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Magic Knight Rayearth is the beautifully written manga by the illustrious group of women known as CLAMP(Nanase Okawa, Apapa Mokona, Mick Nekoi, and Satsuki Igarashi). I'll summarize the first season's story because if I don't, I'll end up filling up the whole page! *screen fazes away* It all begins one day when three young girls, all from different schools, happended to meet each other during a school trip to Tokyo Tower. Somehow, the three girls, and only them, heard a mournful cry far off in the distance. Confused to where the odd sound came from, they happened to gaze at one another within the crowd and in an instant, they warped away from Tokyo Tower to the mysterious land of Cephiro! Once they reached this mysterious place, they were told of their duty from an ancient mage, Guru Clef. He informed them that Princess Emeraude, the pillar of Cephiro, was kidnapped by evil priest, Zagato. In order to defeat him, the girls needed to ignite the power of the legendary Magic Knights! This amazing tale has all the story elements, comedy, romance, and a surprise ending to keep the audience riveted in their seats^^


Hikaru Shidou

Name Meaning: Light of the Lion Shrine
Age: 14
Birthday: August 8
Sign: Leo
Future Plan: to become a seeing eye dog trainer
Activities: kendo club, playing with her dog Hikari
Spells: Flame Arrow (Honou no Ya) and Red Lightning (Akai Irazuma)
Mashin(God Machine): Rayearth

Of all the three Knights, Hikaru is my favorite^^ Her special element are the smoldering flames of fire. Since she studies kendo, she specializes greatly in sword skills. Even though she is the shortest of the bunch, she seems to have the most energy and is always bubbly and energetic! She is the most willing of the trio to become a Magic Knight. Being an animal lover, she gets along with Mokona the best^^

Umi Ryuuzaki

Name Meaning: Sea of the Dragon Blossom
Age: 14
Birthday: March 3
Sign: Pisces
Future Plan: to become a bride
Activities: fencing
Spells: Water Dragon (Mizu no Ryu), Blue Water Spout (Aoi Yatsumaki), Ice Sword (Kouri no Yaiba)
Mashin(God Machine): Celece

At a first glance, she has the air of being snobbish and selfish, caring only about her activities back at Tokyo. However, her feelings quickly averts when she realizes that her two sidekicks care for her safety. On the other hand, she doesn't seem to get along with Mokona at all and yells and chases him around^^

Fuu Hououji

Name Meaning: Wind of the Phoenix
Age: 14
Birthday: December 12
Sign: Sagittarius
Future Plan: to become a computer systems engineer
Activities: archery club
Spells: Healing Wind (Iyashi no Kaze), Green Storm (Midori no Shippu), Warning Wind (Imashime no Kaze)
Mashin(God Machine): Widam

Fuu plays the stereotype of the "smart girl". Being the most level-headed one, she can find solutions during tough situations. Also, she's the most polite. Even when addressing the bad guys, she's polite! She seems to deeply care for Ferio^^


This is the kawaii rabbit-like animal that tags along with the Knights on their journey; originally, it belonged to Clef. It looks defenseless and can only say "Puu" but looks can be deceiving! Mokona can create anything the girls need and can use the small orb on its head for Clef to communicate with the Knights. Being always happy like Hikaru, it gets along with her the best.


She is the chief artisan of Cephiro and is the only one who creates the Knights' weapons. Also, she used to be the caretaker of Mokona before the Knights arrived. It's always so funny to watch her trying to punish Mokona by finding ways to trap him for the mess it causes^^

Princess Emeraude

Princess Emeraude is known as the "pillar" of Cephiro. Her job, so to speak, is to continually pray for the safety and well-being of Cephiro from any harm. Without her constant support, Cephiro will slowly deteriorate into nothing. She may look like a young girl, however she is actually quite old! Her main spell is the power of meditation and prayer.

Guru Clef

Master Clef is the most powerful mage in Cephiro, and so was ordered by Princess Emeraude to summon the three girls and train them. His job is to help the girls discover each of their own unique powers. His spells can summon spirits of beasts.


He was the stranger that the Knights met in the Forest of Silence. At first, he was noted to be untrustworthy by the three girls, but then gained their trust when he aided them in many accounts. Also, he claims his love for Fuu and gallantly protects her and the other two girls whenever danger appears.


Ahhhhh yes. This is the person that steals away Princess Emeraude. Before he turned evil, he was once a student of Clef and a former priest to the Princess. Now, he'll have nothing stand in his way of his rampage destruction of Cephiro and its inhabitants. Some of his followers are Alcyone, Caldina, Ascot, Lafarga, and Innova.

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