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I want to take just a moment to thank you for

your intrest.Because just for you taking the time to

read this might make all the difference in the world.

Again thank you so much for taking your time to read this.


Hello ,My name is Brooklyn R. Mayberry.

And I was taken from my mother and I don't

know why.All I know is I want to be back home

with her and my new dad.But my old dad keeps

telling me NO!I am 7 yrs. old and my mom and

new dad keeps telling me everything will work out

real soon.I am not really old enough to understand what

is exactly going on ,but I do know one thing for sure

and that is that I want to be back home with my mom.

So if you would please take time to read my moms story

so that in some kind of way you might be able to help her

bring me back home.

Thank you,




To start the story,

When I found out that I was pregnant with my daughter ,I went

to my ex-husband and told him the news.And to my suprise he denied her being his.

He called me a liar and everything else in the book along with it.

Brooklynn was born FEB. 11 , 1993.Her father did not even have the nerve to

watch her be born.He had no expressions on his face.It was like he did not even

care.She was born about 2mo.early,and while holding her she was no bigger than the palm

of your hand.She was adorable,and to me she was an angel sent from god.From that

moment foward I started calling her a miracle child.She had several difficulties the

first few days.But she was strong and overcame them.And even still her father never

showed any concern.

As time progressed on he disappeared and could not be found for weeks at a time.I called it the forgot where you live disease.When he did come back home or was found ,he would only stay over night if that long and was gone again.And never once offered any type of support with Brooklynn.It seemed as if he had no knowledge of her even being there.It got to the point where when his visits home came around,he got into this abusive stage.He would start accusing me of being with other men or say that he heard that I was going to leave him and then he would start hitting on me.Of course I gave all I had to make sure he never harmed Brooklynn.I finally made an excape and moved to Texas when he had pulled another one of his disappearing acts.But of course he found me somehow and came to us to bring us home to be a family like we were supposed to be,so he said.This was only the beginning as I knew it.I had no idea what was in store for me two years down the road.In October of 1994,just before her second birthday.We was leaving my mothers to take Brooklynn trick or treating.With Brooklynn in the car with her dad,I got in the car with my mom.We were in front of them as they followed us.I noticed on the way when I looked back that I did not see their headlights behind us I told my mom to turn around that I had a bad feeling something was wrong.As we rounded the curve I saw the car in the middle of the road facing the opposite direction,doors standing wide open with no one we pulled closer I got out and notice the house that the car was park in front of had its front door standing wide open so I ran up to it and entered.And at the top of the stairs I saw my baby lying on the floor with no movement and her father sitting on a step as if nothing were wrong.My child was laying there lifeless and he was doing nothing.When the authorities arrived they had to call life-flight in to take her to the hospital because she had no more time left.The police questioned him on what happened and he told the officers that she fell out of the car at 35-40 mph.when they asked if she was in the car seat,he told them she was standing in it but not fastened in.He also told them that he did not know she had fallen out until he got further down the road and that is when he turned around and came back to look for her.When he got back to the scene of the accident the owners of the home had already taken her to their house.Now ask yourself this question "How can your child at two years old ,open the door and fall out going down the road at 35-40 mph. and you not know it?It is not possible.The officers suspected foul play but never done any further investigation no the matter.Brooklynn suffered from severe head trauma, fractures,cuts,abrasions,and bruises.The life-flight and doctors said they lost her a few times and did not expect her to make it.At the hospital ,her dad made the comment that it was not his fault that she had fallen out and never showed a sign of concern.In less than an hour of her arrival at the hospital,he left and disappeared again for about a month.

Thanks to god Brooklynn made it out fine.She now suffers from severe headaches,and has frequent nightmares.She still tells of how she died and saw Jesus at the hospital after the accident.From that point on the abuse got more and more severe.I tried going to safe houses but he would find us and make us leave with him.I tried getting help from the law,but they said that there was nothing that they could do.Every time I would press charges on him and we would get to court,It would get thrown out and dismissed as nothing ever happened.The abuse was as bad as him taking me out to the woods and leaving me tied to a tree until he felt like coming back for me.Then he would try to apologize and say that he loved me and wanted us to be a family.He would then take me back home and disappear again.I got pregnant again by him.I was unable to keep that child for no more than eleven minutes after birth,Due to the fact that he had beaten me bad enough that it made my new son hemorrhage at birth and pass away.Again he had no feelings about it and claimed that it was not his fault.This abuse continued until the later part of 1997 when I had went away for the weekend and ran into an old high school buddy of mine.Which is now my husband.He started coming up to see me on a regular basis.Of course my ex-husband found out and did not like it at all.But what could he really say,He was never there.And I do mean never. He tried to threaten one night when he came over that he would hurt me if I left him.And I fell for it.So I told my new friend I could not see him anymore.Once it was done my ex- disappear again as usual.So my new friend had called to check on me and talked me into filing for a divorce.And at the time I did not have the money for a paid attorney.So I had to go through Legal Services.Once my ex- found out I went and filed ,he filed as well and some how ,some way his filing over came mine.We went to court and he was asked several questions about Brooklynn,such as when her birthday was ,and what was her favorite color.As you probably guessed ,he told the judge he did not know.He also told the judge he never was there at home for us,and that he never really gave any support willingly.This court battle went on and on when the judge decided to give him temporary custody while he made his final decission.How can a judge give a man custody to someone where the child has no clue who that person is,and knowing that person has never done anything for that child in any way.The judge also knew of and questioned the car accident.He told the exact same story as I noted earlier,and again he showed no kind of feelings or hurt nor pain over what had happened.

A few weeks later the judge awarded him full custody of Brooklynn,based on the fact that he made more money than I did.I don't know about you but that is not a decision that I would want my life based on.Ever since Brooklynn has been with him ,I get visitations every other weekend.And on every visit my child has had to be treated for head lice,she has had to go to the dentist almost every other visit due to cavities.She has had a broken arm which had to have pins inserted which he claims she had fallen out of a tree,but Brooklynn says that he jerked her out and she hit the ground.She also claims that he locks her in the closet when he gets mad at her.She has also stated that she does not have her own room there,that she has to sleep on the floor.But on occasion sleeps with him and she claims he sleeps in nothing but his underwear.Which to me is very inappropriate.He has stated that he only sees Brooklynn for a few minutes of the morning each day before she goes to school but very seldom sees her in the evening or at night for which he is over at his girlfriends house.So to me if he is not going to spend time with her why keep her.She has remained with me since her last visit.I have refused to return her.I am facing kidnapping charges,but to me the welbeing of my child is worth it.