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Welcome to Nursing Inspirations! A division of Thoughts and Inspirations.Every healthcare worker needs a few words of encouragement now and again. I hope this site can help you find the words of comfort or encouragement you may need to help you better understand the love, care, comfort and encouragement you dish out daily to the ones that depend on you. I have been a nurse for two years now. Some days I want to give up and admit defeat over this or that, those days are the days I scour the net, read a nursing journal, to try to find something to renew my spirit. I hope you can find that here. This site is small at this point, but I am hoping it will continue to grow. I have some Nursing graphics I have made for myself, but you more then welcome to use them on your nursing site, Please go to my graphics site to download. There are very few out there, thats why I have come up with some of my own. I hope to offer many nursing stories, poetry and such as time goes on.

I'm Sorry In Advance
Raspberries & Cream
Love In Those Hands
The Crabbit old woman & the Nurses Reply
Where are the nurses?
She Sat Alone
Nurses Are Curses
When God Made Nurses
Lonely Tears
The Little Boy and the Old Man
Nursing Graphics