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NorthWest Hobby Technology CORSAIR

Here are some construction photos of the Northwest Hobby Technologies F4U Corsair. This was supposed to be a quick build giant scale airplane. It has been anything but that. I have ran into lil' building problems all the way along. The biggest problem I have with the kit is there are no instructions included with it. All the building instructions are on a VCR tape. There are also some building tips and hints on NWHT's website. The other problem I have with the kit is that it's not all that scale. Sure, it looks like a Corsair, especially at a 15 foot distance or while it's airborne, but it's missing the counter balances on the tail surfaces, the flaps and the fuse and cockpit area are not really up to snuff. More problems? Yes, the rudder is to be controlled exterior to the plane, the tailwheel assembly has no control linkage to it. With all that said, I think this plane will fly well. It will have fairly light wingloading and it should be pretty sturdy. I never did get this plane airborne. I ended up trading it to a gentleman from South Bend. He flew it right away and often. He said he loved it. NWHT is out of business. Good thing, I'd never recommend one of these kits to anyone.