The Virtual Diary with Zell

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. All are welcome to the Virtual Diary with Zell. Now, in case you really think there is such a thing, let me assure you that it was conjured out of my mind. The only reason that this story came about was because I had to stay away from FFVII when my exams were nearing. Of course, you know that the game does not belong to me. Anyway, I missed playing with Zell so much that I wrote a silly little play consisting of two members: Him and me. And that is what led on to this Diary. The main character is, however, not me. She is nowhere as crazy as me, but having said that, please do not reserve a place in the local mental hospital for me, if you have such inclinations.

Alright, let's dive into the innermost secrets of this girl, whom I have named Egg. Strange name, but simple enough.

From Mikamiko the Storyteller.

Note: Final Fantasy VIII the game, the logo, and the characters (including Zell Dintch) are copyright of Squaresoft Inc.

Real persons belong to themselves, and only themselves. Eg. Hidetoshi Nakata (purpose in story to be unveiled soon), the Author (of which no purpose is apparent), and others which might appear in the story.

No part of this story may be reproduced for any purpose unless after obtaining permission from me, the author.

Thank you for your cooperation. I hope you have a pleasant journey and won't be freaked out by the abnormalities that might be inherent in the main character's mind.

Egg Egg's Diary Experiences.

Part I - The re-education of Zell Dintch

Part II - What N.H. did to Egg Egg (who's he?)

Part III - Wistful Dreams

Part IV - So many changes, so many ups and downs

Part V - Egg Egg's Predictions

Part VI - Shattering of the Japanese Dream, and Egg Egg's idolization

Part VII - The Hangover of Shattered Dreams

Part VIII - The World Cup Closes its Curtains

Part IX - To Love or Not to that a worthy question?

Part X - Parting is Such a Sweet Sorrow...... (I)

Part XI - Parting is Such a Sweet Sorrow...... (II)

Part XII - What's gonna happen to them?

The Zell and Hidetoshi Nakata Pictures

A new song dedicated to Zell and Miss A...from Egg. "LEAVE ME ALONE"

A sequel to Leave me alone... "PLACE IN MY HEART"

The Peanut Butter Story....the incident that invoked the phrase "the author's face looks as if she had stuffed it to the full with peanut butter cookies"......this can be found in Part II, What N.H. did to Egg Egg...and somewhere else. I can't remember where.

Here is where you can find my other stories, Ancient Tales (about Gods from another world but reincarnated to Earth) and The Cursed Living Doll (The title is self-explanatory.)

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