Mikamiko The Storyteller's Tent

Hi there...... this the Storyteller speaking. You have finally reached my homepage!! A hundred cheers for you! Actually, you've arrived at a barren land, cos there is nothing in here except for two uncompleted stories and nothing else. Well, I'm hoping to end the Yisheigai story at 23 chapters, but it doesn't look very possible at all......

So in the mean time... I have decided to start my new story. Such impatience! Such friviolity (is that how you spell it?) Such vainess! What to do? That is just the true nature of Mikamiko. I have also put up a bogus link called "About the Storyteller". Now, as you have already noticed, I put Not ready yet there, and I ain't kidding you. So don't go around clicking links that aren't ready yet, it's a fruitless action! Let me assure you that I will take off those words as soon as the link is workable. Hahaha. There is a very high chance, that there will be a prequel and a sequel (maybe more) to the Yisheigai story when I have finished it. But it's too early in the morning, so my brain cells aren't working too well and I might just forget the whole thing. So don't be too optimistic. It doesn't pay to anticipate too much on yours truly's empty promises.

In essence, this page is just a collection of my self-cooked up stories. If you don't mind hearing someone's ridiculous ramblings, please step right up, for admission is free for this bumpy roller-coaster ride. Maybe I'll add something else next time, given my wide area of interests. Tata.

My Creations

About the Storyteller (Not ready yet, don't click!)
Ancient Tales - The Yisheigai Gods: updated 7/4/02 Chapter 27-The story has finally ended its run!!
The cursed living doll
The Virtual Diary with Zell....it is the most up to date creation I have ever attempted, cos I try to update it every few days or so. But I suppose that when you read it, the news would have been a year old

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