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Miller Cemetery
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Miller Cemetery is located in Monroe Township, Howard County, Indiana, one mile south and two miles east of Burlington, Carroll County, Indiana on County Road 100 South. It is one of Howard County's oldest burying grounds. This cemetery cannot be seen from the road. It sits about a half mile back. This burial ground started well over 100 years ago. Situated not far from the first log cabin site in the county.

There is nothing more vitally connected with the county than the cemeteries. At the present time there are roughly thirty-five to forty known cemetery sites sites in the eleven Howard townships. There may be a few more that have been removed years ago and are now forgotten.

Of the eleven townships Center,Monroe and Taylor can boast of five known cemeteries.Honeycreek has one,Jackson and Liberty two each and Harrison, Ervin, Clay, Union and Howard in research. Information obtained from the Kokomo Dispatch.

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