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A web ring for sites about Hoosiers and the Hoosier State.

Above: Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Indianapolis;
Lincoln Tower, Fort Wayne;
Lighthouse, Michigan City;
Kirkwood Ave., Bloomington;
Old Vandalia Railroad Bridge, Auburn.

What is a "web ring?"

A web ring is a series of web sites with a common theme connected by a "navigation bar" that lets a visitor move from one site to the next just by clicking on the bar's "next" link. The "navbar" is usually displayed on a site's main page, but some site owners prefer to place the bar on a separate page devoted to web rings or other links.

What's the point of a web ring?

A web ring helps attact visitors to your site. A visitor might find your site by browsing the member directory on the ring's "hub" page, or they might notice the navbar on another member page and cycle through the ring until they come to your page.

How did this ring get started?

When WebRing was part of YAHOO! there was an "Indiana WebRing" run by YAHOO! ring managers. I had sites in that ring. When the transition to the new WebRing came, it didn't look like the "official" ring was going to "migrate" so I decided to start one with the same name. The old YAHOO! ring did finally migrate to the new WebRing and a member later took over as ringmaster. In a nutshell, that's why there are now two rings with the name "Indiana WebRing."

Who can join this ring?

Any well-designed, easily-navigated site with information about Indiana, its land, people, history, politics or environment is welcome to apply. Sites primarily intended to sell products or services are generally not eligible unless they have substantial informational content. Sites with "adult" content or content that disparages an ethnic, racial or religious group need not apply. In judging a site for membership, the Old Muskrat is guided by one main consideration: Is this a site I'd like to have linked to my own?

How do I join?

First, you have to sign up for a WebRing user name and password. It's absolutely free, like signing up for an email account. Once you've done that, you're ready to join a ring. Here's the drill:
  • Log-in, click on the link that says, "Join this Ring" and read the message from the "ringmaster."
  • Click on the link that says, "Get Started."
  • Fill out the ring application with:
    • your site's address;
    • your site's title; and
    • a brief description of your site.
  • Review your information and submit it. When the "Confirmation" page appears, click on the link that says "Navigation Code Wizard." That's the page that will help you install the navbar on your site.
  • Copy and paste the SSNB (javascript) navbar code on your site, preferably on the main page. There's also a link to the HTML version of the code, if you prefer to use that.
  • Sit back and wait for the ringmaster to approve your site as a member of the ring. No site will be approved until it displays the navigation code.

What's this SSNB vs. HTML thing all about?

Sometimes the SSNB code won't work with a click-and-drag page editor. That's when you'll have to use the slightly longer HTML code. You can also customize the HTML navbar to suit your tastes or the special needs of your page. The nice thing about the SSNB code is that it lets you join more rings without having to do a new copy-and-paste every time. It also gives you the options of displaying only the navbar of the ring that the visitor is navigating or displaying the whole "ring stack" that shows all the rings your page belongs to.

Is there anything else?

Yes. Please be patient if the navbar doesn't appear at first exactly as it should. We can work through the glitch. Also, if the navbar goes sprawling across your page, use HTML to contain it inside a table that meets your size preferences. And if you choose to put the navbar on any page of your site besides the main one, there must be an easily-found navigation link back to your main page. Above all, keep the navbar displayed on your site. The Indiana WebRing is set automatically to suspend sites that no longer show the navbar.

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The Indiana WebRing
The Indiana WebRing
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Advertising that appears below is not necessarily endorsed by the Indiana WebRing or its member sites.