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Blood drinking

Some radikas drink blood frequently, others more infrequently, and yet others not at all. Being a radika does _not_ mean that you'd had to do it. Actually, if you don't really need it, you'd better not. Blood is simply energy in concentrated form. If you can get enough energy, you don't need blood. Think about it. I know it's hard like hell, and you most probably feel like dying if you're used to drinking and won't drink. But it won't kill you. (NOTE! Full-radikas are an exception to this! Some of them may need blood a few times per year to keep their bodies functioning. More information about full-radikas will be added sooner or later.)

If you end up with the fact that you really need to drink blood, consider how much you need. Our eyes are generally bigger than our stomachs. Human body does not digest blood well. It's the energy in the blood you're after, not the blood itself. Besides, when the skin is broken, there is a great amount of energy bleeding from the wound at the same time. You can feed from that too.

Risks and problems

I'm not going to tell you here how to get blood, just tell what risks it has and how they can be avoided. About getting blood I just say this: Do your homework. Before cutting anyone, study some anatomy so that you won't cut any nerves or tendons. That's permanent damage, they won't heal ever. For starters you could check some university's webpage. There usually can be found at least some information.

There are physical risks and how to avoid them:

And there are mental problems which are not so easily avoided: