscious or unconscious one.)
  5. What the final result of the question will be IF all of the previous steps were followed.

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Nornic Three Rune Spread

  1. The past influences that helped the present situation about.
  2. The present influences and energies in the situation.
  3. The probable outcome (based on the first two runes).

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The later spreads use many runes; you can either replace the runes between draws, having noted each one down, so that you always have 24 runes to draw from, or you may feel you wish to draw the runes as before, without replacing them. It is up to your intuition. There is no right or wrong way to do this.

The Four-element Spread

  1. Earth - This is situated in the north of the spread. It has a downward grounding pull and represents all your physical lessons.
  2. Water - Positioned to the west, this is an upward and buoyant sign and represents all your emotional lessons.
  3. Fire - At the south of the spread, fire represents your spiritual lessons and is closely linked to your unfolding destiny.
  4. Air - Positioned to the east, air can draw in knowledge and therefore represents the place where you should seek wisdom for the future.

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The World Tree Spread

The spread begins at the earth and rises up the trunk of the tree towards the heavens. It represents a phase of your spiritual journey, and this image should be clearly fixed in your mind when using the spread. Here you are using the runes as an oracle. You are not coming with a question or a problem, just an open heart, eager to learn how to make swift and sure progress on your path of learning. In this spread, the runes speak directly to you and for you. Listen to their wisdom.

The positions have the following meanings:

  1. What do you need to learn?
  2. What will challenge you?
  3. What is your guiding rune?
  4. What power will help you?
  5. What comes to warn you?
  6. What do you need to let go?
  7. What will be the outcome of learning this lesson?

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The Celtic Cross Spread

  1. What is the root of your lack of clarity?
  2. How and where should you direct your energies?
  3. What is blocking your progress?
  4. What will help you overcome this blockage?
  5. What are you still lacking?
  6. What will be the outcome of this experience?

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Thor's Hammer Spread

  1. What mask do you show the world?
  2. What fears are within you?
  3. What are you seeking?
  4. How should you best approach this?
  5. What do you hope to become?
  6. What is stopping you?
  7. What is your destiny?
  8. What do you need to learn to find your true self?
  9. What is your true self?

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Norse Spread

  1. The person asking the question and the direction in which he/she is coming from.
  2. Everything that is related to the question from the immediate past.
  3. Hidden aspects to the questioner, something the questioner may have overlooked.
  4. The spiritual forces involved.
  5. The answer to be read in conjunction with the previous four runes.

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Native American shamanic traditions spread

  1. The past, and the source of the problem.
  2. The present, and current influences.
  3. The future, and the directions the energies are flowing.
  4. The challenge.
  5. The power to call upon.

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Three Lifetimes Spread

  1. The birth or childhood or your present life and how that has affected what is going on now.
  2. The present view of the situation - what is occurring now.
  3. The future of this life and what could happen.
  4. The past incarnation and what baggage you are bringing with you that is affecting what is going on now.
  5. Future incarnation and how what is occurring now will affect that incarnation.

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Four Quarters Casting

1,2 & 10: The three runes on the left-hand side indicate what qualities the querent brings to the present situation in terms of inner strengths and weaknesses. The rune in the center must be given greater consideration than the other two.
3 & 4: Immediate future. These two runes, at the top, show what will occur in the immediate future. This could affect, or be a result from, the situation.
5, 6 & 7: Current difficulties. The three runes on the right-hand side show the particular difficulties that the querent faces. As with the first quarter, the central rune carries the maximum influence.
8 & 9: Outcome. These two runes, at the bottom, show what the longer term future or outcome can be. This, of course, can always change as you now have the knowledge to affect the outcome.
11: Current situation. This final rune, at the center, describes why the querent has come for the casting.

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