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OCVFD Photography

Please Read:
Some of the photos below are fun and some are very serious.
We placed these photos on the page to try to show several aspects of what we do and how we do it. The good and the bad are included. Please view them with the understanding that in some cases the outcome was as bad as it can be. This is the life of a volunteer fire fighter/EMT. The rewards are great in that we all know that we help others during their worst times when they need help the most.
We hope this helps you to understand some of the things we see and do.

A very special Piece of art


Click on the photo for a full size view...

A House?

Bad Crash 1

Bad Crash 2

  Bad Crash 3

Bad Crash 4

Toll Road MVA

Future Fire Fighter!

Big Barn Fire

Excellent Patient Care!

Car vs. Tree


Future Member


Big Hit!


still in there

Controlled Burn?
Station 40 yesterday
Station 40 Again



Truck wreck!

Another view

Quite a crash

Working on it!

No Parking!

Car vs. Planter

Motorcycle Crash

And the car Involved

This is not a boat

Crash on US20...

Crash on US20... 

Crash on US20...

Last one on US20

Loading a Patient

Into Sam- 2

Getting ready

Samaritan coming in

Headed for Sam

Car vs. Pole

Second Patient

Close up view

A great scene shot
The following photos are made up for practice! 

Head vs. Windshield

PTO entanglement

PTO again

Mower Accident

Mass Casualty Practice

Crack House Practice